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Using magic makes you hungry.

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Translator & Proofreader: OssanTL

Repeatedly questioned about the circumstances of the discovery at the nearest police station, I had to answer the same questions repeatedly. In detective dramas, they say that if your answers vary, you’ll be suspected as a suspect. Is that really true?

To avoid unnecessary risks, I answered the same way each time. After repeatedly questioning me, the detective seemed satisfied and released me.

“Yes, I understand the situation well. I appreciate your cooperation in rescuing the citizen. You can go home now.”

The detective in his late forties said so, pointing at the door with his hand.

I smiled, lowered my head, and quickly left the room. I headed straight to the front entrance of the police station. While walking, I called Nakata.

“I’m sorry, Rei-chan. It’s my fault for asking you to run an errand.”

“It’s not your fault, Nakata-san. I’m just glad I was able to help Goto-san.”

“You don’t have to come back today. Just go straight home and rest.”

Ending the call with Nakata-san, she thought, “He’s a good boss.”

When I returned home, I devoured three take-out bento boxes I bought along the way, and now I’m leisurely drinking coffee. Using magic makes me incredibly hungry.

When I was separated from my homeland by summoning magic (Ah, so I was the one chosen. Am I going to fight magical beasts? Or will I be endlessly forced to work until the miasma is eradicated?), I felt despair. But I arrived at a terrifyingly advanced and safe country called Japan, where there were neither magical beasts nor miasma.

When I realized that, I couldn’t help but laugh wickedly and say, “Hah, what a failure in summoning! Serves them right.”

Natsukawa Rei, also known as Alexandra Oriele, is a citizen of the Uje Kingdom, a country where magic is commonplace.

In Uje Kingdom, a young woman with strong magical powers is taken away once every sixty years.

You might wonder how we know that it happens once every sixty years. It’s because a summoning magic circle, shining white, appears about ten meters above the woman’s head before she is summoned.

Once that magic circle appears, hiding in the basement or casting protective barriers is useless. Amid the screams and despair of many people, the targeted woman gradually disappears about an hour after the appearance of the magic circle.

The appearing magic circle is almost identical to the ones used in the Uje Kingdom. We can assume that someone from another world using a similar magical system constructed it.

All the women chosen in the past were high-level magic users. They may be valuable assets to the abductors, but for the ones being taken, it’s a great inconvenience.

Some have lovers or fiancés, and some hold important positions in the country. Rei was also an important member of the National Treatment Institute.

They are abducted without explanation, without consent, and any compensation. Our country’s problems should be solved by ourselves. In Uje Kingdom, we have faced national crises and resolved them through our efforts. Taking high-level magic users from the outside world to solve our problems is simply theft.

Rei can’t forget her despair when the magic circle appears above her head.

“Farewell, Father, Mother. Please take care!”

I shouted with a solemn resolve. My mother watched with tears, and my father trembled with anger and sadness. Even if they wanted to rush to my side, they were repelled by the barrier of magic power.

Trapped within the magic circle in the royal castle, I gradually faded away before my parents’ eyes. It was a cruel end for them.

(I wonder how my parents are doing now. I hope the people in the neighborhood or the country can help them.)

I took a Magendatz from the freezer and brought it to my mouth with a spoon. The rich milk flavor and matcha’s slight bitterness melted smoothly on my tongue, making me close my eyes in bliss. Matcha-flavored Magendatz had become my recent favorite. The first time I tasted it, I was so moved that I felt like offering a prayer.

I am always amazed by the wonder of having a refrigerator in almost every home. Here in Japan, there is no war or caste system. There may be differences in wealth, but that is something present in any world.

“I’m glad I was thrown into this country.”

From what I see on the news and the internet, there are outrageous dictatorships in this world too. When Rei learned about that, she trembled at her own fortune.

“Well then, I guess I’ll earn some money.”

I can live on the salary from Kikawa Metal, but if I don’t release my magic power moderately, my health deteriorates. Until Rei reaches her late forties, when her surplus magic power weakens, she decides to become a fortune teller, releasing her magic power and doing something helpful for others.

Before leaving the house, she changed into a long black dress and wore black, non-glossy low-heeled shoes. At first glance, her attire looks like she’s heading to a wake. Her destination is a back alley in Kinshicho. Thanks to the snack bar owner’s kindness, she gets to do fortune-telling in the corner of the bar.

She orders food and drinks properly, and some customers come to the bar looking forward to Rei’s fortune-telling, so it’s a win-win relationship.

The least noticeable place in the bar that’s where Natsukawa Rei’s workplace is.

“Good evening!”

“Welcome, Rei-chan.”

“Good evening, Yukiko Mama. Thank you for tonight as well.”

“Your customer is waiting already.”

After a whisper from Yukiko Mama, Rei confirmed that her black netted hat was in place using a compact mirror and then headed to her designated seat.

“Good evening. I’m Rei.”

“I have been waiting for you. I’ve been looking forward to this day.”

The person who had been waiting was a middle-aged man in an exquisite suit.


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