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Ossan Chapter 67

Ossan, Experiment with Kreuz

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Translator & Proofreader: OssanTL

In a rented laboratory in the Grand Library.

There were scattered experimental equipment and a group of academy students who were fortunately unharmed despite being caught up in the explosion.

The yellow stains on the ceiling and the citrus-like smell floating around are mismatched with the tragic scene.

“Nīsama, are you okay? Are you hurt…?”

“Celestina…? I’m fine, it’s nothing new. I had a barrier up so I didn’t get a single scratch.”

“That’s good, but what happened?”

“I was trying to make multiple enhancement drugs and experiment with them when a piece of material accidentally fell in…”

“And it caused an explosion… right? What got mixed in? I never thought it would turn out like this…”

“I think it was the growth stimulant. The one used for plants that Makaroff was creating…”

The Ossan nodded slightly in understanding.

If the mixed substance was a [Growth Stimulant], it made sense that it would become a [Super Powerful Breast Enlargement Potion]. The real question was the mysterious enhancer, but it was likely a drug with side effects associated with the finished product.

“Wow, that was terrible. I never thought it would explode…”

“Oh, there’s Caro-chan too. Are you in the same faction as Tiina-chan’s older brother?”

“…Caro-chan, can’t you stop it? After all, the St. Germain faction was established by my great-grandfather. As a member of that bloodline, it’s only natural for me to be here.”

“Hmm… I see. So you’re from a distinguished family, Caro-chan.”

“Th-that’s not true… Well, I always try to live up to the name of my ancestors, but that’s all.”

“You’re doing well. I also want to raise my rank as soon as possible and explore the dungeons. I can’t slack off.”

“It’s only natural for me. I’m not doing anything that deserves praise.”

Christie’s cheeks seem slightly red because she’s not used to being praised.

It seems that she is a bit tsundere.

“Well… Kreuz-Kun, what were you trying to make? You’ve made something rather insane…”

“I was just trying to experiment, I don’t know what will come out of it. By any chance… Zeros-dono, do you know what magic potion has been made now?”

“It’s a troublesome potion. [Super Powerful Breast Enlargement Potion]… it’s a potion that enlarges the breasts. And it’s also incredibly effective. In some sense, it’s a dangerous potion, isn’t it?”

“”””What the he――――――――――――――――――LL!!””””


All the male students in the academy shouted.

In contrast, the eyes of the female students shone abnormally

“Ah, if I drink that…my breasts too…”

“What a wonderful…secret medicine of a girl’s dream. I want it…”

“Breasts…enchanting bust-up…goodbye, flat-chested days…I aim for a busty figure…”

“Now, like my mother…I have to drink it no matter what…”

“With this, I can seduce that person who called me flat-chested…”

“””””” I want it!! “”””””

The female student rises like a zombie and moves towards the pot of the [Super Powerful Breast Enlargement Potion] as if being drawn in a daze.

Like a critically ill patient infected with a dangerous virus, their eyes shone eerie as they began to move to fulfil their desire. There was no longer any existence of the word “sanity”.

They were infected by the alluring words of “breast enlargement” and had entered a state of biohazard.

“No, no! Boys, please restrain the girls! If they drink that potion now, they’ll regret it for the rest of their lives! “

“””” “What?! Wha~~~t?! “””””

“Hurry up! Once they take a sip, it’ll be too late! No matter what, we must protect it! “

“Yes, sir!”

Pressed by the Ossan’s fiery presence, the boys hesitantly move to restrain the girls.

However, the girls, consumed by their desires, had overwhelming strength, and the boys, who should have had the advantage in strength, were being pushed back with force.

Like a limiter on their body had been removed, their strength was demonstrated more robustly than usual.

The boys who had formed a barrier were gradually pushed back.

“Why are you getting in the way? Girls… everyone is seeking the awakening of ω (omega)…”

“If it’s about making our breasts bigger, we girls can do a vivid kiss and… have the resolve to do a breast fusion… If you’re going to stop us, even an old man like you will be destroyed…”

“If you’re getting in the way, I’ll kick you away… I want… a bountiful bust… ufufufu…”

“Th-that’s… even Celestina… She wants her breasts to be that big? The desire for beauty in girls is… terrifying.”

“It’s no good… this isn’t just girl’s power… it’s like the rumored ‘white devil’…”

“We’re being pushed back… What is this power… Whoa?! “

“Is this… omega power? Wasn’t it hidden in some dungeon?!”

“I’ve never heard of this! Whoa?! “

“It’s useless! It’s useless! Useless! Useless! Useless!”

The boys were unable to restrain them.

Kreuz and the boys were horrified by the girls for the first time.

Their abnormal obsession with their breasts and their thirst for the beauty they desired turned them into monsters.

However, jumping over the human barrier of the boys, the Ossan stood in front of the pot.

“Huff… you really want your breasts to be that big.”

“”””“Of course!! “””””

“Are you sure… won’t you regret it? Even if the results aren’t what you want… absolutely.”

“””” “Regret? Why would we?” ””””

“This potion… its effects are too great. An A-cup will become a Z x 10 cup… Even with that, you still want to drink it?”

“Z x 10 cups?! What’s that?! “

“Maybe, if you drink it, your breasts will become too big, and you won’t be able to move. At worst, you might die from the weight of your own breasts… Do you want to be a test subject? The choice is yours.”

The girls’ movements stopped.

In front of them was the alluring potion, but at the same time, there was also a dangerous risk.

They couldn’t afford to make a hasty, emotional decision and regret it for the rest of their lives. The question was whether to drink it or not.


“Well, we might be able to use it if we weaken the effectiveness, but it seems to have some strange reactions. What kind of enhancer was it?”

“Oh, the enhancer that was made first is still here. This is it.”

Kreuz held the enhancer in his hand, and the Ossan immediately examined it.


[Female Hormone Enhancer]

If you take this, you’ll become a forever young and beautiful woman!

It can also be processed into tablets. It is highly compatible with nutrition and can also be used as a supplement.

Girls in the growth process, please check the usage instructions before using.

Because the concentration is high, dilute it and use it. And don’t make the mistake of drinking it if you’re a man.

Because you won’t be able to turn back like me. Ufufu ♡


“Don’t drink it!! I mean, who are you?!”

“W-what did you see through [Appraisal]? Is this enhancer dangerous if we drink it…?”

“Well… it’s dangerous for men to drink it. Are you guys willing to become “onee” (older sister) to test the effects?”

“Onee? Why?! “

Kreuz had made something outrageous.

In a sense, it was a dangerous substance that could cause a war. It wasn’t something that should be produced recklessly.

After all, there were already those who were too late. If it were sold without going through the proper stages, someone would seek this enhancer and start a war.

Throughout history, many people have sought beauty, Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, etc.

And many rulers also wanted their wives to stay beautiful forever. That could sometimes lead to outrageous acts. The Ossan explains this while considering that.

“”””” For women, it’s a dream potion”””””

“”””” For men, it’s a dangerous potion”””””

The result was this.

It was a potion with dream-like effects for women, but for men, it was a substance with the worst effects.

Students sometimes use this type of potion to verify its effectiveness. However, if a man consumed it, it would become irreversible.

Once consumed, the man would ultimately become feminized. There is no more terrifying thing than this.

And it cannot be reversed.

“…Phew, that was close.”

“Yeah…if we didn’t know its effects, we might have tried it out of curiosity. If that old man wasn’t there…”

“We could have turned into a bunch of onee… It’s terrifying. We were saved by a hair’s breadth.”

“There was a god… A shady, gray-robed god…”

The male students were saved from the brink of becoming “onee”, and they were deeply grateful to the old man.

However, the Ossan and Kreuz are different.

“It’s quite an interesting effect… may I have some to try out? I have something I want to try.”

“Oh, Zeros-sama wants to try it out? That’s quite intriguing. So, what are you planning to use it for?”

“Well, there’s this other potion I have… (mumbling) … I’m curious about what would happen if I mix these two together.”

“That’s intriguing. It’s definitely worth trying. Hahaha…”

They were two people who should never have met but had started moving.

Zeros and Kreuz had completely hit it off, firmly holding each other’s hands.

And to make matters worse, they were both mad scientists.

“Let’s try it out right away. It’s better to start by diluting the enhancer.”

“Understood. Kukku… it looks like interesting results will come out. It’s fascinating, I haven’t seen something like this for a long time…”


And then, the two of them, ignoring the other students around them, begin their experiment.

Once they start moving, they can’t stop, it’s the nature of the production profession. Dangerous materials should not be mixed.

“By the way, what are we going to do about food? Ojisan… I’m getting hungry…”

Iris’s words went unheard as the Ossan was fully immersed in the experiment. He had a good expression on his face as he worked alongside Kreuz.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“It’s done… finally, the completed, the ultimate elixir that every man has dreamed of. “

“I can’t believe it… it’s really possible to make it… Zeros-Sama, this has been a precious experience for me. “

“It’s not over yet. We need to test it to see the effects. Now, we’ve weakened the effects but I wonder what kind of results we’ll get… I’ll use [Appraisal] on it. “

The elixir that the Ossan and Kreuz created. It was…


[Short-term Gender Transformation Potion (Degraded version for female transformation only)]

If you drink this, men can temporarily change their appearance to a woman’s.

The effect lasts for about an hour, but if you take it regularly, the effect time will be extended.

The gender will change, but there will be no change in personality. A temporary novelty item.

Haah… If this had existed from the beginning, I would have… It’s too late now, I’ve already taken it…


“So, who the hell are you?!!”

The [Appraisal] skill is suspicious. It’s clear that a third party has intervened.

Usually, the effects come to mind, but this time it comes with a loud voice.

It’s frustrating that someone is breathing heavily with an unpleasant sound.

“Still, I never would have thought that I would have to dilute it 20 times… just how concentrated was it?”

“We should probably start by reviewing the recipe from the beginning. More than that, I never thought it would actually be completed. I’ve been interested in it for a while, though. I wonder what it would be like if I was born as the opposite sex.”

“””””What the-!?!”””””

“Anyway, it’s just for feminization, so it won’t affect women. But if we increase the concentration too much, it could lead to permanent feminization. So I made it weaker… but it’s still dangerous, so I’ll have to keep it.”

“The original solution would completely feminize someone, so it’s best not to drink it by mistake. I don’t mind giving it to someone who needs it…  who wants to become a perfect woman? Makarov…”

“Don’t look at me with those expectant eyes-!!”

Kreuz seems willing to use even his friends as experiments to confirm the effects.

Despite his calm appearance, he was a devil for research.

“If someone truly wants to become a woman, we can recruit them later. Speaking of which, who will be using the [Short-term Gender Transformation Medicine]? Kreuz-Kun, will you be testing the effects on yourself?”

“Why did you, Zeros-sama, decide to create this magical potion? Did you have any interest in yourself?”

“I just had an interesting material and thought, ‘What if I could make it?’ once it was completed, I lost interest.”

“I see, you were a researcher who enjoyed the process, not the results. But what should we do with this amount? Diluting it made it increase quite a bit.”

“Hmm … I don’t need this much either. Plus, the effect lasts for an hour. How about you all drink it here, except for the girls? “

The magic potions lined up on the table exceeded 50.

As a result of diluting the effect, the number of potions doubled, and several prototypes were created. Some were even irreversible gender-changing potions.

Luckily, there were only a few of these, and they were labelled and placed on a separate table.

Even if all the male students drank them, half would be left over. The Ossan also collected the original potion.

Although some of the diluted potions were wasted……. Zeros often collected interesting items.

“Is anyone interested in trying it? I’ll also drink it, so anyone who’s interested can join in.”

“”””“Leave it to us, we want to see ourselves turned into women! If we can go back, we’ll take the challenge! !”””””

“I heard that the St. Germain Faction is a faction of researchers, but I never thought it would be this much… almost everyone, right? No doubt, they are brave.”

Researchers have a strong curiosity towards the unknown.

And the male students in the room participated one after the other. Even other students who were using the laboratory participated, and the number reached 32.

They were all research-obsessed. And when the [Short-term Gender Transformation Potion] was distributed to their hands in test tubes, Kreuz took the lead.

“Did everyone receive it? …Oh? Makarov, you’re going to participate too?”

“I don’t like feeling left out in this atmosphere. It feels like being left out of the group…”

“Is that so… Well, let’s get our minds back on track. A toast to a new history of magic potions!”


“… It’s not really something to celebrate about, though. Well, whatever.”

For researchers, discovering and completing new potions is a joy, and they willingly use themselves as test subjects.

While it’s good that safety is ensured, there is always a risk that something could go wrong and lead to an irreversible situation.

Fortunately, thanks to high-level [Appraisal] skills, it has been determined that this is entirely safe, but even so, their actions are abnormal when considered normal.

They all grab the test tubes and drink the green liquid in one gulp.

However, there is a major miscalculation here. Men’s and women’s physical structures and skeletons are different, so if a gender conversion effect were to occur, they would experience intense pain in their bodies. In other words…


The students couldn’t bear the pain and screamed.

The sound of bones changing rapidly and the pain of something breaking, they were in a hellish scene of screams in an instant.

They could not endure the rapid changes in their bodies and were experiencing hell.

“Yeah, I had a feeling it would turn out like this… Changing means altering the physical structure of the body, after all.”

“Ojisan, did you let them drink it even though you knew what would happen?”

“Of course not. They don’t have abilities like the Cuckoos back at home, but I did have a ‘what if’ thought in mind…”

“You predicted this would happen. That’s terrible… Ojisan. Here, have some tea.”

“Thanks… Hmm?”

Iris handed him a cup of tea, but upon closer look, it was a beaker filled with green liquid.

In other words, the liquid inside is…

“Iris, you planned this…what the…ugooooooooh!?”

“Sorry, Ojisan…I just really wanted to see what you would look like as a woman ♪””

“Ugh…I… I’m just gonna be an old lady…ughaaahhhh!!”

“Sensei as a woman? …I can’t imagine it. I’m a little excited.”

“I think Iris-san is worse than me…”


Some incomprehensible screams echo in the lab. And then, they successfully transformed.

“……K, Kreuz…You, are you Kreuz!?

“Hm, Makarov, is it…? You’ve become quite lovely.”

Kreuz has transformed into a beautiful, straight-blonde girl with a refreshing gaze, and Makaroff has become a sporty girl with short, slightly sun-tanned hair. Both of them have achieved charming transformations.

“Oh, brother… no, in this case, sister…? You’re beautiful…”

“Dammit—!! Why were you born a man! You’re so beautiful!! I’m getting excited!!”

“Makarov, with that appearance and those words, isn’t that inappropriate? You should take a look at yourself now and think before speaking. You should choose your words more carefully.”

“That’s exactly what a sister would say!”

The male students who had transformed themselves borrowed mirrors from the female students and checked their appearances.

Some had become typically cute, and those had transformed into appearances that could be described as “this is certainly not right” and a wide variety of transformations.

“Ah, Ojisan?”

“Yes, Sensei is…”

“Goodness, what a terrible experience… What in the world is this – – – – – – – – – – -!?”

Two fruits that were richly ripe in her cleavage.

As a member of the opposite sex, it would have been loved, but as herself being a woman, nothing was as terrible as this.

And her appearance, her hair that was carelessly grown out, her drooping narrow eyes that were strangely sexy.

She was so young that she couldn’t be considered an older woman, and above all, she was unnecessarily beautiful. Everyone was speechless.

The dirty gray robe gave the impression of a sophisticated sorcerer, a wanderer’s high-ranking female sorcerer. Furthermore, the sexy appearance was filled with an adult’s charm.

The feminized men unconsciously held their breath… She was a perfect mature sorcerer.

“Ojisan… you’re so beautiful? Yes, the mirror…”

“Wow… you’re so beautiful! Sensei…”

“You’re completely different… Depending on how you think about it, isn’t this drug terrifying?”


Zeros were handed a mirror and looked at his appearance. However, his expression was pale, and his body was trembling for some reason.

“Kuh… Kill me!”

“Wh-Why – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – !”

The words from the husky female voice were like those of a captured spy or soldier.

“I can’t believe that I became like this, a woman… this is something my mind can’t handle!! It’s a nightmare I want to erase from my memories!! If these memories are going to stay, it would be better for me to be dead!! “

“Sis, you’re that beautiful! And more than that, how much do you hate being a woman! “

“I hate it to the point where I want to kill her, turn her into mincemeat and throw her into a nuclear fusion furnace, and then dispose of her as nuclear waste in a black hole. To taste complete despair… What a nightmare…”

For Zeros, feminization was nothing but a nightmare.

In short, the Ossan… no, Obasan hates Sharanra so much that she wants to wipe her off the face of the earth.

And he could not accept the fact that his appearance had changed.

“…I will die. Please, someone, end my suffering… I have given up.”

“Hey, do you hate her that much that you’re willing to commit seppuku? Is that how much you hate her!?”

(*: Seppuku is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment.

“I, as a humble person, cannot endure such humiliation. I will cleanly cut my stomach and show my way of living…”

The fact that he was ready to die was so humiliating.

“But Sensei, you’re so beautiful… Popp♡”

“!? Is this the end…”

For some reason, the Ossan took out a fan and began singing.

“Fifty years ~~~ of a human life: ~~~ compared with the life in Geten, ~~~ they are so short as to be ~~~ but a dream and illusion ~~~. Is there anything at all that ~~~ once given life, won’t perish~~~ …”

(* this was a Famous verse from Atsumori play

Atsumori? You hate her so much that you would sing and dance about Atsumori?! This is not Honnō-ji temple!”


“Those who can’t die~ ~ , it’s their fate ~ ~ ~ ~… Iza!”

“What are you doing? It’s not ‘Iza’ ~ ~! Stop, stop making preparations for seppuku by spreading paper with a knife! – !”

(*the word “Iza” is a term commonly used before commiting seppuku)


“I cannot endure this appearance that is similar to my enemy… As a warrior. Someone, Intercede.”

There is no one interceded.

In the first place, there is no such ritual of self-harm in this country. Those around him are just confused.

“Very well then…forgive me!”

“Wait, you’re drawing your sword…are you really thinking of cutting your own belly?! Stop, someone, help me stop this!!”

“Let go―――――――! Let me die―――――――!”

“It is in the castle!! Zeros-dono, it is in the castle!!”

(*According to [], “殿中でござる” means “It is in the castle”, with the nuance of “You are in the shogun’s castle”.

[] states that this line is often used in Japanese period dramas.)

The people around finally grasp the situation and start to move frantically.

Afterwards, the students have forcibly restrained her, and the Ossan is tied up until the potion’s effects wear off.

The continuous sobbing clearly conveyed Ossan’s hatred for his sister.

Iris understood clearly that they were siblings with a terrible relationship.

What Iris did out of mischief was the worst possible thing that could have happened to the Ossan, causing him to wish for death.

Through experiences, one realizes there are things that should not be done…

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“Shit!, Crap! Shoot!! This bastard Zweit…..”

People began disappearing around Samtroll as they returned from the Ramaff Forest.

From the beginning, those around him were only the lineageists who were proud of the magic they had inherited from their ancestors and those manipulated by Bremite’s brainwashing magic.

The so-called Lineageist approached Samtroll only because they thought his family’s authority had value, not because they sought him himself

Also, the victims of the brainwashing magic regained themselves because the brainwashing broke down due to Bremite’s absence.

It’s because they saw a girl mage the same age as them who could use the area magic [Explode].

Furthermore, that girl is a mercenary, which makes them realize how little effort they have made.

Well, Iris herself did not have such intention, but it was a shock to the brainwashed academy students.

There are indeed mages among mercenaries, but no one can use strategic magic like [Explode].

However, when the reality that they thought was the norm crumbled, considerable shock was inflicted on the brainwashing effect, causing the effectiveness of the magic to disappear.



From the beginning, brainwashing magic tends to break down due to mental and emotional ups and downs. It’s a spell so delicate and difficult to handle that sudden changes in emotions can easily break it.

The magic won’t show its effect unless it’s cast multiple times and quickly disappears, even with a small thing. It was also magic that was difficult to re-apply. And, Bremite also disappeared.

BremIte was supposed to be his right-hand man, but in just a few days after he was gone, his position rapidly declined, it could be said that it was a case of reaping what one sow.

Currently, he was picking fights with back alley thugs, and instead, he was beaten up and collapsed in the garbage.

“If I had… If I had the power… I would teach those guys a lesson.”

“I saw that earlier, you know?? The noble brat got beat up pretty badly, he probably relied on someone else’s power and got taken down. Pathetic.”

“What, you… get out of here!”

“Acting smart, aren’t you? That just makes it even more embarrassing. Besides, I have something that can grant your wish. What do you say, do you want to buy it?”

The man had an obviously shady appearance.

He was looking while grinning and chuckling.

“…a thing that can… grant my wishes?”

“Yes, if you use it, you’ll overflow with power, but if you overuse it, you’ll regret it. Well, that depends on you.”

“That’s dangerous. Can you really use something like that!”

“It’s a magic potion. If you use too much, it’s dangerous. But hey, do you really think you can get strong without risk? How naive are you?”

When Samtroll returned from Ramaff’s forest, he received an engraved letter from his home, Duke Weisler’s household. All the maids were also removed from the dormitory, leaving him alone in a large room.

What was written in the engraved letter was, “We will pay your tuition until you graduate from the academy, but after that, live as you please. Using the authority or power of the Weisler family was not allowed. Instead of being executed, you have been saved by the mercy of the Duke family, so be grateful for it.” In summary, this was the content.

If his family knew about the assassination, it would be reasonable to assume that Bremite had betrayed him, and at the same time, he would know that he had lost everything. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but hate Zweit because of that.

The main reason was that, just like Zweit had blood lineage of royalty and relatives, Samtroll also had royalty blood flowing through him. His mother was related to royalty.

But, his mother is recently pregnant and will give birth to a younger brother or sister. Regardless of who is born, it is without a doubt that they will be raised as the backup heir. At the same time, Samtroll, who had been using the authority and lineage of the family as he pleased, became a hindrance. However, the parents did not show it on the surface, so Samtroll did not notice.

Even though he was the second son and had royal blood, he couldn’t succeed the dukedom. Such feelings only intensified the hostile feelings towards Zweit, who also had the same royal lineage.

After all, Zweit was the heir to the dukedom. So envy and hatred only grew. And he started to move to take over the faction using Bremite.

When he saw Zweit, who was brainwashed and became his puppet, he was really amused. Still, when the summer vacation ended and he returned, the brainwashing was lifted. Instead, he became the power that completely took away the faction he had previously held.

At the same time, he was becoming increasingly jealous of Zweit’s talent, and finally, he crossed the line. The result was the present him. Samtroll was left with nothing.

“Well, I’ll buy that magic potion.”

“Haha… Hey. Ah, make sure you use this thing during a [Promotion], okay? It’s a dangerous drug.”

“Since I bought it, I can use it however I want!”

“Is that so? Well, I’ve given you my advice. See ya…”

The man quickly disappeared from the scene as if he had done what he needed to do.

Samtroll, who was left alone on the spot, opened the package of the magic potion he received from the man and put it into his mouth. Its effect was amazing.

“Ha, hahahaha!! What is this, amazing… My power, my power is surging. It’s the best feeling. Hehehe… First of all, I’ll start with those guys from earlier…”

Samtroll started running and eventually found the thugs who had beaten him up.

And then he kept hitting them until they were seriously injured.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

There were a group of people watching Samtroll from a distance.

There were three of them, all were clad in black, one was a male, the remaining two were women who seemed to be mages and magic swordsmen.

“That idiot, he used it right away. That potion… Why did he use it so soon, didn’t he listen to the warnings?”

“I don’t know. Well, now we can check the effectiveness of that potion. One idiot might disappear, it should be a good thing for the country, shouldn’t it? We did a good thing. Speaking of that buyer… he does good work.”

“Risa… our goal isn’t something so trivial, right? The true opponent we should defeat is…”

“Those guys. And the target is that country… [Isaras Kingdom]. We’ll make those people dance a bit. I feel sorry for them, but we have no choice but to choose the means. We’re using them against each other.”

“Think about it, a small country can’t beat a big country, of course. Well, I understand that we have to take their land since we’re a poor country, but still, Ado-san sure is bad.”

The kingdom they are helping, the [Isaras Kingdom], was originally a country where descendants of royalty who built a unified nation lived.

Once they successfully gained a large piece of land and regained power, they succeeded in building a great empire, but eventually, they couldn’t maintain the country and collapsed, becoming a small country again

Recently, monsters have frequently appeared from the great dark forest, and the lives of poor people are exposed to danger.

Thus, securing land where they can live safely has become urgent. They have sent intermediaries to various places to gather information on terrain and military conditions.

They have fallen into a situation where they must wage war to survive.

“Invading this country is impossible. You know, there is such a pillar upstream in the Auras River.”

“But, the carving on top of that pillar, it’s definitely an anime character or a robot, right? Could it be…”

“Most likely, there are also people in this country who have been reincarnated… By the way, wouldn’t it be better to raise our level a bit? That country has many high-level people, and wars can’t be fought by individuals alone.”

“We don’t have time, so it’s impossible. Also, I don’t want to fight against my fellow countrymen… we’re all victims.”

“At least those in this country are probably having a good time. We should avoid being hostile. More importantly, we should first focus on the beastmen… regain their freedom and earn their trust.”

They need military strength for their purpose and must prepare the necessary resources to achieve it.

Fortunately, [Solistea Magic Kingdom] is not their target. However, they were unaware that the country possessed the strongest military force.

They began moving to observe Samtroll, but they would never have imagined that the greatest military force was passing by them with a girl.

They didn’t realize that the same reincarnated people were actually close by.


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