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Ossan Chapter 72

Iris, Engages in a solo battle

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“Hahaha, That was harsh all of a sudden! It kinda hurt, you know?”

Fairy Rose doesn’t seem to have suffered much damage despite being hit by Iris’s attack. Instead, she smiles happily.

Even though [Mana Brid] is a basic non-elemental magic, it should have dealt a decent amount of damage when combined with Iris’ level and skill effects. However, Fairy Rose endured it.

Recognizing that Fairy Rose’s magic resistance as an advanced species is higher than expected, Iris keeps her distance and carefully assesses the range of her attacks, avoiding direct close combat.

She knew that attacking now would be futile, as it would be easily avoided, so she had no intention of casting her magic head-on. Even if the fairies evolved and grew larger, their bodies were made of magic, and their weight was insignificant.

Without the weight, they could move at high speeds. Casting magic recklessly would only waste mana, and it would be avoided easily.

“As expected of a high-ranking species, it looks like this level of magic won’t do anything.”

“Yeah, that’s right~ Magic won’t work on me. Hehehe

Fairy Rose proudly puffs her chest, exuding confidence.

Her charming appearance makes it easy to be deceived, but she’s not an opponent to be taken lightly.

After all, she was happily dismembering a cow just moments ago, so Iris fully understood her ferocity.

“Now it’s my turn, okay?”

“Hey, wait!”

Suddenly, the ground began to rise and attack Iris.

It was a spell called “Gaia Lance,” and countless spears of earth approached from all directions. Iris quickly set up a delayed-type magic and ran away.

“Hehehe, you better run, or I’ll catch you! You’ll be a complete mess!”

The persistent rock spears kept chasing, but Iris managed to evade them while manifesting a magic circle in her left hand.

However, instead of using the magic, Iris continued to manifest multiple spells and kept them in a standby state.

She was accumulating stock for her delayed-type magic and calculating the timing to use her spells simultaneously.

“Despite her cute appearance, she’s actually vicious…… [Homing Bullet]!”


“Oh? Ohhh~?”

Dodging the tracking magical bullets with high-speed flight, Fairy Rose, despite having a humanoid shape, moves in complex trajectories to evade them, like some kind of mobile weapon.

However, Iris uses the same magic to restrain and surround her from all sides and above.


“…I can’t tell if I’m cornering her or if she’s just mocking me. But…”

Flying around in the sky, Fairy Rose descends closer to the ground. Despite that, she doesn’t seem to get hit by Iris’ attacks; if she does, it doesn’t appear to inflict any damage.

However, with some minor miscalculations, she ends up being lured to the location Iris desires.

“Here’s my chance! Activate the set magic!”

Fairy Rose, who had been led, could not avoid the landmine attack set up in advance and received a severe blow.

It was attributeless set-type magic, [Force Geyser]. It was guided to make a direct hit with a high-density magical attack that erupts like a geyser.

But that doesn’t mean she’s defeated. Iris blocks her escape route with [Forming Bridge] and guides her towards the similarly placed magic circle, pressing the attack.

“Uhyaaa~~~h! Ohhoo~~~~~~o! Honnyaaaa~~~~~~hh!?”

“…Am I really cornering her? Am I not just being toyed with?”

Amid the somewhat relaxed battle, Iris uses a Mana Potion to replenish her magical power.

However, Fairy Rose’s nonchalant behavior and screams that lack any sense of tension make it difficult for Iris to sense her own advantage in the current situation. Instead, she is left feeling uncertain, unsure if she’s truly gaining the upper hand or if something else is at play.

Fairies do not possess a sense of pain. When Fairy Rose said [It hurts], she merely imitated humans. Species that are similar to fairies and spirits, such as goblins and elves, gained physical bodies through a long process of evolution but lost their original abilities in the process.

Pain is an important alarm that alerts the body to abnormalities, and species that do not feel pain, like fairies, cannot sense their own danger. They may not even realize that their bodies are damaged and weakened, diminishing their sense of crisis toward death.

In fact, most fairies do not have any sense of crisis toward death in the first place.

While species like elves and dwarves have gradually become more similar to humans over time and have some awareness of the value of life, the original fairy species has always been indifferent to the danger of losing their lives. They continue to play until the very end, disappearing into oblivion.

In another sense, fairies could be considered the happiest race of all. After all, they never experience the fear of death.

However, this was the most troublesome characteristic for Iris, who was facing off against Fairy Rose.

“I wish she’s either run away or be defeated already… It’s really mentally exhausting…”

“Hahaha, how amusing This time, I’ll come at you from this side, okay?”

“Huh? What do you mean? Ahh!”

Something wrapped around Iris’s shoulder.

It was a vine of a plant covered with numerous sharp thorns.

“A rose? Is this the [Rose’s Whip]?”

As the name suggests, [Rose’s Whip] is a magic that creates a whip made of roses. It is mainly used for capturing or restraining, but Fairy Rose created countless whips of roses from the ground and attacked Iris.

Despite having the upper hand just a moment ago, the tables have now turned, and Iris is desperately trying to avoid the attacks.

“Hey, hey~, I’m going to catch you~ and gouge out your eyes~”

“Why do you have so much… How much magic power do you have!?”

“I can do something like this too, you know? Take this!”

Just like Iris did earlier, countless magic projectiles were unleashed.

Iris desperately tried to escape, but those magic projectiles relentlessly pursued her and a few of them hit her directly.


“I hit you, I hit you! Yay~!”

“Don’t get too carried away――――――――――!!”

Without hesitation, Iris used the ‘Homing Brid’ to intercept Fairy Rose’s magic projectiles.

The colliding magic projectiles exploded, creating explosive sounds all around.

“Amazing, amazing! So much fun~!”

“Activate Delayed Spell Formula! [Force Missile]!!”

[Force Missile] is a relatively powerful magic that is an upgrade to [Homing Brid]. It fires more projectiles than [Homing Brid] and is effective against fairy species with high resistance to attributes. Fairy species have a high defense against the four attributes but do not have resistance to non-attributed magic. Therefore, it can be used as a test of their own magic resistance.

“Activate Delayed Spell Formula, Full Burst!!”


Relentlessly bombarded by the [Force Missile] attacks, Fairy Rose gradually became transparent and eventually disappeared.

“Huff, huff… Huff… Did… Did I defeat her?”

There is no sign of presence around, and Fairy Rose’s figure cannot be confirmed. However, that doesn’t mean Iris can let her guard down.


Iris knows that fairies can disappear.

During the [Sword and Sorcery] game, she was robbed of items using a similar technique, and she assumed that high-rank fairies like Fairy Rose could even hide their presence.

She wasn’t just a shut-in gamer for nothing. Although it’s not something to be proud of…

“I raised a death flag, so it can’t be over yet… If Fairy Rose is a high-ranking species, she’s probably at the same level as me. I feel like it’s a little early to defeat her…”

Although it’s a game, it’s not like she had been fighting in [Sword and Sorcery] for a long time.

She roughly knows how long it takes to defeat an opponent in battle. In a serious battle with someone of the same level, unless she uses a powerful technique, she can’t inflict much damage except with the spells she’s used effectively in the past.

She feels confident that she’s definitely causing damage, but she intuitively judges that she hasn’t defeated her yet, and she remains cautious of her surroundings like this.

Realistically, there was a chance she could have escaped, but she couldn’t imagine that Fairy Rose, who was enjoying the fight so much, would just give up.

“Well… I guess she’s just playing around, but it’s a nuisance.”

Fairy Rose isn’t in a [Battle] mindset but instead in a [Play] mindset.

She’s completely absorbed in her play and has no intention of interrupting it. She’s likely hiding and plotting something mischievous.

After all, her intelligence is that of a child. A child who’s engrossed in playing freely wouldn’t be willing to listen to reason.

And her instincts were right on the mark.

“Here it comes!”

Countless vines emerge from the ground, surrounding Iris from all sides as if blocking her escape routes.

Not only around Iris, but they also reach high into the sky, completely trapping her within a thorny enclosure, leaving no room for escape.

“Oh no! [Explosion]!!”

“Ohhh~~~~~~~~! ?!?”

She unleashed her most powerful magic, [Explosion], shattering the thorny barrier, but she couldn’t spot Fairy Rose quickly.

Instead, rose whips were lashed toward Iris, and while she desperately intercepted them with her Runewood Staff, she focused on evading and running.

Since she heard her voice earlier, she realizes she’s hiding. The problem was not knowing where she was and from where she would launch her attacks. It was an unprecedented level of stealth for a fairy.

‘If I can’t even sense her magic… then maybe if I launch attacks in all directions, I can pinpoint her location…’

Iris does have a magic that can attack in all directions.

However, that spell had weak offensive power and wasn’t very effective against high-rank fairies with strong magic resistance.

After all, it’s a light magic specifically designed for undead enemies. Plus, it consumes a large amount of mana.

‘Ugh… Why did I buy such a useless spell? I wish I could go back in time and punch my past self.’

There are indeed magic spells that are effective in such circumstances.

Iris prioritized learning magic spells necessary for quests rather than acquiring wide-range spells that deal massive damage. As a result, her only wide-range spell that inflicted significant damage was [Explosion].

[Explosion] is a magic spell that measures distance through frontal visibility and significantly damages enemies in a wide area centered around the target. Since she didn’t know where Fairy Rose was, it wasn’t a spell she could use recklessly.

With a mana potion in her left hand, Iris activated the spell.

“[Purification Force]!!”

A wide-ranging dome of light enveloped Iris at its center.

[Purification Force] is a cleansing magic used against undead and evil spirits. While it does not affect tangible beings such as humans and various races, it is highly effective against ethereal entities and undead. However, it doesn’t inflict significant damage against fairies that can manifest as physical entities despite being a magical entity.

Furthermore, it wasn’t a spell meant to be used against a single opponent.

“Kyahaha, it doesn’t work at all~?”

Whether it was to evade the attack or an instinctual perception, Fairy Rose, who had been a magical entity, transformed into a physical form and appeared.

Without hesitation, Iris unleashed a spell she had eagerly awaited in response to the still-joyous Fairy Rose.

“[Force Missile]!”


“Let’s push through like this– hyaaaahhh!”

Just as she was about to launch a follow-up attack and took a step forward, a sudden floating sensation overcame her.

Iris’s footing gave way, and she began to fall downwards.

“Gyah!… A t-t-trap!?”

“Hahaha, gotcha, gotcha

“No way, did she mimic my trap-type magic!? How is her learning speed so fast!?”

“I’ve got you now. There’s no escaping anymore, you know?”

“This… Ugh!?”

Suddenly, she felt pain around her right thigh and checked to confirm. It was a thorny vine that had pierced through.

The vine quickly entangled Iris, simultaneously widening her wound. She was struck by a pain she had never experienced before.


Iris’s scream echoed through the night sky.

More vines emerged from the surroundings, depriving Iris of her freedom by entwining her. She desperately tried to free herself from the vine entangled around her throat, using her only free hand. Still, it was too tightly constricted to be untangled.

Only her palm was injured by the thorns, bleeding profusely.

‘Now, what should I do~? Should I peel off your skin~? Or maybe gouge out your eyeballs… it wouldn’t be fun if you died too quickly.’

Fairy Rose, who had captured Iris, immediately shifted her focus to her next amusement.

Being impulsive in nature, once one game was over, she would start thinking about the next one to enjoy. Moreover, she had no hesitation about killing living beings and could dissect them with a sense of playfulness. It was at this moment that Iris truly felt fear in this world.

“Should I control you~? But then, you’ll only be happy, and that’s no fun~ Creepy~

Iris desperately tried to figure out how to survive this situation. Her only movable limb was her right hand, as she was bound and unable to move herself. So what could she do?

While enduring the pain, she kept thinking about escape methods.

‘Ugh… Gah… I can use one more delayed magic, but this troublesome thorny vine is in the way even if I try to escape. I can’t do anything with just my right hand… and Ojisan still hasn’t returned. If only I had a trump card… Ah!’

A trump card suddenly came to mind.

To conceal it from Fairy Rose, Iris reached into her inventory and grabbed five “Sealing Throwing Knives” in her hand.

“That’s right! Let’s cut you up I wonder how you’ll cry in agony~?”

In Fairy Rose’s hand, there was a rusty-looking knife.

The knife’s blade was stained with blood, making it dark black. She had probably picked it up somewhere, but it seemed to have been used for a long time.

Iris finally understood what Zeros had said. The communication between fairies and humans was meaningless…

“Heh… Quite a dirty knife you have there… Did you pick it up?”

“Yeah, maybe? I forgot when I picked it up , But playing is more fun than worrying about it.”

“Well, I guess I can’t blame you entirely… But you shouldn’t cause trouble for others.”

“Trouble? I’m just playing, you know? Humans play a lot, too, don’t they?”

“So? Are you going to dismember me with that knife?”

“Yeah♡, It’s fun, you know~? When you open up someone’s abdomen while they’re still alive, their organs come gushing out!”

The fairy’s ability to laugh and talk about cruel things seemed even more insane.

Still, Iris suppressed her fear and waited for Fairy Rose to come within reach, unable to escape. If she panicked now, there would be a high chance of failure, so she calmed her racing heart with the power of her will.

She couldn’t afford to miss this one opportunity.

“First… Should I start with the skin? Or maybe chop off your ears? Hmm… How about taking your nose?”

While Fairy Rose approached, unaware of the opening Iris had found, she pondered which part to cut off or mutilate. That was Iris’s chance. Because there was an opening to exploit.

Unaware of this, Fairy Rose was still contemplating her method of dissection. The fairy underestimated humans.

“Oh, I know! Let’s open up your head. Playing with the brain is so much fun, you know~?”

“As if I’d let you do that!”

Entering the hole and approaching Iris, Fairy Rose was struck by the full force of the [Sealing Throwing Knives] she threw.

The [Sealing Throwing Knives] expanded, surrounding Fairy Rose and manifesting the Five-pointed Seal according to the predetermined command.

No one could escape its grasp as it sealed their movements, serving as a powerful restraint that lasted for a certain period of time.

It was an inescapable binding formation created by the “Great Sage.” And Iris used her final delayed magic.

“[Force Blast]!! [Force Blast]!! Fooorce Blaaaast!!”

[Force Blast]. It was a single-target attack magic boasting maximum power among non-elemental spells. She cast the spell multiple times in rapid succession.


Although its power was lower than elemental magic, it was effective against any magical creature except for a few exceptions. Its attack power was also consistent, but conversely, one could argue that it had moderate power.

Fairy Rose faced a series of direct hits from the [Force Blast], unleashed continuously from the front, and was pushed out of the pit.

However, she was unable to move due to the [Sealing Throwing Knives] and had to endure the full force of the spell until the magical effect dissipated.

Simultaneously, the thorny restraints vanished, and Iris quickly drew the knife [Astral Slicer] from her waist.

“Enhancement magic, [Hopper]!!”

[Hopper], magic that enhances jumping power, propels Iris out of the hole, and she charges at Fairy Rose.

Suppressing the fear of being killed, Iris explodes with emotions and mercilessly cuts Fairy Rose, who took on the form of a heartless young girl, using the [Astral Slicer] that can even slice through spirits, severing her limbs.

There is no room to replenish magical power. She must finish her off in one go here.

“Ahahaha, I’m falling apart I’m falling apart.”

Fairy Rose is laughing with apparent enjoyment.

“No way… You’re still alive!?”

“Now it’s my turn, isn’t it~?”

The severed limbs became magical energy and gathered around Fairy Rose, reconstructing her form as if nothing happened. Upon closer inspection, Fairy Rose’s body is so thin that you can see through to the opposite side.

Iris had dealt damage to Fairy Rose almost to the point of disappearance.

However, Iris, unable to move her body as she wishes due to depleted magical power, she has no strength left to counterattack.

Countless thorny vines appear once again around Fairy Rose.

“Hmm… I’m starting to get annoyed by all this. Well, whatever, let’s just die.”

“It’s you who will.”

A flash of light runs vertically through Fairy Rose’s body.


Fairy Rose lets out a dumbfounded voice and disappears.

Standing behind her is a grey-robed mage wielding a sword.

“So, you were here after all… I couldn’t see your figure, so I had my suspicions…”

“Ojisan… Ughhh, you’re so slowww!”

“I apologize. I messed up, and I’ve been at a loss for a while…”

“…Messed up? What did you do, Ojisan?”


The Ossan turns away with an innocent expression.

Based on his attitude, Iris determines that he did something significant.

“More importantly, shouldn’t we fix your injury before you bleed to death?”

“Ugh… Now that you mention it, it hurts…”

“[Light Heal]”

The adrenaline was running so high that she forgot about the pain.

Thanks to Zeros’ healing magic, the wound on Iris’ thigh quickly closes up, but watching it feels unsettling.

“Healing magic… It’s nice, huh? I should’ve bought some too.”

“If you have free slots in your subconscious area, I can sell you some. I still have plenty of scrolls and can give you a good discount.”

“Well, that’s business for you… Just because we’re acquaintances doesn’t mean it will be free, huh?”

“Heh… What’s the value of such a cheap relationship? Isn’t having no debts or obligations more natural if we’re acquaintances? Well, I suppose a [Heal] is fine, though.”

“An improved version from you? Is it more effective…?”

“I don’t know what you’re expecting, but it’s just a regular item sold in the market… Oh, wait, it’s not for sale. All healing magic is monopolized by the Four Gods Religion.”

“I’ll take a [Heal] then, please! I’ll accept it as a gift if I can’t buy it. Even being able to recover a little is appreciated.”

Iris was short on money.

Healing magic is precious in this world, and it’s all monopolized by the Four Gods Religion.

It’s not something you can purchase at a magical tools shop.

“Anyway, can you stand up?”

“Ah… Maybe due to a slight lack of blood, my head is spinning slightly…”

“I guess there’s no helping it. It would be troublesome if you push yourself, so let me carry you.”

“Eh!? W-Wait, ahaha~!”

Iris, lifted up by the Ossan with both hands, was blushing intensely.

Such a thing hadn’t happened since she was in the lower grades of elementary school.

“Hey, it’s embarrassing~! Please, put me down~!”

“If you force yourself, you’ll collapse from anemia. This isn’t a game, you know?”

“But still, like this… Ugh…”

Certainly, if she tried to push herself to walk, there was a high chance of fainting from anemia. And yet, being carried like a princess was undeniably embarrassing.

However, she hesitated to make a request and caused trouble.

In the end, Iris is carried along like that, and she is suspected of having a relationship by Yui, another reincarnator in the village.

They say that night, in the village of Hasam where there were no more fairy casualties, Iris’ scream echoed, “It’s not like that at all――――――――――!”

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

A crater formed in the mountainous region.

Above it, beneath the starry sky, four figures were silently floating.

“This… it’s that guy, right?”

“No way! That monster should be dead, right? In that other world…”

“…I don’t know. But what do you think those guys over there will do if he isn’t dead?”

“Ugh… they’ll probably send him back. …Such a hassle.”

The four pillars, known as the management deities of this world, were commonly referred to as the Four Goddesses.

“No way! I don’t want anything to do with that kind of monster anymore! Not that I ever did…”

“Throwing a tantrum won’t change anything. If that’s what he did… there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“…I made a mistake… abandoning it in the other world… I only ended up creating an enemy…”

“[Windyah]… also agrees… sleepy…”

The gruesome scene before their eyes resembled the damage caused by the [Evil God] that once brought calamity to this world.

For the Four Gods, it was an unprecedented and extremely serious problem.

“…[Freiles] was the one who proposed it, right?”

“[Aquilata] didn’t oppose it either!”

“[Gaylaness]… didn’t say anything, did she? She just said… ‘It doesn’t matter,’ though…”

And so, the blame game begins.

They were truly messy goddesses.

“Anyway, if this is that guy’s doing… the heroes won’t stand a chance.”

“They were easily defeated before, right? Sealing him was the best we could do…”

“…I don’t sense his presence. Did he… disappear somewhere? …So tired…”

“Mumble mumble… Bon appétit… This tastes so bad I could die… Seconds, please.”

“You’re sleeping… Besides, isn’t it more like ‘You can’t eat anymore’ instead of ‘You can’t eat that anymore’?”

One goddess falls.

“In any case, we need to prepare.”

“…But… the divine artifacts… are gone…”

“The heroes were useless! Breaking the divine artifacts… unbelievable, right?”

“We can’t do anything about what’s lost! What’s important is what we do from now on…”

Afterward, the three goddesses racked their brains but couldn’t devise a good solution.

In the end, they continued their discussion until morning, quarreled, and went their separate ways.

Leaving behind a single deity…

“…This week’s turning point… click… Munch, munch… Zzz…”

Only [Gaylaness] remained at peace.

It might be better not to delve too deep into what kind of dream she’s having.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

The next morning, Zeros began preparing to return to Santor.

Since he would soon disappear from the village and dash off with [Waste No. 13], there was no need to hurry.

Nevertheless, he took the time to distribute the rewards for fairy extermination and the [Fairy’s Gems] and advance the cultivation methods of medicinal herbs and such.

The reason is that this village’s water source had been destroyed due to the Ossan’s fault, making life difficult from now on.

However, the Ossan was skilled at deception. He explained that the concentrated mana in the magic accumulation site had caused an excessive magical reaction, resulting in a massive explosion.

In fact, several cases of such phenomena have been confirmed, including the famous story within the Magic Association where a small magic spell caused a mountain to suddenly blow up. The Ossan successfully covered up the incident by referring to those cases.

This was written in a book that Zeros had read in the Solistea Ducal House while working as a private tutor, reminding him once again that you never know when and where knowledge will come in handy.

Iris looked at him with suspicion.

“Well then… Shall we go back?”

“Yes… Let’s. I want to rest for a while after returning.”

“Being a mercenary can be quite expensive, you know? If you don’t work with the mindset of work every month, every day, from Monday to Friday, I believe you’ll end up seriously broke.”


“Ugh… I guess having a side job would be better, right?”

“If you can make your own potions, it would save you a lot. They can also be sold for money, and depending on the rank, you can rake in a fortune, you know? I told you about that before, right?”

“…I don’t have the equipment to make them.”

Even though she had the skills, she didn’t have the necessary equipment. And she couldn’t afford to buy the tools either.

Saying such things, the two of them prepared to leave the village chief’s house.

“Are you leaving already? You seem quite rushed.”

“I’m worried about the state of the fields. If we just laze around, they’ll become overgrown with weeds.”

“I see. So you’re a farmer… I thought you were a mercenary, to be honest.”

“There are circumstances, and I’m acting as a mercenary this time. Once I’m back, it’ll be back to leisurely farming.”

“I’m indebted to you… except for the water source…”

“Please talk to the lord about that. It’s no longer within my jurisdiction.”

The Ossan didn’t want to be further questioned about the incident of the spring being blown away.

“By the way, Yui-san. I will say hello to your husband when I meet him. I will also tell him that you are in this village.”

“Please do. As long as Ado-kun isn’t doing anything reckless…”

“Oh, Ojisan… Are you really not targeting Yui? Is it NTR? Can you go for married women too?”

“Iris… It seems we need to have a serious talk overnight, don’t you think? Seriously…”

“An overnight talk… Wow, Iris-chan, you did it! You’ll be in the same situation as me next year, right?”

“T-Totally not! It’s not that kind of relationship with Ojisan!!”

Yui mistakenly believed that Iris was in love with the Ossan.

No matter how much Iris denied it, she didn’t pay any attention and got excited on her own.

She thought it was Iris’s way of hiding her embarrassment.

“Thank you for your hospitality, even if it was just for one night.”

“I’ll say hi if I come to this area for work..”

“Sure thing.”

“Iris-chan, it might be painful at first, but if you do it enough times…”

“I’m telling you, it’s not like that! Listen to what others are saying――――――――!!”

“Ado-kun… Just explode already!!”

Blushing with anger, Iris stormed out of the door while the lonely Ossan burned with flames of jealousy, heading towards the city of Santor, racing along the road.

Even while riding the motorcycle, the Ossan began to consider the need for an increase in the supply of healing magic.

Although it was called sacred magic, it was just regular magic that sorcerers used. If it became widely available, the mortality rate of mercenaries and others would decrease, and it could greatly reduce the suffering of those injured.

Once he arrived in Santor, he decided to approach Duke Delsasis with a business proposal. It wasn’t because he was driven by a sense of justice, but rather, he thought it would be interesting to give a little harassment to the Four Gods’ religion, which only served to protect fairies, but ultimately became a nuisance.

Thinking of various schemes, he arrived in the city. However, the inn was crowded due to the evening, so Iris stayed at an orphanage. Parting ways with her, the Ossan returned home and was shocked to see that his field had turned into a meadow.

The only places without grass were the area around the chicken coop where the Cuckoos lived and a part of the vegetable field. The ground in front of his house was hardened, and not a single blade of grass grew.

The Cuckoos seemed to ignore the field and spent their days’ training.

Zeros felt dizzy when he thought about the lawn mowing the next day.


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