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Ossan Chapter 66

Ossan, Doing Research.

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In the beginning, there was nought but void.

As time passed, infinite and boundless, a God descended upon the world of nothingness.

And with his staff did he pierce the darkness. And so, light was born.

Under the light, fire was brought forth, and with a sword did the earth take shape.

Wrapped in flames, the earth gave birth to water upon the casting of a book.

The water nourished the earth, and with a shield did the wind come into being, creating a world.

And as the world came into being, a balance was placed upon it, and from that balance came order.

And soon, many lives were born, and the world became a paradise.

The paradise gave birth to wise beasts, which spread throughout the world, and the seeds of life spread far and wide.

These lives changed form and eventually formed settlements, and as they gathered, countries were born.

Desires, wars, and hatred were born and spread.

The hatred formed a cycle, one without end.

And as this hatred grew, it brought about disaster and would eventually consume the world.

In the great war that heralded the end, there would be no victor.

The earth would be stained red with blood, mountains of corpses built, and nothing but silent ruins would remain.

In the end, all living things would vanish and be met with the scorn of the many…and so forth.

Sighing at the cliched religious concepts, the Ossan closed the book containing the different races’ lore.

The books lining the shelves of the Grand Library were all manuscripts, many of them revised for religious reasons. He asked the staff of the Grand Library for recommendations and selected a few books to read through.

“ … somehow, it seems like there are many similar stories about creation myths … In the end, it all leads to inter-species war, and why does the story always end with the world’s destruction in a final war? It doesn’t make sense … ultimately, is it that people’s thoughts are ultimately the same?”

“Ojisan if you say that, it’s all over? Ojisan, what are you hoping for at the end of the world?”

“After a long battle, my mind becomes excited and I boast “I will defeat a level 10,000 slime using the spell ‘Pulponte’ and become a god in this new world!” while dancing around in the nude. I then dive off the top of a skyscraper, crashing into the ground with a massive shrimp-like spin before boarding a train across the galaxy, drinking wine, and enjoying a nice travel dream. Eventually, I will open my eyes and attain a mechanical body, and fight as the Black Hero King and achieve an over 120% perfect victory, and then disappear alone in the trash, will it be so?”


“Twisted, chaos! I don’t understand! What kind of end of the world is this! Is that what you truly desire, Ojisan?!”

“Of course not. By the time the world ends, I will already be dead.”

“Before that, I don’t want any part in an incomprehensible end of the world!”

Zeros began his research at the Grand Library, starting with the mythology of Genesis.

Most of the books were myths of the four gods, and they were so stereotypical that they felt fake. So he decided to research older stories passed down between different races instead.

He found that while the creator gods had built the world, they were mostly observers who didn’t intervene in the world’s affairs and had no trust or followers like the Four Gods.

However, there is no mention of the Four Gods in the doctrine of Creationism, and it is unknown where they originated from.

“Well, no matter what scripture or mythology it is, it’s good to have a Ragnarok in the end, but there’s nothing written about the evil gods. They caused significant damage during the previous war, but it’s still a mystery where they came from before that. “

“The Four Gods also appeared during the Evil God War, didn’t they? If that’s the case, it’s strange that both the Evil God and the Four Gods were not originally in this world, isn’t it? There are stories of the Evil God coming from other worlds, but can they really come to this world with different laws of space and time by cutting through it?”

“There are stories of heroes being summoned, but these are recorded after the Evil God war, and there are no records of heroes being summoned before that. Besides, the hero’s name…”

“The 36 heroes, of which only a few names are barely recorded. [Daisuke Kinjo], [Yuki Minasawa], [Hiroshi Yamamoto]… They’re Japanese, right?”

“Definitely … But I don’t remember any mass disappearance of people on Earth. Is it possible that it’s from an alternate dimension?”

“Wouldn’t that be the case? Summoning several people at once from different worlds isn’t very efficient, and it’s quicker to summon them from one world. That way, they can be in the same place at once…”

The names of the heroes in the fragmented records were all Japanese, and the fact that 36 of them had been summoned simultaneously made it more natural to assume that they had been summoned from the same world.

From a magic user’s point of view, summoning several people from different worlds at once would be inefficient due to the energy required. It would also be difficult to control the summoning technique, as it would cut a hole in the dimension.

“This summoning ritual is said to have been given by the Four Gods. I also read some ancient texts, but there is no magic that opens a hole in dimensions. In other words, is it correct to think that the Four Gods gave us the summoning magic? Was it possible for humans to control this magic before the Four Gods gave it to us?”

“It’s difficult to know without looking into it. It’s beyond my capabilities, but… the problem still lies with the Evil God. What is this Evil God truly?”

According to records, the Evil God appeared suddenly and indiscriminately devoured everything in its path, including monsters and many different species, as if it were consuming them whole.

It was said that it could destroy mountains with a single strike, boil seas, and even tear through space.

“Isn’t the Evil God Invincible? It’s amazing that they were able to seal it. Normally it would be impossible, this is … it’s not an anime.”

“Maybe it’s all about effort, friendship, and victory? Or maybe they outsmarted it and trapped it somehow?”

“If what’s written in the legends is true, then it’s not an opponent that can be defeated with wisdom and courage. I’ve fought it before, and it’s a real pain. It’s completely immune to abnormal status effects and absorbs certain attribute magic. Its attacks don’t have any casting time. It just suddenly fires off a massive laser. I don’t know how often I died, especially during its third form. It unleashes incredibly dangerous attacks like [Dark Judgment] a wide-range destruction spell, and [A Bouquet of Death for You All] a 360-degree spread-out extermination spell. You can’t fight it fairly.”

“At the very least, it can’t be defeated unless you’re level 1000 or higher, right? I wonder if the heroes of the past were that strong?”

“It’s written that it was sealed using Divine Artifacts, but apparently, one of those artefacts broke during the sealing process. Divine Artefacts are fragile, huh… and besides, the Four Gods haven’t intervened at all. It’s the Evil God, after all…”

At this point, the power gap between the Four Gods and the Evil God is clear. It can be inferred that the four gods do not have the power to defeat the Evil God.

In other words, the evil god is a higher being.

“They used their power to keep the world stable and in order, as they had promised? That’s what it says in all those other scriptures, right?”

“I don’t think so; after all, we are left with summoning magic. If you are smart enough to consider the world’s stability, wouldn’t you think you are going against the natural order of things when it comes to it? It’s as though they’ll only worry about world stability after they’ve restored it.”

The inter-dimensional summoning magic remains in this world and is still being used.

The [Holy Kingdom of Metis] currently holds the highest authority and military power, most of which the heroes and their descendants hold. Furthermore, it seems that there are many levels 500 that are much stronger than the inhabitants of this world.

In terms of military power, it is the country with the most significant military force in this world, and each country does not rashly wage war, yet it is an annoying country that comes with unreasonable demands.

Well, for Zeros, it’s not an opponent, but it’s still better to be cautious.

“Well, it’s because it’s a god… Fire goddess [Freyres], wind goddess [Wyndia], water goddess [Akuiratar], and earth goddess [Gailanes]. From the contents of the email, I think they are pretty irresponsible goddesses? “

“They are too casual… It’s like a fairy-like personality. Hedonistic, curious, and irresponsible. They are annoying and troublesome. And they act on their whims without any sense of responsibility. They are like demons that make me angry. They remind me of the fairies.”

“Oh… Fairies had that kind of nature. They often stole items and got into trouble…”

“Whenever I found them, I eliminated them without hesitation. They may look cute, but they are malicious little creatures, so I couldn’t help but feel irritated and burn them down. I treated them as monsters…”

“Ojisan, that’s terrible…”

“The fairy magic stones, [Fairy’s Gemstones], are good alchemy materials, so I earned a lot. I burned down entire villages with area magic [Gamma Ray]. I had several valuable elixirs stolen then, so I was really angry. I was preparing for a raid boss battle… I’m glad I won against Behemoth…”

“Behemoth! That’s reckless, Ojisan! Did you really win?”

The area magic [Gamma Ray] is an enhanced version of the lightning-type magic [Plasma Ray].

Gamma rays can penetrate matter and cause direct internal damage, so semi-real fairies can also be easily destroyed without question.

After all, the body of fairies is composed of magic and minerals, and if you try to catch them, they disappear immediately and steal items, which is extremely annoying. By eliminating matter from the magic body, they become transparent, and by reversing the method, they materialize and appear and disappear at will.

However, [Gamma Ray] can also deliver a decisive blow to the magic body that makes up the fairy’s body, and by forcefully injecting energy beyond the allowable limit, it is possible to defeat them. Gamma Ray is a cruel magic for fairies.

Fairies will disappear as they cause self-destructive magic. Even if they become transparent and try to escape, Gamma Ray is energy itself and can never escape as it hits the magic body directly.

Their blood will boil and carbonize instantly if it is shot at humans. It would be instant death for any living organism. Radiation exposure is scary, but because magic can be changed with magic formulas, it can nullify radiation exposure.

Faries have high magical power, and attacks with magic are not very effective, but this magic can destroy them despite their characteristics. It can even penetrate magic barriers.

The Ojisan at that time was angered by the repeated thefts of his items and created this magic to eliminate the small demons. Regardless of the reasons for its creation, its power was so formidable that it could only be considered to have been created with malevolent intent.

No, it could only have been malicious. In fact, it was also a forbidden magic that, if used in this world, could have had dangerous effects.

As an aside, fairies are recognized as a legitimate race in this world and cannot be killed indiscriminately.

Due to this, they often take advantage of this and continue to play mischievous tricks, causing inconvenience to those living in everyday society.

Many have lost loved ones, children, friends, and family members to the mischief of fairies, and as a result, many hold a grudge against the [Holy Kingdom of Metis], which defends them.

The number of victims of fairy mischief is surprisingly high.

“Wait… The Holy Kingdom of Metis protects fairies, right? So…”

“The Four Gods are fairy kings? No way… Fairy kings are certainly strong, but they’re not as powerful as goddesses, are they? Their levels are capped at 500, and could it be the rumored [Limit Breakthrough]?”

“It’s not impossible, but I don’t think they have the power to interfere in other worlds. Something feels off… To be able to manage the world as a goddess, I don’t think a fairy king could have that kind of control. I understand if they were fairy kings, but…”

“So, there are four of them? Each manages a different area, and they’re reducing their burden that way?”

“It makes sense when you think of it that way. Perhaps they are the same people who defend fairies.”

Speculation can be made, but there is no concrete evidence.

The truth remains shrouded in darkness; even if the Four Gods were Fairy Kings, the identity of the one who granted them the authority to manage the world is still a mystery.

It is likely to be the Creation God, but if the Four Gods were fairy kings, why they were given power is unclear.

Additionally, the existence of evil gods remains a mystery.

“The email said that the evil God was a goddess, but if the evil God was a goddess, why didn’t she have the authority to manage this world? Instead, she tried to destroy the world and……”

“Perhaps the Creation God failed? Maybe he tried to create a goddess of his liking, which resulted in an incomprehensible creepy creature? It’s not easy to understand why the world is so complicated. Hahahaha.”

“I don’t think that’s possible, though. If that’s the case, it’s a disturbing story…… hahahaha”

No elements can be denied, but it is a tragic story.

However, since the truth is unknown, it would be pointless to make speculations here.

Whether the predictions are right or wrong, they will be resolved by researching in this library.

“Then, let’s put the books back on the shelf and go back. I’m hungry, so let’s find a place to eat.”

“I agree. It takes a lot of time to gather information, doesn’t it? It’s quite different from playing games.”

“That’s just how reality is. Well, when the city’s residents have information about the ruins’ secrets, it feels out of place in the world of [Sword and Sorcery]. I couldn’t help but question, ‘Where did they get such valuable information?’ many times.”

“Indeed…when you think about it, it’s a strange story. That setting is a bit abnormal, even if the world wasn’t a game. Other world’s game’s like world seem strange when you think about it”.

“Even the hero goes around looting other people’s houses for items, so the world of games is often unrealistic. Why are there powerful weapons hidden in ruins? Even if they were forgot to take them out, the loss is quite significant, and there are many strange stories when considering reality, aren’t there?”

“Yeah… that’s it! Even though it’s just a game, it’s impossible when you think about it in reality. Thinking normally, the things the hero does are theft, and if they got caught, they would be arrested.”

After the Ossan finished what he had to do, he started discussing “common things” in RPG.

Indeed, the game’s main characters are openly obtaining items from other people’s homes without permission and taking valuables out of castles without permission.

If we were to put this situation into reality, we would be seizing items as we please in the name of heroism. It will be problematic if the government is permitted to do this.

Even though it is only a fictional world, Ossan is now living in a fantasy world as a reality. Moreover, they will become criminals if they do the same things as in the game.

In fact, some people from his world tried to create a slave harem and became slaves themselves. Reality is a hard world.

“You are entering someone’s house without permission, isn’t that trespassing? I’m surprised they didn’t call the authorities.”

“Exactly! And even when the residents catch them suspiciously rummaging through their rooms, they still kindly give them information. I wonder how kind these people are.”

“Yeah, sometimes they even give them weapons that are family heirlooms.”

“And then they just sell those weapons in the next town.”

“Or they already have the same weapon. It’s frustrating when you’ve worked hard to earn money to buy a weapon, only to find out you could have just found it lying around. And there’s no other character who can use it.”

“Yeah, there are other examples too, like in events where the main character’s life is saved and their weapon breaks. It’s like, ‘Which broken weapon do we use?’ And then, it gets fixed and becomes a powerful weapon, but it just gets stored away and is not used much.

When you think about it, it’s more cost-effective to make a new weapon instead of fixing an old one. Why recycle scrap metal? Is it to save money?”

While talking about meaningless things, the two returned the books they had taken from the shelf to their original positions.

Some of the books had to be taken to the storage room for old books, but they went to the shelves without worrying about the disturbance they caused.

Fortunately, not many people visit the Grand Library, so they do not feel uncomfortable.

However, only the library staff had a scary face while staring at the two of them, but Ossan didn’t notice it. It was annoying that the two of them forgot that it was not only the academy students who were bothered.

◇            ◇            ◇            ◇            ◇

Celestina was working on constructing a magic spell at a nearby location, but Iris was enviously chatting and investigating happily with Zeros.

Upon returning to the academy, she found that Misaka was not there, and a note was left in the bookcase saying, “The Master called me; please do not look for me.” Honestly, she was confused.

Fortunately, she could take care of herself, but being alone in her dorm room was lonely, so she spent her time in the Grand Library, which was her usual routine. Although she thought she was used to being alone, she still felt sad from time to time.

So, as usual, She was working on constructing magic spells. She was trying to make a layered magic circle, but if the size of the upper and lower magic circles is slightly different, it causes problems in the magic circle used to process the spell in between.

The tricky part of this magic circle is that you have to divide multiple different command magic spells and then stack them together to create a layered magic circle. Even a tiny difference becomes a burden, affecting the efficiency of using magic power.

Also, the magic spells engraved on multiple magic circles have different densities, making it difficult to construct magic circles of equal size to optimize efficiency.

“Even though it’s possible to construct it in a cone shape, it’s difficult to divide the magic formula into squares…I have to think about arranging the spell, and it’s more difficult than a flat magic square.”

The magic circle she is currently creating is an improved version of the intermediate magic, [Lightning Shot].

It is a ranged magic that shoots out multiple plasma bullets and can only attack in the forward direction. In close combat, it will be hit before it can spread to a wide area. However, before shooting, a large plasma ball is formed, and She thought stacking multiple of them could be used for defense.

In any case, the power of a single shot differs between a plasma ball fired at a range and a plasma ball before it is fired.

The plasma ball is powerful but a single shot, and if it is launched as a ranged magic, it will break up into countless smaller balls, considerably reducing the power of a single shot. The nature of the attack also changes, with the plasma ball exploding and the [Shot] penetrating, making it a different magic before and after the shot.

A strangely distorted cylindrical three-dimensional magic square is created when a spell that uses natural magic is added to the formula.

If the shape is unstable, the burden on the caster will increase. In the worst case, the amount of magic power required to use the magic once may double.

Celestina was struggling to maintain balance while considering the control spell’s size.

“If I don’t pack the spell formula together somehow, the layered magic formation will become distorted… I’m not sure which one to consolidate to reduce the load.”

The Academy instructors cannot decode the magic formula, so she can’t seek advice from them.

Zveit is like herself, so the two of them started wondering and did not proceed, and He is currently attending a meeting with the Weissler Faction. Kreuz is currently in a laboratory within the Grand Library, where he is investigating the newly discovered [??? Enhancer] in the laboratory located in the Grand Library.

The laboratory is located in the Grand Library because it is inefficient to carry books back and forth to the remote research building when the materials are located in the library.

The Grand Library is an excellent place to do research, but since other students use it, there is a time limit, and one must go through a procedure beforehand to use the library for an extended period.

Fortunately, an acquaintance of his from the St. Germain Faction had rented this place in advance, and he could get in and out of the laboratory at his convenience. Kreuz seems to have a surprisingly sneaky character. He thought it would be a bad idea to have his laboratory filled with various chemicals that could react in any way, so he came up with the idea of using the Grand Library’s laboratory.

Well, the main reason was that Makarov and his friends had stopped Kreuz……

She cannot rely on the two people to decipher the magic formula, and She is a little hesitant to ask his Master, Zeros, about it, so she is currently in the middle of a difficult situation.

“It’s difficult… Layering the [Lights] spell was easy, but even considering that the spell changes depending on the rank of magic, I never thought it would be this complicated…”

“That’s because you’re dividing the magic formation too much. You should only put the first spell to the third spell in one magic formation. I think it will be easier if we make it uniform from there, don’t you think?”

“Oh, I see… but then the size of the magic formation will be…”

“The magic formation is used to integrate the magic circle, so changing the size of the magic formation is enough, right? You don’t need to mess with the internal magic circle.”

“Oh, I see! I thought that if the magic circle becomes bigger, I need to change the density of the magic formation that processes the magic formula, but that’s not necessary at all♪”

“There’s no need to think too hard. The magic formation that only processes the magic formula only needs to fulfill its role. Then, by normalizing the size of each magic formation and stacking them, then voila! A layered magic formation is created easily♪”

“I see… Oh, Sensei!?”

When she turned around, there he was…….

The Ossan, who had been peeking in the background before She knew it, had an unlit cigarette in his right hand between his fingers, and behind him was a female staff member staring at him with a scary expression on her face.

The Ossan was probably finishing his work and was going to have a smoke when the staff member saw him and stared at him with an intense glare.

While peeking behind her, he seemed to have guessed what was troubling Celestina and interrupted her.

“……Sensei, this is a non-smoking area, right? It would be better to put away your cigarette…”

“Haha… I’m getting many stares from people, I accidentally took it out and was seen. If the staff weren’t here, I would have lit it… Habits are scary.”

“I think that’s to be expected since cigarette smoke damages the books, don’t you think? Before that, there is something called morality.”

“I mostly did it unconsciously, so I made a mistake. By the way, while researching, I wondered what’s beyond the corridor over there? A few students went there earlier.”

Beyond the corridor at the end of the library is a rental laboratory where Kreuz is experimenting.

He is probably enjoying his research on magic potions by now.

“That’s the laboratory. Many students who don’t have their research room use it to make potions and such. Earlier, my brother, Kreuz, went there with them.

“Kreuz, huh? I’m interested in what kind of research he usually does. I’m sure he’s having much fun right now.”

“…I can’t deny that. My brother caused a commotion in Ramuff’s Forest too…”

“Ah, that’s right, he created poison gas or something, right? That was the work of Tina-chan’s older brother.”

“Iris-san?! When did you…”

Iris, who had finished putting away the books, happened to come to them from Celestina’s blind spot.

They were both startled.

“Research at the academy, huh~, it’s kind of interesting. I wonder if it won’t explode or anything? Or make my hair go Afro.”

“But it’s not like the old days; I don’t think there would be any such thing happening. I can’t imagine some teachers would put students in such danger.”

“Really? Explosions… Because the reactions between magical potions can’t be predicted, students always set up barriers before conducting experiments. It seems like danger is inherent in research.”

“It’s unexpectedly dangerous there… I wonder what kind of recklessness they’re putting the students through. What will happen if someone dies?”

The academy of this other world is dangerous.

Even while taking classes normally, explosions and toxic gas can sometimes happen.

It’s like they’re researching weapon development for the military in a public facility. And on top of that, the country’s special forces are constantly monitoring, always ready to come to the aid of the students in case of emergency.

It is reasonable to assume that several emergency situations have occurred, which is why a rescue team specialized in this kind of matter has been formed. The level of crisis management is quite different from what we have on Earth.

Even if someone were to die in an accident during research, it’s frightening that it would be written off as their own responsibility.

“It would be better to have defensive measures in place for worst-case scenarios and to thoroughly check for safety during experiments, wouldn’t it…? Even then, it would still be possible to avoid some risks.”

“Although safety measures are in place, accidents still occur frequently. It seems that most of them are caused by Kreuz-Nisama…”

“Tina-chan’s older brother, Mad? Is he the kind of person who carelessly creates dangerous things?”

“Since he is someone who seems to think that research is everything, it seems that he doesn’t know how many dangerous things he has made so far. He says that “there is no progress without experimentation” and he has also produced things that could lead to war if handled poorly.”

The Ossan remembers his own experiences too well.

He collected a large amount of materials at [Sword and Sorcery] and repeatedly experimented on them to create dangerous equipment, even using PKers as guinea pigs to test their effectiveness.

They even used PKers as guinea pigs to test the effects of their experiments on the human body, and one of them even created a magic potion that made people’s heads spin wildy. All of “The Annihilators” can’t blame Kreuz. Of course, neither can the ossan.

He has done similar things many times himself, and he has no right to blame others.

“I can’t think of it as someone else’s problem. It feels like my own bad deeds are being repeated, and it’s gnawing at my conscience… Fuu… I was doing something foolish.”

“Past tense? You’re still doing it, aren’t you, Ojisan…? Especially, those Cuckoo’s growth is abnormal, right? What did you do?”

“I just gave them daily training, I think it’s great to seriously try to master something, even if it’s a monster.”

“Those Cuckoos, wouldn’t they be unbeatable by anyone now? They were defeating superior monsters with one blow and were said to have transformed into higher species… I’ve never heard of such monsters.”

“The shape change is a phenomenon often seen in dragons. When they get angry, their appearance changes and some individuals become completely different. Especially the [Blaze Dragons].”

[Blaze Dragon] ’s normal appearance is no different from that of a normal dragon, but its entire body is covered in a sword-like appearance in battle. Its wings also change into incredibly sharp blades, and it has a strength that ordinary weapons cannot cut.

Scales and other materials change shape when magic power is channeled through them, so they were good materials for making transformable weapons.

The average level ranges from 600 and above. Even newborn [Dragon Puppies], could be sure to turn the tables on the average mercenary.

“Sensei… dragons are mostly mythical monsters, right? You don’t see them around here. At most, you might see a [Gabūru].”

“Ah… Even though they’re flying dragons, they’re the weakest… you’re talking about the ones that can be taken down with one hit by a ballista, right?”

“The only person who can say that is you, Ojisan, right? I’ve only taken down a couple with my friends, and I think dragons are abnormally strong.”

“They’re the strongest species, after all. Their size means they have more magic and physical strength. And when you add in their skill level, it’s only natural that they would be stronger. There are also things like…”

“How strong can dragons be… Ojisan… you’ve taken down a dragon king class, haven’t you? By yourself…”

“That’s something you shouldn’t do… Fighting for a long time is hell, I recommend not trying to imitate it.”

Only someone like the Ossan could do something like that.

No one can hide himself, constantly aim at a weak point from a blind spot, and repeat such actions for a long period of time.

There were also parties involved in the battle, but Zeros used them as decoys without hesitation. By defeating them without ever showing himself, he improved his assassin skills and reached the [God] level.

In short, he has never fought a battle face-to-face. It is purely hunting.

“Well, I’d like to see what Kreuz-Kun is doing, regardless of the dragon species. “

“The laboratory is open to the public, and you can visit as long as you don’t disturb anything. But please don’t touch any equipment.”

“The one using the laboratory is Tina-chan’s older brother, right? I’m too scared to do that, something might happen, and it would be disastrous.”

“Even if he’s my older brother, he wouldn’t cause that much of an explosion…”


――― Bo~o ―――――――――― m!


“……It happened, didn’t it.”

“You never cease to disappoint me, onīsan…… I wonder what kind of experiments you’ve been doing …….”

“Were you expecting something? Anyway, let’s check if there are any injured people. I’ll take care of any injuries.”

“Yeah, that’s right… If there are only serious injuries, that’s one thing, but if there are any deaths, it will be a big problem!”

Leaving the archives and heading toward the laboratory under Celestina’s guidance.

Along the way, a citrus-like aroma wafts around, causing Zeros to wrinkle his nose slightly.

It smelled like the scent one would find in a single woman’s room, but neither Celestina nor Iris seemed to notice. It was also strange.

As guided, they arrived at the laboratory, where the equipment was scattered everywhere, the ceiling was stained yellow over a wide area, and a large pot that looked like a witch was brewing medicine was placed in the center.

Upon arriving at the laboratory, they found the equipment scattered everywhere, and the ceiling was stained with a large yellow mark. A large pot in the center of the room appeared to be used for brewing some kind of potion.

Half of the pot was filled with a yellow liquid, which seemed to have exploded due to some kind of reaction.

And then, his [Appraisal] skill activates automatically.


[Super-Powerful Breast Enhancement Potion]

A dream potion that women without breasts long for.

If you drink this, you too can have a nice body. Transform into a sexy bust that everyone envies!

If you drink one spoonful, your A cup will instantly change to a rich Z x 10 cup.

Please use it as soon as possible.


“……Kreuz-Kun. What exactly were you trying to make? More importantly, going from an A-cup to a Z x 10 cup… what kind of state is that?! If you recklessly drank it, your chest would be dragged down to the ground…no, would it not turn into a situation where you could suffocate from the fat? In a sense, isn’t this a dangerous drug in a different sense?“

Kreuz had created a drug that was like a war in another sense.

Furthermore, its effects were too great, and there were no practical uses for it.

This prototype could bring a revolution to the beauty industry in this world.


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