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Ossan Chapter 65

Ossan, Visit the Grand Library

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The field training organized by Istor Magic Academy ended without any casualties.

However, there were a few injured people, and thankfully even the seriously injured only suffered from broken bones. Once the bones are fixed, they can be treated to some extent with restorative medicine.

Many mercenaries joined as escorts, and it was surely a good thing that several mercenaries were escorting each party. Last year, dozens of people were seriously injured for up to a month due to reckless hunting. Compared to that, it was quite successful.

The benefits of having magic potions in this world are quite high.

The mercenary guild has also completed its annual troublesome event, and tomorrow the usual daily routine will begin.

Meanwhile, one of the mercenaries was visiting the guild master’s room.

It was Rhasus, a quiet and socially awkward mercenary.

“…… Excuse me.”

“Ah~ra, welcome back. So? How did it go? Rhasus-chan♪”

“…… Please stop with the “chan”…… Student escort went without a hitch.”

There he was, the head of the mercenary guild branch in the city of Steeler, the guild master Seiphon.

“So, how was it? How is Zeros-dono’s strength?”

“…… Honestly, I can’t see the bottom of it. It’s hard to believe that he is a mage because he is experienced in fighting. Moreover, he doesn’t even display a glimpse of his ability against the monsters. It’s terrifying.”

“I see~. Even I was dealt with easily, so who is he really?”

“…… Are you telling me that you were an easy rival? As I recall, your rating was 420, no way …… are you thinking it’s higher than that?”

“I’ve seen what he’s capable of; he’s a powerful person. He is aware of his own strength, but I doubt he has ever fought at full strength.”

Rhasus participated in this escort request as a supervisor for the mercenary guild.

The reason for this is that he is also an S rank mercenary, and is in a position to monitor and sometimes scout for potential mage recruits. His nickname is [Rhasus the Mighty].

He used to be in a party with Seiphon and was a very skilled mercenary who had completed various requests.

Because he knows Seiphon’s ability, he can’t believe that he was easily dealt with.

“…… that much, huh. He may look ordinary, yet in a fight, he is a dangerous man. His personality changes dramatically in a life-or-death situation. He became quite belligerent, you know?”

“Huh? Maybe, a split personality? I hadn’t noticed that.”

“No…… I think is more like, he knows how dangerous the monsters are and that’s why he can be ruthless. In fact, when he defeated the monster, he took care of it in an instant.”

“He~e ~…… but you think there’s more to it than that, don’t you?”

“Ahhh …… in a sense, he’s got some kind of madness inside him. It sent chills down my spine from time to time.”

“If Rhasus is saying it, then it must be true. So scary♪”

Rhasus is a veteran mercenary with a lot of field experience, so he often participates in these important requests as a supervisor. He has a keen sense of intuition, and sometimes it is his job to investigate the misdeeds of mercenaries.

However, his keen intuition led him to judge that Zeros is dangerous.

“…… So why do you look so happy?”

“You’re right. Maybe it’s because I’ve learned that I have the potential to become even stronger. A mage can be that strong, right? Do you think we can be even stronger than that?”

“…… I won’t deny it. But how can you call someone who has reached that level of strength a human being? They are no different from a monster.”

“As long as we don’t make him our enemy, we’ll be fine. If you can communicate, then it’s just a matter of sincerity, right? If we ignorantly turn him down, we might have to confront him.”

If you reject them because they are strong, the risk of being antagonized is immeasurable.

Zeros were indeed strong. He had roasted the goblins with just a basic magic [Fire] in his early days. It is impossible to imagine how powerful he would be if he used his magic seriously.

Above all, there was a circle of people around him. This means that he can be tolerant of others, something that those who are obsessed with power do not have.

Those who are obsessed with power inevitably reject and sometimes despise others.

If you look at them as powerful people, they are dangerous, but if you look at them as human beings, you can trust them. However, they’re still a dangerous person.

“Well, I’m sure it will be fine. I’m sure the Duke will take the necessary measures, and he didn’t seem to be interested in becoming a mercenary.”

“…… sounds fine, but I can’t imagine what he’d be like if he were serious about making a move, can you?”

“Yeah. But doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to see?”

“…… Don’t think so. I am sure it will be troublesome. I don’t want any trouble.”

Rhasus is an instructor for the new recruits at the guild. The reason he was in such a position was that he was married.

The mercenary business was not suitable for him because he needed to be able to return to his wife immediately and earn a stable income.

He is a single-minded man who loves his wife as much as he can, despite his rugged face.

“Well, now that the work is done, would you like to have a drink at my place today? My wives would love to have you.”

“No thanks…… I’m going home. I want to see my wife. Besides, I don’t feel comfortable at your house…… Especially your wives.”

“Really? I think they’re better than the girlie type, don’t you? I, on the other hand, feel uncomfortable in Rhasus’s house.”


Seiphon’s preference was for masculine women. To put it plainly, he preferred women who were boyish, physically sturdy, and athletic.

Rhasus, on the other hand, preferred petite, girlish women. He tended to be attracted to women with what people would call a “loli” body type.

Incidentally, Rhasus’s wife looked like a toddler despite her age and was what you would call a legal loli. She was also a lovely-looking Dwarf.

Rhasus was not a pedophile. For some reason, he is attracted to women with fancy tastes and inevitably desires petite and lovely women. However, he has been rejected because of his tough looks and stocky physique.

It was only a few months ago that he got married, and he is actually a newlywed.

“Well, you’re a newlywed and I’m not going to force you to join me. You’d better get back to your wife as soon as possible today.”

“…… will do. At times, doesn’t Seiphon get into trouble for having multiple wives? I’ve been wondering about this for a while……”

“It does, doesn’t it? But it makes me feel loved and ♡ so thrilling, don’t you think?”

“…… I don’t even think I want to know what you mean.”

A happy family is always better than a difficult one.

He does not envy his former teammates who are stronger than he is. More than that, Rhasus still has trouble grasping his character. However, it was enough for him to realize that the relationship between a man and a woman is deep.

After that, he left the room and went straight home to see his wife.

He seems to be a loving and devoted husband, just like his former teammates. The only problem is that he is suspected of being a lolicon in the guild, probably because he married a woman who looks indistinguishable from a little girl.

Rhasus is a man with a lot of problems.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After returning to Steeler, the Ossan decided to take a good night’s rest at an inn to recover from the fatigue of the day’s journey.

Iris and Jane agreed to rest, but only Rena went out into the city in the evening and no one has seen her since.

It seemed too late to ask where she had gone, but now that she had, Zeros decided to pretend that nothing would happen and just pray for the boys who would be sacrificed.

His body wasn’t tired and he didn’t need to take the initiative to get himself into trouble.

With that thought in his head, he went to bed.

The next day. Zeros were dressed in his usual gray robe, while Iris and the others were gathered in the inn’s dining room.

The problem is…….

“Fufufu♡ Young boys are the best, after all~♪”

That’s what Rena, with her glossy skin, had said.

After finishing her business, as expected, Rena seemed to have returned to the inn after completing another business. That’s what people call a morning return.

She seemed to be in a very good mood, but no one asked her anything.

“Now that we’re done with the escort, what are we going to do? Since we have nothing better to do, I think we’d better return to Santor.”

“I’m staying in Steeler for a day tomorrow, you see? I need to do some research in the city’s grand library. If you want to go back to Santor, I’ll take you back to the town where the docks are, how about that?’

“…… I’ll pass. I’m tired of riding that thing.”

“Same…… I don’t want to feel like that again.”

Jane and Rena refused to ride the [Waste No. 13].

No one wants to ride a motorcycle where the front and rear wheels are spinning at high speed at the same time, rushing to maximum speed. Moreover, the two of them were not accustomed to such vehicles.

In this world, where horse-drawn carriages are the mainstream of civilization, it is hard to ride a vehicle that is several hundred years ahead of its time.

It’s like putting a native of the Amazonian wilderness on a jet coaster. It takes time to get used to it.

“That’s enough to drive anyone crazy. I think you two should get back to Santor as soon as possible.”

“What about you, Iris? Are you going to stay in this town with Zeros-san?”

“I will. I’ll be safe with Ojisan, and I’m curious to know what kind of lectures the Magic Academy has.”

Like Zeros, Iris was also reincarnated in this world.

Naturally, she was not familiar with the common knowledge of this world, so she had to gather information from various places. The fact that she had been captured by bandits before made her feel that she lacked common sense in this other world.

In short, she wanted to find out more about the other world by following Zeros. The more information you have, the more advantageous it is in both real life and games, so she is probably trying to broaden her perspective in her own way.

“The Grand Library is a good place to do some research since it is forbidden for non-students to take books out of the library, but it is open to the general public to read. By the way, are you sure you don’t need a ride home?

It costs money to get on the ship, right? Wouldn’t it be a waste of the reward money?”

“Ugh…… Well, didn’t they pay for our boat ride home? Rena and I will take our time getting home.”

“Can you really return……? It’s Rena-san, remember?”

All three of them focused their gaze on Rena.

After all, if she found a boy she liked, she would suddenly disappear. It was hard to believe that she would be able to return home normally.

There was no doubt in her mind that she would disappear somewhere and miss the boat.

“Th, that was rude! I choose my time and place. And don’t treat me like Zeros-san’s sister!”

“””How can you say that…… I think that once you find your prey, you are instantly determined, violently and inexhaustibly selfish……”””

“Even I wouldn’t risk spending the money for the boat ride home to make love to the boys! Besides, without Zeros-san, I wouldn’t get paid by the dukes for my escort request. I am behaving myself.”

“””That’s a lie!!”””

At this moment, the minds of the three were in sync.

“…… You came out of the inn the other day saying you had no money, didn’t you? Along with a bunch of young boys……”

“Just your imagination. Or perhaps it was just an illusion that Zeros-san saw. I don’t remember going to any of those places.”

“Isn’t that when you didn’t go back to the orphanage the other day? If you’re seriously forgetting, I feel sorry for the boys……”

As for the matter of her relationship with the boys, Rena could not be trusted.

After all, she had disappeared in the middle of a request and was seen coming out of the inn. It seemed risky to give her the money.

“Jane-san. This is the money for the boat. I’ll also assign the three chickens to escort you, so please somehow get Rena-san back to Santor.”

“…… Understood. I’ll take responsibility for bringing Rena home. The fewer casualties the better, and in case of an emergency…… we’ll be able to count on the strength of those three chickens.”

“Also, I’ll give you this gem as lodging money in case something happens, so please don’t let Rena-san take it from you. If she uses it as payment for hotel rooms, we won’t be able to resist her.”

“…… It’s a big responsibility. Do you think you’re up to the task?”

“Excuse me, you two——-?”

Jane is carrying a heavy burden.

Rena is the kind of woman who goes into inns with boys when money is tight. It is a good idea to be careful.

Well, it’s mainly the boys who are the victims……

She seems to be very annoyed by the exchange between the Ossan and Jane, but she deserves it. There’s no smoke without fire.

There are no options for Rena, who is playing with fire, not knowing when she will be forced to deal with the guards. If possible, she should be tied up, put in a box, fixed with nails, and then packed with chains.

“By the way, what are you looking for, Ojisan? Materials for magic or potions? Ah! Or materials for weapons and armor?”

“It’s mainly history. In particular, I’d like to know a little bit about the four gods and evil gods…… I’d like to know how much of my hypothesis is correct, and depending on the situation, I might get involved with strange things. I want as much information as I can get.”

“Ah~…… that can happen, too, Ojisan, you’re especially serious. [Great Sage] Indeed.”

“”The Great Sage!? No way!!””

[Great Sage] is a mage’s realm that no one has reached yet, except for those written about in legends.

It is said to have been vanquished in the War of the Evil Gods and is now a legendary profession that appears only in plays and stories.

A powerful mage who can manipulate healing and offensive magic, as well as create magic potions and special equipment. If their existence were to come to light, many nations would come to scout for them.

And Jane and Rena didn’t know about Zeros’ job. That’s why they were so surprised.

They had never imagined that they would have the ultimate mage by their side.

The Ossan glared bitterly at Iris. It is better not to divulge any unnecessary information.

“Iris-san…… that’ s invasion of privacy, okay? I don’t want to bring my profession into the light……?”

“Ugh…… Sorry.”

Iris shrivels up as a response to the glare.

It is said that the [Great Sage] is the highest-ranked of mages, and is the counterpart to the [Archbishop], who is a healer.

However, in fact, mages can also use recovery magic, so priests are no different from mages.

The common impression is that they are people who have mastered magic, and in religious states, they are treated as an existence inferior to that of the High Priest, but actually, they are ranked slightly higher than the [High Priest] due to their higher growth in magical power.

The [Archbishop] in this world is a religious position, which is different from the [Archbishop] shown in the user status.

For example, if an archbishop nominally uses recovery magic, but his occupation in the status description is [Priest], there is no correction to the magic effect, and there is a big gap in the effect of the recovery magic that can be used.

However, if your status profession is [Archbishop], you can use recovery magic to heal a critically injured person who is on the verge of death.

The only difference between the [Great Sage] and [Archbishop] is whether the correction effect of either recovery magic or attack magic is higher, the rest is not so different.

Well, the [Archbishop] will have a higher [Defense] than the [Great Sage], but the [Great Sage] will have a higher [Speed] instead. Both of them also gain an increase in [Magic Power] and [Magic Effect], but [Archbishop] will have more [Magic Power] and [Great Sage] will have more [Magic Effect].

In the Ossan’s case, with the additional effects of the production and fighting jobs, as well as the limit-breaking skills, he no longer had any blind spots anywhere. In fact, he even overwhelmed other professions, so it didn’t even make much sense.

Even the evil gods could be defeated, and if anyone around them were to find out about this out-of-the-ordinary strength, it would become a very troublesome situation.

“”Gr…… Great, great, great……””

“Daig*nder? Ah, I remember there was also a Giant Flying Dragon Robot Da*gu? The new version……”

(both Jane and Rena wanted to say Daikenja, Dai, dai, dai.., but Iris cut them and make it as a pun. Also, Daigu is a dragon robot in that anime.


“Iris-san. Aren’t the words a little different? Do you even know the original one before that? How old are you really?”

“No—–!! What the hell is that? It doesn’t matter, Iris! Ossan really is ……”

“I carelessly misspoke about it…… Was I supposed not to say that?”

“Obviously, ……. I don’t want to deal with people coming to recruit me from the higher-ups of the country. It’s a hassle, and what’s worse, Luceris, Iris, and the others will get caught up in it? Do you still want to go around telling everyone about it?”

“I see…… So you kept quiet because the people around you might be taken as hostages. I get it……. Zeros-san, you sure have it hard……”

If the [Great Sage] were to be added as the country’s mage, his strength would be equal to that of an army with just one person.

In addition, the Ossan was over-leveled. If we look at his strength, he is a threat who can take on an entire country by himself. There is a good reason why he keeps his profession a secret.

However, Iris carelessly revealed it. The five [Annihilators] were all [Great Sages], an extraordinarily insane party. That’s why they were famous in the online game.

She blurted out something that she thought was obvious.

“I have a quick question,…… is [Sage] that big of a deal?”

“Eh? Because…… Zeros-san has reached the pinnacle of magic, right? It’s a really great thing to be at the very peak of something that no one else can reach, isn’t it?”

“The pinnacle of mages, who guide and sometimes help the heroes. Isn’t it a legendary job that everyone dreams of?”

“In the other words, he makes plausible statements to manipulate young people, and when they are in a favorable situation, he will cast a spell on them. The best part is, for the sake of the inexperienced heroes he’ll say, [I’ll defend this place at all costs! You must hurry up and go ahead!] And then he dies, doesn’t he? Can this be called a profession? Isn’t he just a poor man who is sacrificed? No, I don’t want to be sacrificed for the sake of some random stranger……”

Zeros’ perception of sages was biased, but in many stories, the role of most sages is something like that.

Even in other worlds, most roles of the Sage were associated with stories, and they were thought to be the ones who give the best of their wisdom for the benefit of others, but Zeros had a different perception.

It may sound like he has reached the pinnacle of wisdom, but in reality, he is a hermit who does nothing but research and is a reckless mad scientist. There is no way such a person would fight for the sake of others.

If he were to fight, it would be as an experiment to verify the results of his research, and there would be no noble intentions such as [sacrificing oneself for the sake of others].

The truth is that Zeros is that kind of person, and he lives by the motto, [Every day is peaceful]. Whether a war broke out or the Demon King attacked, he decided to ignore it as long as there was no real harm done.

He does not have the spirit of self-sacrifice as in the story.

“””S, surely……. There’s no reason to dedicate yourself to others just because you’re a sage, but……”””

However, Jane and the others were not satisfied. Their fantasy had been shattered, and Iris was filled with a feeling of disappointment.

Perhaps this was the influence of the legends and stories they had been exposed to. In reality, no one understands what the Sage is fighting for.

It is questionable whether he even really fought for the sake of the people.

“Well, please don’t tell anyone about this…… If anyone in this country tries to make a move, then……”

“”T, then what?””

“This country is going to disappear from the map. I hate people who try to use their authority to manipulate others to their advantage, and the situation will turn into a war at worst, right?”

“However, you’ve been tutoring Tina and her brother, haven’t you? I thought you didn’t like people in power.”

“I hate those people who are driven mad by greed. You know, they remind me of my rotten sister……”

There will be many people who want to be taught by the Great Sage, and that will lead to war.

In the current Solistea Kingdom, the nobility is dominated by magicians, and they will probably approach Zeros with their desires fully exposed. If this happens, war is sure to break out, and they might be annihilated just because they remind him of his sister.

Of course, some truly want to achieve the pinnacle as a mage, but for the Ossan, it is enough just to have a few pupils.

Those who force their authority as honor or pride are a nuisance.

“Oh, by the way, Ojisan. Your sister did not die, did she?”

“She was using a [Demon Puppet], you know. As long as the main body itself isn’t destroyed, it would be foolish to fight her seriously. I can’t just wipe out the forest completely, but if that person had been there, I would have killed her first. She saved her life…… Tsk!”

When the magic was repelled and the [Shadow Dive] was used, the [Appraise] skill triggered by chance made it possible to see that Sharanra was a fake. That’s why he decided to move to get rid of the troublesome tool, and prioritized setting up a plan to deal with her once she appeared later.

He also made sure to give her a thorough beating and make sure she knew her place, but Zeros predicted that Sharanra would resent him. Perhaps it was because they were related by blood, but they were very much alike.

“You resent your own sister that much…… Are siblings supposed to have such a bloody relationship? Isn’t it supposed to be warmer than that?”

“I would rather you didn’t ask me. Surely there must be something very wrong back home at Zeros-san place.”

“I don’t think the problem is with my place, I think it’s just that she’s so brazen. If you were to try to become her friend, she would say, [If you’re my friend, would you be willing to fall into slavery to pay off your friend’s debt? Because you’re my friend, you’d be willing to sacrifice yourself for me, right?] I’m sure she’s going to say that in a calm manner. Definitely……. It’s okay to fantasize, Jane-san. But it’s important to accept reality as well, okay?”

“”Human scum……””

He had a similar experience of being treated like a slave or something like that.

Therefore, it would not be wrong for him to want those around him to be wary of her. For Sharanra, others are just disposable tools.

“Well, I hope that rotten sister of mine will be on high alert…… I wonder if Jane-san and the others are planning to leave the city today?”

“Ah…… the ship is leaving today, apparently. We need to leave the city right away or we’ll never make it.”

“That’s right. A three-hour carriage ride is barely enough time, right?”

“What did you do earlier in the day, Rena-san? Your skin looks very shiny……”

“There’ s no need to ask. The only thing standing between a boy and a woman is a beast’ called lust, okay?”

“””That’ s just yo ―――――――――――― u… Rena!”””

Even though there was no time to waste, Rena was true to her desires.

In her mind, there is only the image of [Boys and Women = A Lustful Feast]. She is a boy-lover supremacist.

We can all feel the hardships that Jane will have to endure in the future as her caretaker.

“Jane-san. If you can’t handle it, tell Wu Kei and the others. They will get her onto the ship even if it means knocking her out.”

“If things get out of hand, I’ll ask for help. Rena’s always like this. I’m used to it.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you find it difficult……”

“I think I’m going to have to rely on those Cuckoos. I don’t think I can hold Rena off by myself……”

“Wait, isn’t that too much!?”

It’s not too much. In fact, in terms of troublesomeness, Rena is on the same level as Sharanra.

They are either unpleasant or harmless if you don’t get involved with them, and both are troublesome if you look at them as acquaintances.

“It’s a three-day cruise, but please be careful. Especially if there are minors on board.”

“I understand. I would hate to think that Rena would be capable of being that mischievous, but I appreciate the strength to restrain her just in case.”

“Umm …… Rena is probably not mischievous enough, you know? Do you think wrapping her in a bamboo mat would be good?”

“Restraint!? What do you all think of me!”

“An indiscriminate shotacon.” (Iris)

“A dangerous person who has an obsessive interest in young boys.” (Ossan)

“You like kids (in a sexual sense) more than three meals a day” (Jane)


Being able to comprehend something can be a good thing or a bad thing.

And it was enough for you to realize how the people around you saw you.

That said, it doesn’t seem like Rena will be reflecting on her actions, but for now, she’s just thinking, [What’s wrong with loving a young boy? There are many old ladies out there who want to have a pretty boy’s body…… It’s not fair.], making her feel depressed.

No. Is she feeling depressed? It’s slight anxiety.

“…… Jane-san. Are you sure you’ll be okay? She’s…… a real piece of work, isn’t she?”

“If it weren’t for that, she’d be a reasonably dependable person…… Why do I get so anxious?”

“Well, it’s Rena-san……. I don’t think she’ll be sorry if we warn her now. Because it’s Rena-san, right?”

Iris’s words were convincing enough.

Rena, who was standing next to everyone else, was pouting. Well, I guess she got what she deserved.

An hour later, Jane and Rena left the city of Steeler with Wu Kei and the others.

Of course, it is obvious that Rena was attracted to a random boy passing by. Naturally, she was knocked out with fists by Wu Kei and the others and was carried away by them.

She seemed to be seriously sick after all.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“This way, sensei.”


“It’s amazing …… (It’s like Notre Dame Cathedral)”

After parting ways with Jane and the others, Celestina led Zeros and Iris to the Grand Library.

The architecture of the building was not that of a library, but more like a church or a cathedral. From the design, it was obvious that it had been built as a church and then converted into a library.

The light streaming in through the large stained-glass windows created a solemn atmosphere inside the library, creating a sanctity that was hard to believe for a public place.

The space for students to read is quite large, but the bookshelves are even more impressive. It is hard to tell how many books are kept in the library.

“As expected…… they have a collection of books from all over the country. That’s a lot of books…… I don’t know how much of what’s written is true, though.”

“Ojisan, can you really say something like that? Books are expensive, aren’t they? Doesn’t the accuracy of the content vary depending on the country or place where it was written?”

“That’s why I can’t deny that there is a possibility of some bias. It is another question how many books written from diverse perspectives exist and whether we can discern the truth within them.”

From a general point of view, many of the books in this world are written for the convenience of the side that won the war.

It would be difficult to find an unbiased record among them. This is because most of them are written conveniently and contain unnecessary details.

To find out what happened behind the scenes, it is necessary to know the history of the defeated side, and there will be no amount of time that will suffice if we start pursuing it. That’s why Zeros decided to focus only on the origins of religion in this world.

“It was after the War Against the Evil God that the Four Deities gained a major headstart. In light of that, I can see why the now-defunct God of Creation religion was practiced first. The question is, how did the Four Deities originate?”

“Isn’t it because the God of Creation is gone? Or a religious war?”

“However, when I looked into it, I found that there was no history of such a war. It’s as if the believers of God of Creation switched to the Four Deities. I’m not sure……”

“So, the Creationists turned into the Tetrarchy? Without any conflict? How is that even possible?”

According to the research in the archives of the Duke of Solisthea, there is no history of clashes between the two religions, and it is strange how the Four Deities religion gradually began to expand its influence over time.

At the same time, the Emergent Theocracy’s power declined at an unusually fast pace, and most Emergent Theocracy temples disappeared in just fifty years. In just fifty years, most of the Creationist temples disappeared and were transformed into Four Deities temples.

“According to the doctrine of the four deities, the four deities created the world, but I’m not sure what that actually means……”

“We don’t even know if the evil god even exists, do we? Did it exist in this world from the beginning, or did it suddenly appear from some other world?…… All we know is that……”

“The four deities can’t defeat the evil god. It seems that the difference in power was overwhelming, and it took a great deal of sacrifice just to seal it. In addition, there is the [Hero Summoning]. These heroes are also suspicious. There are about thirty-six of them…… and it looks like their names have been erased.”

“Heroes! It’s like a game, right? No way……”

“They brought them here from another world. I think they used them as convenient pawns, don’t you think? In the end, the surviving heroes have not been seen since then. They were likely disposed of as a group of dangerous people.”

It was all speculation, but from the information gathered, this is how it could be explained for now.

And even now, heroes exist in this world. In the Main Temple of the Four Deities, [Metis Holy Divine Kingdom].

It is the largest religious nation on the continent, and also a troublesome nation that frequently causes wars. The reason for this is that “We received an oracle from the Four Deities”. It’s a terrible thing.

“Sensei, why are you looking into the Four Deities? It’s a bit a crazy country, but it’s also a good country that single-handedly helps orphans and treats injuries and illnesses, you know?”

In response to Celestina’s question, which he had been listening to silently until now, Zeros smiled grimly and said, “Fu~……,” before turning to face her and answering her question.

“Of course, because I don’t like it……”

Celestina will never know that he thinks that all Four Deities are his enemies.

But he doesn’t hate all of their followers. All the Ossan wants to know is, “Are the four deities really gods?” That’s all he wants to know.

Knowing the identity of these four deities was one of the options that would determine his actions from now on.

Above all, if he didn’t know who the evil god is, it would be a catastrophe after he revived it.

Worst of all, the world might end up being destroyed.

Therefore, he could not tell his students that he was very cautious about this matter.

The Ossan made his way to the library’s reception desk, fooling around as he went. He walked with a light, tension-free step …….

He didn’t know that the library was a non-smoking place, and was scolded by the receptionist.

Even if you had a portable ashtray, it didn’t seem to work, making it a difficult world for smokers.


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