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Ossan Chapter 68

Ossan, Take a detour

Here’s another chapter, Enjoy…

Translator & Proofreader : OssanTL

“Sensei, are you already going home?”

“Well, I can’t leave the field unattended. I wonder what kind of situation is happening now.”

“I think it’s early to go home. Shishō, why don’t you just stay a little longer?”

“I cannot do that. I also have to take care of the Cuckoos.”

The next day, Zeros was saying goodbye to Celestina and the others in front of the Grand Library as he was about to return to Santoor.

The Ossan, who seemed to have forgotten about the previous day’s disgrace, leisurely smoked a cigarette and wondered about the girl next to Zweit.

“Anzu-san, are you really staying here?”

“Mmm… if I stay by Zweit… I won’t starve.”

“Nii-sama…” “Onii-sama…” “Onii-san…” “Zweit-kun…”

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Zweit.

They all had suspicious eyes as if they suspected Zweit had fed the young girl with evil desires.

“Why…why are you looking at me?”

“Aniue…you really shouldn’t do that. A young girl barely of age…at least wait a few years.”

“I’m not a lolicon!!?”

“However… I read in a book that sometimes men develop romantic feelings for girls who are still young…”

“What kind of book have you read?!? I don’t have that kind of interest!!”

The pink ninja, Anzu, somehow lived in Zweit’s room.

Moreover, she was bold enough to demand food. Zweit was so amazed at her unashamed appearance.

“Are you perhaps going to become my bodyguard?”

“En…, for the one night’s lodging and one day’s food…”

“If it’s Anzu-chan, then I feel relieved. She’s high-level and powerful.”

“This… is she really that great? She looks like a kid?”

“She’s strong. She’s one of the few top-ranked people I acknowledge… by the way, what about Eromura-kun?”

The other reincarnated person is a young knight named Eromura-kun.

He is currently under house arrest in the barracks. He switched sides with the Zweit faction by betraying the underground organization and is waiting for a pardon from Delsasis, Zweit’s father.

Of course, Zweit has also sent a letter in his defence. It was a beautiful friendship among unpopular boys.

“Well, it seems he knocked out the guards. Until Delzasis-sama gives orders, he must stay locked up in his cell…”

“He’s not a bad guy, but… he messed up because of a misunderstanding, and I wish he had thought a little more before taking action.”

“He’s just stupid, that guy…”

Iris didn’t hold back.

“Anyway, he’ll probably come out then saying, ‘The air outside of prison is great~♪’ at some point. Well, the next time I’ll see you guys is during the winter break, right? Until then, work hard and train diligently.”

“I want to go out and get more real combat experience…”

“I’ll pass. I’d rather be doing research.”

“Kreuz Nii-sama… it would be advantageous to increase your rank, wouldn’t it? Even alchemists are deployed to the battlefield in times of crisis… Besides, magic is also used in research, so increasing your rank is necessary.”

Kreuz, who tends to be a shut-in, believed research was more important than levelling up. However, there is no doubt that research progresses somewhat when the level is raised to a certain extent.

It would be troublesome for him.

“Well then, let’s meet again during winter break.”

“Goodbye Tina-chan, take care!”

Zeros and the others started walking toward Steela city north gate.

The four watched Zeros and his group until they disappeared from sight.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“Hey, Ojisan…are you going to ride the bike back by any chance?”

At a place a little away from the city, after leaving from the north gate of Steela, Zeros tried to take out [Abandoned Object No. 13] from the inventory but was interrupted by a word from Iris.

“Yes, is there something wrong?”

“Aww, how boring. We’re in a different world, you know? Let’s take it easy and go back slowly.”

“Well, if we ride the bike at full speed, we should be able to reach Santor in a day. However, there are only two villages in the area, according to the map. They seem to be small farming villages that haven’t developed much because transportation by boat is faster.”

“The roads also seem new, so maybe they didn’t have the budget to build a town. Anyway, let’s go on an adventure.”

“Adventure, huh… If only there was something interesting to do. But there are only two villages, after all…”

Once again, [Abandoned Object No. 13] was dragged out.

Only the sheet was replaced and straddled on the black body.

To get to Santor City, one could simply continue on the highway. Still, instead, they would take the Farflan Highway route to bypass the mountainous area and merge onto the road from there, taking a detour to get to Santor.

Because they wanted to avoid the vast and dense forest and ensure safety, the road meanders away from the trees. Taking a ship would be faster than going through this route.

“Shall we go to the village for now? If we speed up, we can reach Santor in a day, but if we go at the legal speed, we’ll arrive around noon on the second day.”

“Legal speed… this bike doesn’t have a speedometer, though?”

“As long as we don’t go too fast, it should be fine. Shall we leisurely make our way back?”

“I probably can’t express my happiness with a simple ‘yay♪’ because of this bike. It’s not fantasy after all…”

Despite all the fuss, the [Abandoned Object No. 13] quietly started its motor and headed towards Santor.

However, it would probably arrive safely and without incident at the first village, faster than a normal carriage.

Although this is only from Zeros and the others’ perspective.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“Ugh… Isn’t targeting merchants on this road a mistake?”

“….Perhaps. The government’s official carriages are the only ones that travel back and forth. If we attack recklessly, we’ll be counterattacked…”

“Besides, merchants usually use ships, right? They rarely use this road, do they?”

“Hmm… but the other groups control the roads where merchants pass through. If we intrude, we’ll be killed.”

“We’re just weaklings after all…”

In this world, there are just some people who just can’t seem to get anything right.

These thieves lurking on Steela Road are a prime example of that – they’re just a bunch of losers who don’t do anyone any good.

Most of them are just country bumpkins who’ve always been arrogant and caused trouble for the villagers, and when they got kicked out of town, they banded together.

But let’s face it, even if they were the big fish in their small pond, there are always bigger fish in the sea.

They learned that the hard way, and now they’re just a sad bunch of folks clinging to past glories and dreaming, “Someday we’ll do something big.” with no real plan, vision or balls to make it happen.

“Hey, watch out! Something’s coming from ahead… What is that? It looks like a magical tool, but it’s huge! What the hell is that?”

“What? Let me see!!”

The leader snatched the telescope he had scraped together a little money to buy from the lookout and peered through it at the highway.

He saw an unfamiliar black object hurtling the road faster than a carriage.

“This guy’s luck has turned around. If we sell that thing, we’ll be rich.”

“Hehehe… With this, we can say goodbye to poverty! I’ll show everyone what I can do! I’ll even get Grandma some dentures. She can’t eat hard things without teeth…”

“With this money, I’ll make a name for myself! I’ll show my little brother how great his big brother is! I’ll ensure our sick father lives an easy life.”

“With this money, I can buy my little sister a wedding dress… Just wait, big bro is going to make it happen!”

“Mom… I can finally send you some money… I’ll work hard, Mom.”

They may not be as bad as we thought.

However, what they are trying to do is a crime, and it’s not something to be praised.

It’s too bad they don’t know their target is the absolute worst.

“Split to the left and right! Get your bows ready!”

“Uh, boss, we’re almost out of arrows. We haven’t had the money to buy any lately…”

“Well, any amount will do. It’s better than nothing.”

“Ugh, my sword’s rusted… it’s a cheap one, so…”

“You should have taken care of it… Here, I’ll lend you my knife instead.”

“With this… I can send money to my family… It’s been a long time…”

“My daughter just turned ten this year. If we succeed in this job, I’ll buy her some pretty clothes.”

They might not be bad guys, but rather surprisingly good people.

Anyway, the black object they are targeting is approaching them faster than a carriage.

The bandits quickly took standby on both sides of the road, preparing to attack at any moment.

And then…


“It’s coming!”

A mysterious black object was making a high-pitched noise as it rushed forward. Seeing that two people were riding on the object, it appeared to be some sort of vehicle. However, the problem was how to stop this object.

“Stretch out the rope, don’t let it escape!!”

““Yes sir!”“

Three ropes were stretched across the road to block the way.

It would have been stopped if it were an ordinary carriage, but this black object was different.

The two huge shield-like objects on its sides bounced up, and it opened its top and bottom to fire something.



The bandits felt a sense of floating; they flew in the air before they knew it.

The black object jumps over the rope and passes underneath them without incident.


And, naturally, they fell to the ground.

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries since they all fell into the forest. The ground was soft with leaf mold and acted like a cushion, saving them.

But they didn’t know what had happened.

“Ow… what happened?”

“My head… that thing…”

“What the… ugh?!”

The sight that the head of the bandit who stood up saw was a scene where the ground was bare, and the left and right forests were gouged out, leaving only a large tree that was tied to a rope on the highway

In other words, he understood that powerful magic was cast towards them who had been waiting in ambush on both sides of the highway. Fortunately, everyone was unharmed, but there was a high possibility that they would have been completely wiped out.

No doubt that they had been completely defeated. Everyone was trembling with fear.

“…I’m thinking about working honestly. We can’t do this business when things like that are on the road.”

“I should go back to the countryside and apologize to my parents… I was such an idiot. But what about the allowance…?”

“I wonder if my wife will forgive me… I haven’t been home for three years and don’t even have money to buy souvenirs.”

“Come to think of it, it’s a profession that we can’t face our children with… Even if we wanted to buy something for our kids, using dirty money wouldn’t feel right.”

“Maybe we should just become regular hunters? We’ve improved our skills in the last few years…” “““““That’s it!!!”““““

If only they had realized it sooner.

On that day, a group of bandits decided to give up their thieving ways and become hunters.

Later on, the high-quality fur they brought in fetched high prices, and they eventually made enough money to organize a large hunting party.

They began hunting for three days and brought various furs to a reputable merchant, earning trust and receiving the appropriate amount of money. This led to a more prosperous life than their previous thieving ways.

Their families were overjoyed that the untamed ruffians had turned over a new leaf.

The former bandits were said to have been very proud at the time.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“…Ojisan, why did you suddenly attack?”

“Well, a few people were on both sides of the road, and a rope was stretched across the road to obstruct us. It seemed like they were definitely bandits. I don’t mind kicking them away, though.”

“This large shield was a weapon after all… the power was too amazing, though…”

“I just incorporated a prototype, but it seems to have more power than expected. Maybe trying prototypes with other weapons and confirming their effectiveness is better…”

In this world, there is a tendency for weapons made by [Sword and Sorcery] to have higher power when used.

It’s unclear whether it’s because the abilities of reincarnated individuals are high or if another factor is at work. Magic also feels somewhat powerful.

“If you’re going to make equipment, make mine! I’m worried about the defensive aspect of mage equipment~”

“Well, I think it would be good to at least have some melee skills. They improve your physical abilities with the skill’s bonus, and if you keep fighting, you’ll eventually be able to achieve a [Limit Break], right? It’s no good to rely on equipment. Some equipment even has level restrictions.”

“Hmm… But you know, close combat gets bloody… wouldn’t it be smarter to be a mage?”

“You can reach level 500 just by levelling up normally, but since there are few higher-level skills with bonus effects, you can’t do [Limit Break], you know? In fact, I haven’t heard any stories of anyone surpassing the highest level of 500 in this world, even when facing dragons that far exceed that level.”

“Can mages achieve a [Limit Break]?”

“They can, but only if they aim for a production job. You have to consume a lot of materials and level up. Since the mage is a good fit for a production job, alchemy, mixing, blacksmithing, tailoring, engraving, weapon craftsman, armour craftsman…”

“Um… I guess I have to learn close combat skills. I hate the idea of swinging a sword… it scares me.”

Production jobs have a high bonus effect, but it is difficult to grow them.

Some things cannot be created without high physical abilities; even magic users need certain physical strength. In other words, by levelling up normally and learning skills of close combat jobs and increasing skill levels, you can achieve [Limit Break] easily.

In this world, if you want to defeat powerful monsters, it’s more effective to go to harsh hunting grounds, but it also increases the risk to one’s life. Monsters that live in areas where people reside are weaker, so it’s more effective to prioritize defeating monsters in some deep forest, even if they are at the same level. Therefore, based on their information, Zeros likely thinks the summoned heroes are at about the same level as Iris.

The country where the heroes are located has no harsh regions in the inland areas, and at most, there are several dungeons.

Even if they raise their level to 500, achieving [Limit Break] would take time. This is because the amount of experience gained depends on the strength of the monsters.

Above all, there is a disadvantage because raising production skills is difficult. It requires a considerable amount of time, and it takes time to learn the skills before that.

[Limit Break] is a phenomenon where the upper limit limiter is released, and you become even stronger by raising your level and multiple skill levels to the limit. This condition also applies to production skills. However, the disadvantage is that job-related skill levels do not increase unless you make something. By the way, [Critical Break] and [Ultimate Break] have similar conditions, but other additional conditions apply, so it is difficult. For example, [Clearing a Raid Boss several times with one party].

In some cases, the condition setting may vary from person to person, and it can be a continuous struggle to search for and satisfy those conditions.

The Ossan’s achievement of [Ultimate Break] was just a coincidence and resulted from playing the game for a long time. He didn’t even care about such conditions.

“Production jobs surprisingly require high combat abilities. You have to procure materials yourself, and I don’t think you can get the desired materials from the mercenaries in this world. I won’t do anything that involves risking danger…”

“So production jobs are tough in this world? It’s true that Jane-san’s equipment, for example, has low defence from our perspective, and my mid-level equipment is much sturdier.”

“Isn’t it only the dwarf-made equipment that is sturdy? From what I’ve seen, the knights’ equipment doesn’t seem all that great, and while it looks good, it’s not trustworthy against higher-level monsters.”

“Hmm… it seems like it would be better to have Ojisan make equipment for us.”

“Well, to do that, I have to measure your bodies. Will they agree to that? I’ll be measuring their three sizes, and if that’s okay, I can make it for you, but I will charge a fee.”

“What… aren’t we losing out? Our bodies are being examined, and our money is taken… it’s not fair.”

“If you were to make weapons or armour, you would need to measure the body. Please think of it as making custom-made clothes.”

For Iris, it was complicated.

She wanted good equipment, but that meant Zeros would have to measure her body size. When making clothes at a normal store, she wouldn’t hesitate with a female clerk, but it would be embarrassing if someone she knew did it.

Moreover, Zeros was a middle-aged man. She couldn’t deny the possibility of him making an unusual move by mistake, so it was difficult for her to ask Zelos to make equipment for her, given that possibility.

“If you want, why don’t you ask Luceris and the others to take your measurements? I just need the size. I don’t need to see you in your underwear or anything like that.”

“Don’t you have any interest in women? What about Rena-san or Jane-san?”

“I definitely want to see them! Rena-san is one thing, but it would be in bed with Jane-san!!”

“An immediate answer?! And you said it so confidently! Is it really love? It’s love, isn’t it, Ojisan!!”

“The age difference is a concern, but if worse comes to worst, there’s always the [Time Reversal Potion], right? It’s possible to become young again, right?”

“Ojisan, you’re sly…  Even though your older sister has been very cold and distant towards you…”

“What’s the problem with that? I want her to regret what she’s done for the rest of her life… Well, I don’t have high hopes for that, though.”

The Ossan did not think Sharanra would reflect on her actions.

She is thick-skinned, and despite saying she’s “Reflecting,” she ultimately parasitizes and uses others.

Moreover, she never admits her mistakes and still blames others for them, living her life this way.

While he thinks it’s good that she will turn into an old hag in a few years. However, she is also dangerous and may do something out of spite without knowing what she might do. He is prepared to dispose of her someday.

Breaking the doll won’t make the grudge disappear.

“Oh, Ojisan! Can you see the village from here?”

“Ah, Right, let’s get off around here then. It wouldn’t be good if someone saw [Abandoned Object No. 13].”

“Isn’t it too late for that? And can’t you come up with a better name for it? It sounds like something that emerges from the sea to attack humans…”

“I’ve been wondering for a while now, Iris-san… How come you’re so knowledgeable about anime and manga? You even understand the old ones, and aren’t you hiding your age?”


“Excuse me, but my dad was a hardcore otaku! And my mom was a former cosplayer who apparently met and fell in love at Comiket! Their first encounter was when he told her, ‘Miss, you dropped 25 cans of mackerel!’ or something like that.’”

“Why mackerel cans at a Comiket venue? And 25 of them, not even at a supermarket? I don’t get it. I don’t understand the situation…”

The situation of a time traveller from somewhere and a cheeky boy’s parents combined left even the Ossan perplexed.

Even if you calculate backwards from Iris’s age, her parents would have been in the next generation that saw the peak of Comiket’s popularity. The fact that these two people got together at Comiket’s crowded venue due to canned mackerel was incomprehensible, even for an unconventional Ossan.

And they had 25 cans of it. The reason why they were carrying that many cans was a mystery.

Thinking that there are things in this world that cannot be understood, they got off of [Abandoned Object No. 13] and started walking towards the village. The thought of the canned mackerel remained as a knot in the back of their heads…

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

The village’s name is [Hasam], and it is a small village mainly producing wheat.

They also engage in dairy farming and raise cows, which are taken care of by all the villagers.

However, the scenery of the rural landscape in front of them is somewhat puzzling. For some reason, in this world, wheat is grown in paddy fields, which inevitably leads to the spread of rice paddies.

The sight of wheat growing in the water-filled rice paddies seems strange to the two people who know about rice culture. Furthermore, they were surprised by the cucumbers.

Cucumbers seem to have underground stems in this world, and for some reason, they harvest fresh green cucumbers from the mud.

They process these cucumbers into high-preservation pickles and ship them, along with other products, such as dried meat and cheese, which are the main specialties of this village.

“Why…are they growing wheat in paddies? It’s weird, isn’t it…”

“Cucumbers are also harvested like potatoes from the mud, Isn’t that strange too? But it’s another world, you know…”

“Do you think everything can be explained by saying it’s another world? The other day, I saw potatoes growing on trees.”

“Potatoes are fruits…amazing, this other world. It overturns all of Earth’s common sense.”

What is considered common sense on Earth may not be applicable in another world. Even if you understand it, you may feel renewed discomfort when you witness such scenes in person. The Ossan found himself confronted with the realities of another world.

“By the way, have you noticed that few villagers are around?”

“Yeah… I know. Even the villagers working the fields have been saying they feel slightly drained lately…”

Although this village may be small, it has a population of 1,500 people.

Due to the presence of the city of Steela, food is traded accordingly, and it would be unrealistic to expect sufficient production without an appropriate number of producers. However, the city cannot sustain itself on trade alone, so they also import food from other locations via boats.

Although Hasam village is supposed to sustain its livelihood by producing and trading food, there are too few villagers. In fact, only a few villagers are working in the fields, and as for the children, there is not even one to be found.

“I wonder what’s going on? Despite the size of the village, it doesn’t seem very lively, and there aren’t many people working in the fields…”

“That’s really weird. And come to think of it, do you notice that some of the villagers are injured?”

“Yeah, you’re right… I see people with bandages on. Hey, be careful!”

The Ossan quickly pulled Iris towards him and jumped backwards while holding her tightly.

Suddenly, a heavy object fell with a thud right where they stood.

“What the…!?”

“Isn’t this a blacksmith’s anvil? And a hammer too… If that had hit us directly, we’d be dead.”

Suddenly, a heavy chunk of metal fell out of nowhere.

However, it’s unclear who might have dropped it.

“What the heck? We’d be dead if that thing hit us directly!”

“Hmm…I think I know who might be behind this. [Element Eye]”

Zeros cast a spell on himself and Iris.

The spell is called [Element Eye], is particularly useful for detecting invisible creatures like ghosts, spirits, and fairies.

As expected, they were there.


“As I suspected, there she is… Be careful not to be deceived by appearances, or you’ll regret it, you know?”

A translucent fairy floated in the air, with pointed ears, large eyes, and insect-like wings sprouting from its back.

It didn’t wear any clothes, but that was not a problem since fairies didn’t have genders and didn’t need them in the first place.

“Darn, I missed it! I was so close to getting a perfect score!”

“Hehehe, you’re not very good. It’s my turn now~♪”

“A fairy…some mischievous creature has appeared”

“Huh!? But it’s so cute. Are you sure it’s malicious? I can hardly believe it.”

“Look out, it’s coming!”


The farming equipment left in the fields rose and flew towards them at high speed.

“Hey, hey, hold on a second!”

“Are there really such despicable people in this world… Attack!”

They draw their short swords in a flash and deflect the flying sickles and hoes.

But the magically controlled farming tools refuse to stay down, relentlessly attacking Zeros and the others with clear malice.

“Come on, hurry up and die, la la♪ Bleed out bright red♪.”

“You’re quite stubborn for a human. How dare you be so bold? Let me kill you quickly.”

“…You’re going to die. [Gamma Ray]”

Gamma Ray – Magic for Exterminating Fairies.

This is the ultimate destructive magic that converts magical power into powerful gamma rays and directly strikes the magic body.

Unlike other magic, it can be given a direction and controlled to some extent while preventing radiation exposure.

It can be focused like a laser or spread over a wide area. However, it can only be fired in a forward direction, which is its major drawback.

Since radiation is a light wave that cannot be seen with the naked eye, indiscriminate use of this magic could potentially harm allies.

Also, despite its high penetrating power, it can still be completely blocked depending on the opponent’s magic resistance.

However, its power can be devastating when used by an experienced practitioner, such as the Ossan. In fact, a low-power focused gamma-ray laser could disintegrate a single fairy.


“You’re next… Since I’m trying to kill you, I hope you’re prepared to die, right?”

“Liar, can you see me?! Can you see me?! Ahhhh~ help…”

Before it could escape, the [Gamma Ray] had already wiped out another fairy.

The only thing left was the fairy stone, the [Fairy’s Gem].

However, the fairy that was destroyed seemed to be quite pleased.

“I don’t see anyone else here. Do you think the fairies might have been causing trouble for the villagers?”

“Ojisan, you really have no mercy for those fairies. They’re weak monsters with a lot of magic power, right?”

“You know how mischievous they can be. They steal, kill, and don’t even feel sorry about it. Whenever I find them, I make sure to crush ‘em. I’ve told you this before, haven’t I?”

“Ha, you talk about it like squishing a bug… but yeah, those fairies are seriously bad news. It’s not just harmless pranks they’re pulling, right?”

“Yeah, for them, it’s just a game. They don’t care how many people they hurt.”

The fairies do not distinguish between good and evil.

They always seek pleasure and entertainment, playing pranks from harmless child’s play to malicious acts of violence, even dissecting weaker magical creatures for their own amusement.

They discard the remains of their victims in homes and rooms, laughing at the panicked reactions of humans. They can be considered pure and innocent but also insane and pure evil in the eyes of humans.

However, the priests of the Four Gods religion were never affected by these pranks, which led to increased followers. Despite this, the priests did not listen to complaints from those victimized, claiming that their lack of faith was the cause.

Although this attitude aroused suspicion, the fact that the priests were never victimized made the believers helpless and they had no choice but to accept the situation.

“But why don’t they go after the priests?”

“Maybe they’re like crows and can identify people by their clothing. But honestly, they’re not exactly the brightest creatures out there. It seems they’re more interested in attacking regular folks than priests and clerics.”

“Well, crows can remember human faces, so it’s not far-fetched to think they can remember clothing too. They’re like children in terms of intelligence.”

“Exactly, and that’s what makes them so tricky… Children can be cruel, you know?”

Even humans can be cruel when they’re young.

They might squish ants without a care or accidentally start a fire with a silly prank, doing unpredictable things just because they’re innocent and don’t know any better.

As humans grow, they develop a sense of ethics. Still, if their minds don’t mature along with them, sometimes they can become capable of committing gruesome crimes.

At first, they might have killed insects, but eventually, they move on to small animals and even humans.

It’s all out of curiosity, and killing becomes something enjoyable.

This is just an example; not all criminals fit into this category. However, with fairies, it’s simply their common understanding.

“Perhaps they’re not attacking because the Four Gods Church is protecting us, but otherwise, they wouldn’t care. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the fairies are malicious. If only they were spirits, they wouldn’t do anything.”

“I can’t distinguish between fairies and spirits. What’s the difference?”

“Their physical structure is probably the same. Spirits have a weak spirit and follow the will of their contractor. At the same time, fairies follow their contractor’s will and engage in malicious pranks behind their backs. They even play terrible pranks on their contractors.”

Spirits are a race that plays a crucial part in the world’s balance, and they’re not ones to act on their emotions like fairies do.

But when natural disasters strike, they spring into action, either reducing or intensifying the damage.

They tend to have a more straightforward, machine-like way of thinking, which sets them apart from fairies.

“I think we stumbled upon a real pain-in-the-neck village… Not sure if I’d call this an adventure or what… Ugh, such a drag.”

“C’mon, Ojisan, it’s definitely an adventure! The quest is [Rescue the village plagued by those pesky fairies]. I have a feeling it’s going to be fun!”

“I think it’s just a hassle. Will it be over if we eliminate the fairies…?”

“Is wiping them all out the only thing you can think of, Ojisan? Aren’t you curious if there’s another solution?”

“I mean, there are just so many of them. It’s starting to piss me off. It would be satisfying to wipe them all out…”

“ … They were badly injured. I feel sorry for the fairies, too.”

The fairy’s personality was similar to his sister’s, so the Ossan considered them enemies.

He had even attacked a few fairies for no good reason, but he knew they were unlucky to have crossed his path.

However, Iris couldn’t help but feel sorry for the fairies they had encountered, who were just the worst. As a girl herself, she had a soft spot for cute things.


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