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Ossan Chapter 71

Ossan, Annihilate the Fairies

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““““ Whooooooaaahhhhhhhh!!!”“““

The fairy village the Ossan scouted with his familiar was a mountain of decaying corpses that emitted a putrid stench.

He showed a copy of the transferred image to the village elders, and it was such a terrible sight that they couldn’t bear it and ended up vomiting.

The grotesque and insane image couldn’t help but remind them of the danger posed by the fairies.

Even the priest covered his mouth and fought against nausea while questioning his faith in the Four Gods Church.

Well, that’s understandable. The fairies were supposed to be a pure race, but in that instant, they became recognized as the opposite, a race of madness.

“Huh! …I never imagined that fairies could be such an evil race…”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, can you? Some good people are ugly, and some handsome bastards make you want to kill them. It’s a bit gruesome, but this is the essence of fairies. Isn’t it terrible?”

“T-This is just too much, isn’t it… Ugh…”

“This… is not just a bit… it’s on another level…”

Despite feeling nauseous, everyone understood. Fairies were monsters that had to be defeated and were incompatible with humans and other races.

However, it was better to deal with creatures that kill and prey to survive than to deal with fairies who kill living things just for fun.

“Why do fairies even exist? I get that monsters have to hunt other species to live since they are biological beings, but fairies don’t do anything. They might carry pollen like insects, but they don’t always do it, and we don’t even know why they exist… They’re like the representative species of harassment, don’t you think so?”


The Ossan sought agreement, but the people there were too nauseous to focus on anything else.

Fairies have no natural enemies except for Fairy Eaters and avoid other strong monsters.

They take pleasure in everything from minor pranks to brutal killings and do so without any malicious intent.

It may seem insane or evil, but it’s normal play for fairies.

“Th-they’re insane… this just feels so wrong.”

“Yeah, exactly… how can we allow something terrible to continue like this.”

“You know, the thing is, they’re not even evil. Humans sometimes have these psychopaths who get pleasure from killing other people, but fairies never kill each other. To them, it probably looks crazier for humans to have wars and kill their own kind.

According to a book I read at the Istor Grand Library, some theories suggest that they might be imitating humans… maybe it started as just imitation, but then it got out of hand?”

“Sure, humans may do crazy things, but is it really okay to kill someone who speaks the same language as you just for fun? These guys… aren’t they cruel to anyone who isn’t one of their own?”

“Yes, that’s true… It’s not just humans. Even the Beastkin and Elves sometimes fight amongst themselves. But fairies never fight among themselves. They are a peaceful race in that sense, but when it comes to other races, it’s a different story. They probably see them as fun toys.

But if this torture is how fairies perceive humans, it’s disconcerting…”

Other races, including humans, adapt to their environment by creating communities and sometimes engaging in wars with other communities. When it gets bigger, it becomes a nation. They fight and kill each other based on politics, religion, or emotions. It would be strange for fairies to understand killing among their own kind.

This is probably because fairies can only live in a stable environment for a long time, and their mental growth is significantly low due to their closed ecological characteristics.

As a result, they develop the idea that [we won’t kill each other, but it’s okay to kill someone who’s not our friend]. Their childish thoughts tend to become extreme.

Moreover, they have no attachment to individuals, so they don’t feel anything even if they see their friends being killed. They adapt to the law of the jungle in a strange way and do not possess the concept of revenge.

Even if they say or do something that seems like they have the desire for revenge, they are just using words they learned from their surroundings without feeling strong emotions like anger.

Even if they plan for revenge, it quickly becomes a game of revenge, and they eventually forget their original purpose. To put it boldly, they are a species with an abnormally strong sense of [Pleasure] as they see everything as an extension of a game.

“In short, you can think of it as a horribly selfish and self-centered child innocently killing animals with a knife. Except in this case, the knife is a powerful enchanted sword.”

“It’s pure, but… that’s why it becomes cruel. I feel like I understand the horror of it now… Why, Four Gods…”

“Having a sense of good and evil means developing the intelligence to think for oneself and judge what is good or bad, but fairies don’t have that. That’s why they’re always in a state of frenzy.

For example, let’s say there is an absolute good. A justice that shows no mercy to any evil would even kill a hungry child who steals out of desperation. There is no mercy whatsoever; an equal and merciless judgment is carried out. If their comrades were to object, they would be killed as heretics. That’s the kind of existence they become.”

Fairies have no attachment. Even if they encounter those who come to kill them, they might think of the fight as a game.

Because they are too pure, they are inflexible, and that’s what makes them dangerous.

The priest who had been trying so hard to defend the fairies until now had all his beliefs shattered when he saw the images brought by Zeros. Makes the Ossan feel a little sorry for him.

“So, I’m going to take care of the fairies. Did you understand that the purity of fairies is not what humans think it is?”

“Yes… I understand. Fairies should not be defended. However, if this matter becomes known to my home country, I will likely face an inquisition.”

“Priest-sama… you’re not a bad person. Aside from the fairy incident, you’ve been working hard for the village.”

“That’s right! When we were injured because of fairies, you treated us. Who knows how many of us would have died without your help…”

“It’s crazy to defend those creatures! Priest-sama, you’re not a bad person!”

“Ev-everyone… Th-thank you… sniff…”

Setting aside the issue with the fairies, this priest seems to have genuinely served the villagers and spread his faith.

He was an unfortunate victim of the decisions the bishops above him made. However, it seems the villagers recognized his hard work as a priest. Encouraged by the villagers, the priest was moved to tears.

“Well, why did the talk of defending fairies even come up? It’s such a hassle.”

“It seems that about 500 years ago, the Four Gods gave an oracle. It said, ‘Protect the fairy children, for they are the pure ones who will become messengers when the time comes.’”

“Even in my home country, the mischievousness of fairies is unbearable. No matter how much we plead, they say it’s a ‘trial’ and won’t listen to us. I was happy when I was chosen as a missionary, but…”

“Here in this country, fairy damage has started to occur too. Maybe even the bishops can’t do anything about it, especially since there was an oracle.”

“I heard that the oracle is still in effect and says, ‘Killing fairies is forbidden.’”

It seems that even the priest was going through a tough time.

He couldn’t do anything about the damage caused by the fairies, and he couldn’t meet the expectations of his followers.

He was caught between reality and faith and was probably carrying a lot of stress to the point of nearing his limit.

“Well, I’m a mage, so the prophecy doesn’t concern me… Destroying them for acquiring material.”

“By the way, what exactly are fairy materials… And I don’t even know what to use them for.”

“[Fairy Gems] can be used for [Mana Potions], and [Fairy Wings] can enhance the effect of wind magic spells.”

“You’ve never heard of them? Did you used to defeat fairies often in the past?”

“I suppose so. Nowadays, even high-quality healing potions don’t have much effect. The reason is there’s a shortage of fairy materials. This is our chance to make a profit… So I’m going to wipe them out now♪.”

“““““W-We’re going now?! It’ll be nighttime soon, you know?!”““““

He was a man who tried to finish troublesome things quickly.

He stood up from his seat and walked to the entrance, leaving the villagers surprised.

“Wait! It’s dangerous to move around when fairies are active at this time!”

“If they come at me, I’ll beat them. Isn’t that what they call flying into the fire?”

“…No, that’s not what I meant…”

“Please wait for good news. Well then.”

With those words, the Ossan quickly headed to the fairy village.

“Is he going to be okay…?”

“““““Who knows?”““““

After the shady Ossan left, the villagers were left with a sense of unease.

He didn’t seem reliable in any way they could see.

Maybe it was because of his grey robe…

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“Oh? What’s the matter, Iris-san?”

“Ojisan… What will happen if the fairies come while you’re out?”

“Hmm… You’re right. With you as the only defense, we need something to help you. Do we have anything useful around here?”

In front of the village chief’s house, the ossan thought Iris had a point and began rummaging through his inventory.

He then took out five throwing knives with identical shapes and a combat knife with a thick blade.

The throwing knives were all uniformly shaped, with magic stones embedded in the handle that could be gripped by hand.

The combat knife was similar, but when he unsheathed it, you could see intricate magic symbols engraved on the blade, hinting that it was a type of magic sword.

“This is…”

“The throwing knife is called the [Sealing Throw], used to crucify something in a barrier. The other knife is the [Astral Slicer]. This weapon can slice through spirits and other entities with no specific elemental weaknesses. Fairies have elemental strengths and weaknesses, but pure magical attacks without any elemental attributes are still effective. I’ll lend it to you for self-defense.”

“So the throwing knife only works when you throw it?”

“Yeah, it temporarily seals the target, but magic attacks without any elemental attributes in the same category can still penetrate it, so it’s best to finish them off with a knife. It comes in a set of five, so be careful not to use them incorrectly.”

“Wow… these are some powerful weapons. I really hope I won’t have to use them…”

Suddenly, Iris felt uneasy.

Zeros were undoubtedly strong. Being with Him gave Her a sense of security, but She was honestly scared if they were to split up.

Fairy opponents would be a piece of cake for Zeros. However, they were troublesome opponents for Iris.

She had all magic reinforcement and resistance skills, but Her physical enhancement skills were only [Agility] and [Strong Body], and both were at a low level. Furthermore, as a mage, the effects were somewhat lacking.

She had no melee combat skills and was always uneasy about close combat. Especially since fairies were small and agile, it was difficult to land an attack.

“I hope we don’t have to use these knives for real… And where did [Fairy Rose] even bring its prey from…? Its range of activity seems to be quite wide. It might even come to this village, so just in case…”

“Stop it, Ojisan! I don’t want to fight against such a crazy fairy-”

“Well, it’s just a precaution. And even you, Iris-san, can defeat [Fairy Rose]. Despite its appearance as a beautiful young girl…”

“I don’t want to fight it even more! It’s like you’re telling me to kill a child!”

“It only looks like a child, though? And if you’re a mercenary dealing with monsters, you can’t just avoid fighting fairies like this. What would you do if you received a job request to do so?”


There are quite a few monsters that take on the appearance of children.

In such cases, one cannot refuse the job just because it looks like a child. Moreover, sometimes the guild directly requests it.

It also affects rank evaluation, so they can’t just take on jobs based on their preferences.

They will remain at a low rank if they can’t take on the jobs that people hate. Worst-case scenario, their mercenary registration could be revoked.

“I’m planning on wiping out all of those fairies, including that Fairy Rose, you know?”

“Ojisan… doesn’t it bother your conscience?”

“Not at all. It’s not like I mind getting rid of little girls who do gruesome things. They’ve done some seriously messed up stuff, you know? It’s like something straight out of a horror movie, so grotesque that you’d need to censor it… Ugh, just thinking about it makes me nauseous.”

“I… I’ve never seen anything like that before…”

“…Do you want to see it? Do you really, really want to see it? Just a heads up, it’s so disturbing that you won’t be able to eat meat for a while, and it might even change your perspective on life… But seriously, do you want to see it? I haven’t shown it to anyone because it’s rated 18+, and I’ve been considerate.”

“…Is it really that bad? Seriously?”

“Seriously. ‘Bad’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. Anyone who’s seen it can’t stop puking…”

Iris was grateful for the Ossan’s consideration.

However, as a mercenary, it was a problem that she didn’t know about the cruelty of fairies.

She had shown leniency towards cute fairies, which was favorable as a young girl, but she lacked a sense of crisis as a mercenary whose life was on the line.

“If you have an ace up your sleeve, I recommend using it now. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, you know?”

“Are you trying to scare me for fun, Ojisan?”

“Of course not. I don’t have time for such games. My motto is to get the job done quickly.”

“It’s a really unpleasant job, isn’t it? … Killing fairies that look like young girls, right?”

“I don’t care how many thieves or criminals are killed, but there are also women and children among the corpses. It’s better to wipe them out as soon as possible. Well then, I’m off.”

“Hold on a sec!?”

The Ossan ran without hesitation along the road to the northeast of the village as if in a hurry.

The fact that he was in a hurry was a sign of a serious situation.

“…I don’t want to use it, but I should also prepare. Just in case…”

Iris took out some items from her inventory, which could be considered her trump cards, and attached them to her arms and neck.

As a mage, her equipment, such as bracelets and necklaces, mainly was accessories, but it was the best gear she could get her hands on. However, some of them were disposable, and if she ended up using them, it would be a big loss.

After all, this kind of equipment couldn’t be bought in this world.

‘If I end up using them, you’ll have to compensate me! Ojisan…’

However, the only person who could make that equipment was the Ossan.

If it ever came to using them, Iris planned to have the Ossan remake them later.

Living a precarious life as a mercenary had transformed Iris into a slightly more mature person, especially in terms of being frugal…

She had learned that she couldn’t survive in this world without being stingy with money.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

The Ossan became like the wind.

This is not a metaphor, nor is it because he’s riding on [Abandoned Object No.13] and speeding away.

He’s just running at full speed, but his speed is abnormally fast.

Until now, Zeros ran at full speed only when he was escaping from a large army of vicious monsters during his survival life after reincarnation. At that time, he was desperate to survive and didn’t have the luxury of checking his physical abilities. Dust flew up as he ran through narrow mountain paths off the main road.

And not just a few seconds after Ossan passed by. It was like a human-shaped F1 car or a certain hero who runs alongside the bullet train at an ultra-high speed that makes his legs disappear.

Or perhaps a cyborg with an acceleration system or a certain hero who fuses with a steel lion…

No, maybe it’s closer to that famous manga artist’s flagship work, the girl-shaped android. In fact, right now, he ran over a boar-shaped monster called [Mount Boar].

“Hahaha… I’m just a human, you know… I haven’t even hit any monsters, let alone running at a speed that makes my legs disappear. Ahaha…”

And so, the Ossan was escaping from reality.

He knew he was abnormal, but he had no idea how abnormal he really was.

He could easily defeat most opponents, and he was tough enough to collide with Mount Boar without taking any damage. Truly a superhuman.

The unusual physical strength in his daily life was probably saved at an average level through the automatic activation of his skills.

If he lived his daily life with this absurd physical strength, he would surely cause great trouble and damage.

Just by holding a ceramic cup, he could probably crush it into pieces. He realized the greatness of his [Restraint] skill once again.

While running, he occasionally confirmed the existence of objects that shattered as they collided with him. Apparently, they were fairies – crushed by the shock of colliding with Zeros.

At this point, he was a running weapon. His physical strength was so extraordinary that slogans like ‘Be careful, the Ossan can’t stop suddenly’ were created. And it was not kind to nature.

He couldn’t leave the village’s defense to Iris alone,  so he hurriedly headed to the [Mana Spot] where the fairies lived. The result was this unbelievable situation, and the old man despaired.

“Hahaha…I feel like I’ve been forced into a choice without any options – ‘Do you want to go to a different world? And do you want to stop being human?’ How ridiculous is that? Normal…what a wonderful word.”

He had become something far removed from the word [Normal].

He understood that he was a foreign entity that could ravage this world, but He didn’t expect to become this powerful. While lamenting His situation, He jumped up high into the air.

At the same time, He disappeared from sight and merged into the forest. However, He couldn’t erase the dust kicked up when He landed. In the dimly lit forest, the Ossan immediately checked the number of fairies present.

‘What!? What!? Something’s coming!!’

‘There’s nothing there… I wonder what it could be?’

‘Pew pew~ pew pew~♪’

The sudden attack surprised the fairies, but he couldn’t be discovered with his presence concealed.

However, instead of being confused, the fairies seemed stimulated by their curiosity. They were excited like children playing a game of detective.

“I’m almost at my destination, but there are 600 of them…I had no idea there were this many fairies. Are they breeding with the magical power of the Mana spots? The scene is beautiful and fantastic, but it’s quite threatening…”

The sight of numerous fairies gathering in the forest, with colorful lights flying around, can only be described as mystical.

Thanks to the radiance emitted by the countless fairies, it’s a beautiful scene where the forest is bathed in light, and no one can be certain of their exact numbers.

If it weren’t for the scattered animal carcasses around the trees, the Ossan would have kept staring at the spectacle forever. It’s a cruel sight amidst the beauty.

Moreover, this is away from the Mana Spot. The number of corpses increases as he approaches deeper into the forest.

“[Gamma Ray], Full Burst!”

Multiple layers of magic circles were deployed and spread out, burning down the forest along with the fairies.

The corpses were charred, and the unpleasant smell of burned meat drifted through the forest. The attack began from there.

As he walked, the fairies were eliminated without even being able to escape from the Gamma Ray that was released. The charred trees of the forest collapsed with a pitiful sound, involving other trees as sparks rose.

If the wind blew, the smoldering fire could cause a forest fire. However, thinning out the fairies was a priority for now.

“What a nasty smell… Let’s finish this quickly.”

Continuing to use magic attacks will naturally reveal one’s presence to the fairies.

However, with Gamma Ray’s straight-line attack and the ability to expand its range, even groups of fairies can be wiped out. Fairies simply can’t withstand it with their level of magic resistance.

The attack can penetrate magic barriers, leaving no room for defense. This means that individual magical resistance is what determines life and death.

And it’s impossible for fairies that haven’t evolved to defend against this attack. Unlike bullets, the released attack does not stop. The problem is that the range changes due to the influence of gravity. Still, it was not a problem because there was no intention to attack from a very long distance.

As for the concerning radiation exposure, it’s possible to prevent it by incorporating a magic conversion formula into the magic circle in advance, which has already been done. In fact, the formula has already been included. However, one can’t help but worry about radiation exposure in case something unexpected happens.

“Hmm… During [Sword and Sorcery], I thought it was gamma radiation, or is it something similar to gamma radiation? When using this magic, it returns to its original magical power at a certain distance… Is there some kind of restriction?”

Normally, gamma rays travel in a straight line, and their speed is imperceptible to humans. They are affected by gravity, but the range can be covered by slightly curving the beam.

However, when it reaches a certain distance, Gamma Ray suddenly returns to just magic power at around 300 meters.

Moreover, it’s possible to sense the diffusion of magic when it returns to magic power, so in this world, there is a certain restriction regarding the effective range of magic. If you go beyond it, it immediately returns to magic power.

However, this didn’t matter to the Ossan anymore. There is long-distance magic and wide-range elimination magic (which recently became known as forbidden magic). Even if he learned this restriction now, it was too late because he already possessed extremely dangerous magic. He couldn’t find any need to improve it. In the end, it seemed meaningless to investigate when his own stats were already increasing its power.

‘I think… Was it this way?’

Zeros continued to attack the area with wide-range magic in the unfamiliar forest. Once the fairy disappeared from his sight, he immediately erased his presence and ran towards the spring with a [Mana spot].

Well, he did arrive quickly, but the thick, nauseating stench made him pinch his nose. He wondered if the smell would stick to him even after he returned.

‘Hey, hey, rotten eyeballs ♪.’

‘What about the organs? Should we dump them in the village again?’

‘More importantly, let’s bring another child with us. Let’s play tag again ♪.’

‘Should we stab them with a spear? Or maybe slice them up? Oh, burying them alive could be fun too ♪.’

Many fairies gathered around the nearby trees, replenishing their expended magical energy on top of the magic pool at the center of the spring.

The surreal and beautiful colors of the bright light that dyed the surroundings did not mesh with the ghastliness of the corpses and putrid flesh that spread around them. If anyone finds beauty in this sight, they are probably mentally ill.

Some fairies were also seen taking form from the magic pool. It was determined that they would continue to increase unless the magic in this place was diffused.

‘[Fairy Rose] is not here? It moved somewhere… Could it be’

From the large number of corpses, the fairies seem scattered around, carrying out kidnappings in various places.

They kill the abducted people for fun and then look for other prey. They can survive without drinking or eating as long as their magic is not depleted, so they can engage in insane games day and night.

Among them, higher-ranking fairies have more magic reserves and a wider range of activity than lower-ranking ones.

“If I can eliminate this magic pool, I might be able to reduce their numbers… I guess there’s no choice but to use forbidden magic.”

[Magic Pool] is like a growth or lump formed in the flow of magical energy within the earth.

For some reason, magic accumulates in one spot and continues to grow as long as the flow of magic persists. Eventually, when it reaches its limit, it will burst and release the magic, spreading it throughout the world.

The fairies and spirits make their homes in these magic pools, multiplying in numbers. If they continue to do so without limit. In that case, the magic will eventually run dry, and the pools will disappear, but sometimes a powerful creature with unique abilities emerges.

These magical creatures, known as [Divine Beasts], emerge from such places. The problem is that we don’t know the exact scale of these magic pools.

In that case, the only solution is completely obliterating the surrounding area.


“Whoa~… Looks like a demon is about to be born. Well, with this many corpses around, the concentration of grudges must be pretty intense, huh~… Let’s crush it before it’s born. Yeah…”

A dense miasma emanates from inside the magic pool.

Demons primarily emerge from magic pools where countless lives have been claimed, much like how fairies utilize the magic pool to propagate their kin. In the process, they gruesomely slaughter intelligent beings such as humans, increasing the concentration of miasma in the surroundings, thus polluting the magic pool.

Although they share similarities in nature, demons are the polar opposite of fairies, possessing the ability to prey even upon fairies themselves. They harness the power of consumed fairies to generate their own kin and minions, continually multiplying their numbers.

And it’s a monster that has the potential to grow into a powerful being and eventually reach the rank of a demon king, but no one ever thought that fairies could give birth to demons.

Typically, the protagonist fights against the newly born demon in the story. But in reality, there’s no need to wait for such a being to be born. We don’t have to sit around and wait for a creature like that to come into existence. He immediately unleashes a high-density magic spell and unfolds it in his hand.

A pale blue, shining, cube-shaped, high-density compressed magic circle appears.

[Abyss of Gluttony]

As the tightly compressed magic circle was released and reached the magic pool, the enclosed magical formula within it rapidly activated, forming a jet-black sphere.

‘What’s that? What what?’

‘A new toy? It’s got incredible magic power.’

‘I wonder what it is? Seems interesting♪’

The fairies, who were playing with corpses, became extremely curious when a black sphere suddenly appeared.

“Let’s get out of here before I get caught up!”

Like an arsonist, the ossan quickly evacuated with all his might from the scene.

At the same time, the black sphere began pulling in and compressing everything around it, one thing after another.

The fairies were powerless against its suction power and were cheerfully swallowed up, exclaiming, ‘We’re being pulled in~♪’ and ‘Kyaa~♪’

Of course, the magic pool is no exception. It indiscriminately pulls in water from the spring and anything nearby, like scattered corpses and bones, devouring them one by one, causing the black sphere to grow even larger.

And then it reaches the critical point.


The ossan evacuated at full speed to a safe distance and watched as the fairy village disappeared.

The surrounding trees and land vanished instantly, and a massive explosion occurred the next moment. The narrow valley in the mountainous region was ripped apart by a powerful shockwave that extended over a wide area.

The physical shock wave alone had a destructive force that the fairies could not withstand.


The generated shockwave spread throughout the surroundings, and the ossan was caught in the after-effects of his own magic.

The unimaginable shockwave gouged and obliterated the bedrock, sweeping up everything in its path, ultimately creating a massive crater in the mountainous valley. The ossan, blown away by the shockwave, avoided falling completely by getting snagged on a branch. Quite a clumsy sight.

“…The power of [Abyss of Gluttony]. What kind of magic have I used in that forest…”

[Abyss of Gluttony] is a experimental version of [Dark Judgment], a powerful area-of-effect magic.

Through intense gravitational compression, it absorbs and expands the surrounding matter. Eventually, the formed black hole undergoes self-destruction due to immense gravity, resulting in a sudden implosion that annihilates everything in its vicinity.

[Dark Judgment] engulfs enemies, creating a gravitational field and obliterating them through self-destruction, but the impact of a single attack is higher with [Abyss of Gluttony]. Yet, by utilizing all the enemies within the surrounding area as fuel for the gravitational field formation, the range of effect of [Dark Judgment] is broader. From a rational perspective, [Dark Judgment] inflicts more significant damage.

The gravity field generated depends on the number of enemies within the surrounding area, so the attack never ends as long as enemies are present. It’s an inflexible magic that makes one hesitate to use it.

On the other hand, [Abyss of Gluttony] allows for manipulation of the effective range at will. However, the damage caused by the after-effect of gravity field destruction is more significant. It’s a one-time area-of-effect magic, but the resulting shockwave inflicts substantial damage to the surroundings. As a result, the area near the epicenter becomes a terrible mess.

“Ugh… There’s nothing left.”

The mana pool vanished, taking the lush forest with it.

Even though the ossan intended to suppress the power, he thought he had kept it at its limit. The plan was to minimize the impact by extinguishing the [Mana Spot], but the physical phenomena caused by the after-effects were unstoppable, and the damage kept spreading.

This was something the ossan couldn’t have predicted. It should have been much less powerful than when he used it in [Swords and Sorcery], but in reality, it proved to be an incredibly dangerous magic.

‘When I used it on the evil god, it wasn’t that powerful, but this… If this is what happens when I hold back the power, I wonder how much damage it will cause when I use it seriously? It’s like a wide-range annihilation magic.’

Using the spell as mere wide-range magic, it turned out to be an incredibly dangerous one.

The shockwave had undoubtedly wiped out all the fairies that inhabited the surroundings. In a blink of an eye, the power of the shockwave blew away the natural magic present in the environment, and the expelled magic transformed into a devastating force that mercilessly attacked the fairies.

One could say it caused third-degree damage. The magical shockwave shattered the fairies’ semi-magical bodies and spread extensively throughout the area, surpassing the scale of the shockwave’s after-effect.

The ossan couldn’t help but sweat profusely, feeling a sense of unease creeping over him.

“Well, well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I’ll just play dumb here. I can say that using magic caused a sudden explosion in the ‘mana pool’ and nearly killed me… Hahaha… Haa~”

Since he had no idea about the actual cause, he decided to conveniently deceive himself and go along with it.

The ossan was being incredibly reckless and careless. He was just winging it.

His old habits from playing [Sword and Sorcery] seemed hard to shake off.

Due to the ossan’s mistake, the village of Hasam suffered from severe water shortage. However, the crater he created caused underground water to spring forth, turning into a lake. After one year, it became a rich water source.

Furthermore, 200 years later, this area became famous as a royal resort and was managed for a long time for environmental conservation.

And 350 years later, a chronicle written by Duke Delcasis was discovered, revealing that the lake was created by a massive blunder of the [Great Sage]. It was an event that gave birth to a crater that would later be called [Merlin’s Lake].

It would take over 500 years for the truth to be known.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

After Zeros headed towards the fairies’ settlement—or should we call it their nest in this case—Iris, who had nothing to do, wandered around the village.

She was supposed to oversee the village’s defense, but there was no sign of fairies.

Although she couldn’t see them, she could sense their magical presence, allowing her to roughly estimate their numbers and whereabouts.

As Iris walked along the village path, she suddenly felt like she heard something.

“Hmm? What could it be… a child?”

In the village, the children hid inside their houses and didn’t come out.

Thinking that the voice might be coming from the fairies, Iris headed towards the direction where she heard it, only to witness an unbelievable sight.

A cow was floating in the air, its belly sliced open and its entrails dragged out. Moreover, there was no one around, and the only thing she could smell was the strong scent of iron rust, a smell of blood.

“Kyaa! Cattle mutilation!?”

A bad feeling crossed her mind, and she switched to a combat stance.

There was a high concentration of magic surrounding the cow, and it seemed like the magic itself was disassembling the cow with its own will.

‘Aww, it’s dead. Well, that’s fine. Looks like I have a new toy to play with.’

“What?! [Mana Brid]!!”

Feeling a sense of danger, Iris quickly fired a magic bullet toward the area with a high concentration of magic.

“Kyaa?!” A strangely cute voice could be heard, and soon, a girl with red hair and blood-red butterfly-like wings emerged. With no clothes on, replaced instead by tendrils resembling plant vines entwined around her body.

“[Fairy Rose]…”

Fairy Rose smiled innocently at Iris.


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