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Translator & Proofreader: OssanTL

“What kind of fortune-telling would you like?”

“Should I stop or continue what I’m currently worried about?”

“Well then, let me have your hand.”

Rei placed the man’s right hand on her left hand and then her right hand on top. It formed a sandwich with Rei’s hands holding the other person’s hand. Without speaking aloud, Rei whispered [Clairvoyance] in her mind.

Rei examined the person’s entire body. Just below the man’s stomach, the duodenum glowed red as it’s known in this world.

Rei confirmed the location and then silently chanted [Heal] with only the movement of her lips. She released thin threads of magical energy. She didn’t fully heal the person; that would cause a commotion.

“Well, both choices can lead to favorable outcomes in the long run. If you stop, your mind will become calm, and if you continue, you might eventually gain good profits.”

As an answer, it was quite vague. However, the other person didn’t expect a specific answer from Rei. Customers who come for fortune-telling at this shop have heard that “when they have the fortune-teller at this shop touch them, their physical condition improves a little.” They maintain the appearance of fortune-telling to avoid violating the law by stating it openly. The fee for the fortune-telling is 2,000 yen.

After about three minutes, using healing magic, the person’s condition improves slightly, and that’s the end.

If it’s lower back pain caused by shoulder stiffness or muscle fatigue, it usually gets better on the spot. It may recur if you don’t exercise, but for 2,000 yen, they get a momentary comfort.

“Oh, the heaviness in my stomach has lifted.”

“When your worries are resolved, your heart will also feel brighter.”

Healing magic isn’t all-powerful, but at this level, it’s easy. The man left with a smile.

“Mama, please give me yakisoba, beer, and pickles too.”


It was late afternoon when Rei ate three portions of bento. Today, since Rei has expended a lot of magical energy, she has a good appetite. Rei takes off her veiled hat, eats delicious-smelling yakisoba, and drinks cold beer. The yakisoba made by Yukiko Mama has a rich flavor that stimulates the appetite.

“Thank you, Rei-chan. The customer earlier left a tip for you.”

“Is that so? He’ll probably come again, so it would be nice if He become a regular customer.”

“I appreciate it. In these times, even one customer is valuable. That person seemed to have money.”


Rei met Yukiko Mama at a super sento.


At that time, Rei was fascinated by super sentos, which didn’t exist in her home country. Rei learned about their existence from a woman who worked part-time with her.

“Rei-chan, have you never been to a super sento? You can experience paradise for less than 2,000 yen. I always go on my days off. You can’t experience the same bliss in small baths.”

“I don’t know how to use it.”

“I’ll teach you.”

Rei received detailed instructions on bath etiquette from a female coworker and went to the nearest super sento from their apartment. They became captivated at the first visit. Rei thought it was worth going, even if it meant saving on food expenses.

One day, while enjoying a beer after bathing, Rei noticed a woman sitting next to them eating a sashimi set meal. The woman repeatedly let out a small “ouch” in pain. That woman was Yukiko Mama.

“I have shoulder pain. When I thought my right shoulder had finally healed, my left shoulder started hurting recently.”

“May I touch it a bit?”

Yukiko Mama was very suspicious, but when Rei said she wouldn’t charge any money, she reluctantly allowed her to touch her shoulder, saying, “Okay, but…” To cut to the chase, the pain in her shoulder vanished.

Delighted, Yukiko Mama treated Rei to a beer on the spot and invited them to her shop, where she treated them to yakisoba and beer. That’s how Rei’s relationship with Yukiko Mama began.

Japanese laws are very detailed.

Since coming to this country, Rei has been meticulously avoiding any encounters with the law. During her time at the care facility, she extensively researched various topics on the freely accessible computers. After gaining access to a smartphone, Rei accepted the high usage fees as a necessary self-defense expense and continued searching and investigating on her device. Even now, she continues to do so. Perhaps her complete fluency in the language is thanks to summoning magic.

(After all, I’m a suspicious individual with an unknown background who suddenly became a citizen of this country.)

She has an extremely suspicious background. She is not listed as a missing person, no search requests have been filed, and she claims to have no memory. Living would become even more difficult if a criminal record were added to the equation. She wants to avoid such a situation after coming to this prosperous and safe country.

Yukiko Mama has a caring personality and provides a space for Rei to perform fortune-telling in order to boost the store’s sales. Slowly but surely, word-of-mouth spread, and Rei’s “fortune-telling” in the form of healing magic became popular.

Later, that wealthy-looking man became a customer for Rei’s fortune-telling once again.

“It was good for about a month, but now my stomach is hurting again.”

“What’s troubling you today?”

“Well, it’s about my son, who still won’t get married.”

“Then please place your right hand on the palm of my hand.”

Tonight, Rei earns 2,000 yen in just three minutes. With three reservations today, she will make a profit of 6,000 yen in nine minutes. She can earn income and release her magical power. Both Mama and the customers are pleased. Everything is going well.

Lately, Rei’s concern has been that to honestly report income from undocumented sources without issuing receipts, she must go through the hassle of filing a blue tax return for self-employed individuals and maintaining meticulous records. But there’s no other choice.

Anyway, she needs to play it safe and avoid breaking the law. It’s better than being bound as a saint for her whole life. Lately, she has become a diligent magic user who earnestly reads the “Guide to Blue Tax Returns.”


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