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Translator & Proofreader: OssanTL

Saito-kun, the delivery driver, is nineteen years old.

He comes to Kikawa Metal every day as a driver and delivery person.

When Natsukawa Rei saw Saito-kun for the first time, she was amazed and thought, “There’s a guy like this in this world?”

He had loosely permed bright brown hair and kind-looking almond-shaped eyes, and despite his work involving physical labor, he had a slender physique. He looked like a Korean idol seen on TV or the internet.

His delicate appearance in the Kingdom of Uje would likely make his older brothers snort and say, “Are you even a man? Fine, I’ll train you!”

There was a time when Saito-kun peeked into Rei’s bento box and started a conversation.

“Rei-san, you have a bento again today. And it’s a large one too.”

“Yes, I have a big appetite.”

“It’s mysterious how you eat so much and don’t gain weight.”

“Ahaha, yeah, really.”

Rei’s bento box is a large-capacity metal type commonly used by high school boys.

That day’s bento was packed with white rice, topped with sweet and spicy stir-fried pork, cabbage, bell peppers, and grilled egg and salmon flakes. Rei thought it passed in terms of presentation, but the employees at Kikawa commented, “Not only the quantity but also the arrangement looks like a high school boy’s bento.”

When I was in my home country, cooking was a chef’s job, so I had no experience with cooking for myself. But in this country, having a resident chef in your home is rare.

I reluctantly read books and learned, but I must say, I have a sense for cooking. I take pride in it. Overall, I have a reasonably good self-assessment.

“Wow, it looks delicious.”

“Would you like a bite?”

“Is it okay? Well then, I’ll have some.”

I offered a plastic spoon and the bento box from the desk drawer, and Saito-kun scooped up a piece of grilled egg and some rice and put it in his mouth. He chewed for a moment and then widened his eyes in surprise.

“Mmm, it’s delicious. Rei-san, being beautiful and skilled at cooking, you’d make a great wife.”

“Thank you.”

Even though I know it’s just social niceties, it makes me a little happy. Since then, I’ve been slightly curious about Saito-kun.

“He seems fragile, so I want to use my healing magic to keep him healthy.”

“I want to feed him plenty of food every day to improve his physique.”

“It seems fun to spoil someone younger, and it’s nice.”

I had been enjoying imagining such things, but one day, I learned a shocking truth.

While Saito-kun was talking to a part-time female employee at Kikawa Metal, he said, “It’s my son’s birthday today, so I’m going to buy him a toy on my way home.”

“Oh, congratulations. How old is he turning?”

“He’s turning two. It must be challenging for my wife.”

“I know, right? Two-year-olds can be quite a handful.”

(You, who looks like a cute squirrel, are married? And you even have a child? At your young age?)

“I can’t imagine.”

“Huh? Did you say something, Rei-san?”

“No, nothing. Saito-kun, so you’re married.”

“Yes! It’s a shotgun wedding. I took responsibility as a man.”

Then, the part-time employee interjected.

“Rei-chan, you know, Saito-kun used to be the vice leader of a biker gang, despite his appearance. Can you believe it?”

“Ahaha, that’s a story from my time in Ibaraki. It was just a youthful indiscretion. Now I am a serious and respectable young man.”

Rei replied, “I see,” as she savored the taste of the pork on the white rice. (This laid-back guy is a father…) (What was a biker gang again?)

“Saito-kun, why don’t you show Rei-chan that photo?”

“Huh? That one? It’s a bit embarrassing.”

While saying that, he operated his smartphone and showed the screen to Rei. A delinquent-looking boy with thin, shaved eyebrows, dull slicked-back hair, and flipping the middle finger was glaring at the camera.

“Is this Saito-kun?”

“Yes, it is. That’s an old story now. It’s been four years.”

Rei chuckled and said, “Four years ago is still recent, you know.”

Rei couldn’t help but think that she wanted the laid-back guy to have no experience, even with kissing.

“Rei-san, what kind of person do you like?”

“Me? Uh, my parents…”

She was about to say that anyone her parents chose would be fine, but then she remembered the setting of having no past memories, so she quietly closed her mouth.

Seeing Rei close her mouth, Director Nakatani quickly changed the topic, and they started talking about professional baseball.

She returned home feeling a bit down.

On the way home, She saw a mother cat carrying a kitten in her mouth. Both the mother cat and the kitten had dull fur.

“I wonder if they’re sick.”

After looking around, She squatted down and gently cast healing magic on the two cats.


Fleas fell off the bodies of the two cats. She cast a magic spell to eliminate harmful creatures, but there might have been other parasites besides fleas. They would probably be expelled by tomorrow.

“Bye bye.”

She bid farewell to the mother and kitten as they slipped into the narrow gap between buildings and returned to her apartment. On the way, she bought two cream puffs from a convenience store.

The faint feelings that couldn’t even be called love shattered before they could take shape, but delicious Japanese sweets healed her heart.

“Mmm, delicious! Convenience store sweets are the best. This world and Japan are both amazing!”

She is always an optimistic magician.


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