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Ossan Chapter 64

Ossan, Leaves Rahmuff Forest

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Sharanra regained consciousness in a room at a deserted inn.

The reason was that the magic tool, the [Demon Puppet], was destroyed and she could no longer keep her consciousness within the magic tool.

Although she obtained it through PKing, the [Demon Puppet] was easy to use and was a valuable tool. But she never thought that it would be destroyed.

In addition, the person who did this was her own younger brother, [Osaki Satoshi], and because he holds a considerable grudge against her older sister, Sharanra [Osaki Remi], he was merciless and even tried to kill her.

Of course, this is Remi’s fault, but she sees Satoshi as a convenient golden goose for her and doesn’t even think of herself as [Bad] at all. If she were to reflect on this, the relationship between her and her brother would be somewhat different, but the word [Remorse] is not in her dictionary.

“You’ve done it…… Satoshi ~~~~!!”

Of course, it was in her nature to resent.

“It was hard to get the [Demon Puppet]! Moreover, I had to use all the [Substitute Doll] and [Sacrificial Paper], it’s a big loss!”

In this world, [Substitute Doll] and [Sacrificial Paper] are relics of ancient times. Of course, no one can make them. Once they were lost, it was impossible to get them again.

With this, Remi would have to do the assassination work by herself, and her safety would not be guaranteed. In addition to that, if the [Rejuvenation Potion] does not give her much time left in her life, there’s no way she can do anything rash.

She had a theory that her brother, Satoshi, was the only mage who could remove the effects of this potion, but the bad relationship between the two siblings had turned out to be a setback.

The fact that he can say to his sister, “I don’t care if you die,” is probably the result of all the things that Remi has done so far. Her brother is so absorbed in the madness that he is willing to kill her.

He would run her over with his magic bike without mercy just to kill her if he saw her. On Earth, it would be difficult to commit a perfect crime because of the laws and the disposal of corpses, which would leave some traces of your actions.

However, the value of life is low in this world, and forensic investigation is impossible, and so, perfect crimes can be committed using magic and magic tools.

Moreover, Satoshi was so determined to kill her that he made Remi spend all of her cards and warned her that “There would be no next time.” There was no doubt that if she showed up at Satoshi’s door, he would kill her without mercy. There was no doubt that he would do exactly what he said.

The fact that Reimei can say, “It’s not my fault” even though she is resented to such an extent is, in a sense, amazing.

“Not only…… did he abandon his sister, but he also tried to kill her…… How heartless of him!”

As for Satoshi, who was deprived of his life’s purpose and forced to live in the country, he would like to say, “Screw you!” But unfortunately, Remi is a self-centered person who lives her life to the fullest.

She doesn’t care if she’s ruining her brother’s life or spending other people’s money, and she doesn’t even feel remorse.

From another point of view, she lived a very positive life. In a way, it was an enviable character.

However, at the moment, Remi is facing a big problem.

“But still, I can’t believe that the [Rejuvenation Potion] is a defective product…… You gotta be kidding me, I don’t want to die yet!”

As a consequence of using items obtained by robbing others, she will grow into an old woman in a few years and her life will soon be over.

She deserved what was coming to her, but she was egotistical in every way. And she was the vilest person alive.

“If it was made by one of Satoshi’s friends, of course, Satoshi is responsible for it. The problem is that he is an [Annihilator]…… It is obvious that if anyone gets close to him, they will be killed, and that is troublesome……”

It reminded her of the time when she was forced to wear an unknown piece of equipment and was thrown into a cave inhabited by multiple dragons. All of her equipment and items were used up, and she was forced to fight endlessly as her escape route was blocked.

The difference in level was too great to overcome, and all that was left were consumable items.

There were no words of [Mercy] or [Forgiveness], only a resolute will to “Push the enemy thoroughly and annihilate them.” Moreover, the more time passed, the more monsters appeared in groups, and the difficulty level increased dramatically.

She was thoroughly tortured to her very last breath. Furthermore, the cursed items remained intact and the monsters chased her around until the effects wore off. The ones that haunt her to the end are the [Annihilators], and they are so vicious that it is no exaggeration to say that they are almost like demons.

For her, the [Annihilators] were nothing but objects of fear, and she would have never thought that one of them would be her brother. Now that she thought about it, it made sense for him to be so relentless.

“If I don’t get rid of the effects of the [Rejuvenation Potion] soon, I’m going to die…… In addition to that, I don’t know where he lives……. Even if I wanted to use Satoshi’s weaknesses, he’s too much for me to handle right now……”

On Earth, Satoshi would have been a mere human, but here in the other world, he is now a real [Annihilator].

He is a monster with the overwhelming strength of a high-level person, and low-level people with equipment items that enhance their abilities are no match for him. This is where it gets tricky.

And if he even possessed assassination skills, there was no chance of winning.

In addition, she believes that Satoshi knows about the existence of an item that can remove the effect of the [Rejuvenation Potion]. He has a personality that doesn’t trust others but instead takes advantage of them, so he only interprets things in his favor.

However, even if he told the truth: “There is no such thing as an item that cancels the effects of the potion!” No matter how honestly he says it, it’s meaningless if she doesn’t believe him. The rest is just her selfish desperation.

‘First, I’ll have to figure out where he lives and move in, and then I’ll do my best to fix the situation…… I’m sure he’s a hikikomori* anyway, so I’ll use my usual methods……’


Remi – or Sharanra, as she’s called – begins to devise a plan to stay alive.

But she forgets. She forgets that the person who understands her the best is her brother, Satoshi……

The fact that he is not a person that she can use the same trick on over and over again has been wiped clean from her mind.

She completely forgot that she had been kicked out of the dormitory for taking advantage of the fact that she was moving to a single-room dorm for employment.

Most importantly, Satoshi – Zeros, now, has no hesitation.

On Earth, it might have been possible, but in this other world, it would have been extremely dangerous to have him as an enemy, and that thought had vanished from her mind. She was short-sighted and acted on the spur of the moment.

She has the vitality to be resourceful when her expectations are off, which makes her difficult to deal with. In her mind, she thought that Zeros was just a [younger brother] that she could use.

No, because he was her brother, she might have decided that she would be able to use him a lot.

“Just you wait……. I’ll use any means necessary to force you to talk…… Fufufu.”

Being the snob that she is, she decides to search where Zeros lives.

Moreover, she had not the slightest idea that her devious plan could fail. She was a woman who never learned.

An enviable character indeed.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Two days after the mission to protect Zweit, Zeros and the others were riding in a carriage.

The students were on their way back to the Istor Magic Academy after their field training.

Those who have leveled up are feeling weary and are now being carried in the back of the carriage, while those who haven’t, have been forced to keep walking.

Iris and Jane are happy that they were able to get some monster materials, but Rena is in a depressed mood. Perhaps it’s because she couldn’t get her hands on the boys she was after.

For some reason, these boys had awakened to a distorted sense of justice and were under the Weissler Reformist group with Zweit and the others.

The name “Weissler’s Reformist” is just something that the boys and the people around them are calling themselves, but it will be some time before this becomes popular.

Meanwhile, Zeros was scribbling away on a stack of papers, drawing a portrait of a woman in several various forms.

“Ojisan…… what are you doing? Sketching?”

“This? There was this detestable crazy woman, so I’m drawing up a list of possible suspects. What do you think will happen if I give this to Duke DelSasis?”

“You hate…… your sister, don’t you? She’s probably already on the wanted list, isn’t she? But still…… you’re very skillful.”

He draws unnecessarily detailed and realistic pictures, yet his grades in art at school were low.

The reason why Zeros can draw such pictures is probably that he is good at designing since he is a production worker. This was one of the skills he possessed, as he could add various designs to some equipment.

“Yes, she tried to kill the duke’s heir. From now on, she’s going to be hunted by bounty hunters, and she’s going to have to live every day avoiding the public eye. I’m sure she’ll show up at my place soon.”

Already anticipating her next action, Zeros decided to make the first move.

She knew the side-effects of the [Rejuvenation Potion] and judging from the fact that she would surely show up in search of a way to counteract its effects, she decided to block Remi’s – Sharanra’s movements by utilizing bounty hunters.

“But why are there so many different variations? This one is a child, right?”

“It’s not as if that idiot has more than one of the [Rejuvenation Potion] in her possession. You have to make the first move to gain control and narrow down your options. That woman has a certain charm about her, so there’s no guarantee that people won’t fall for it.”

“What a sister…… Ossan, I guess you’re not blessed with a good family……”

“In public, she plays the role of a good sister. I’m sure Jane-san will be fooled in no time. So is Luceris-san……”

Both of them are too good-natured for their own, so Jane and Luceris are sitting ducks for Sharanra.

What they think is a small loan may turn out to be a huge debt. The worst that could happen is that they would fall into slavery.

That’s basically how Zeros explained it as he drew the sketch.

“Wh, What a wicked woman…… I don’t want to meet her!”

“If you were the same age or looked younger, there would be a good chance you would both be fooled. She’s not afraid to use any means to get what she wants, and she’s so rotten that if you happen to leave any letters or messages, she’ll forge the documents from there.”

“What kind of woman is she? ! She’s so vicious!”

“[The good guys are good suckers] she says. She is rotten to the point of thinking that other people’s money is her own. She is so self-centered that she will easily sacrifice other people’s lives for her to live in luxury…… Huh~……”

“That’s tough, Ojisan……”

“I’m sure she would have no problem kidnapping orphans and selling them to slavers. And she would not hesitate to sell Jane-san and Luceris-san. That woman is……”

To protect those who are close to him, he prepares many tricks for them.

Otherwise, Jane and the others would be easily deceived and would most likely end up as prostitutes before they knew it.

It’s not enough to be wary of the many methods that can be used, the viciousness of Sharanra is beyond comparison. The number of victims will continue to increase if he doesn’t take care of her soon.

“But Ojisan, you don’t know how to remove the effect of the potion, do you? Why doesn’t your sister believe you?”

“She only thinks of things that are convenient for her. Even if you say you don’t know, it won’t matter if she doesn’t believe you, and more importantly, she won’t believe a word I say. That’s why I have to put a stop to this as soon as possible!”

“Ah~…… she’s that kind of person~. She’s a selfish person I guess.”

“Selfish …… I don’t think that word is remotely appropriate to describe her, you know? She’s horrible!”

“In other words, there’s a possibility that she’ll use the [Rejuvenation Potion] again, and this time she’ll be rejuvenated as a child to approach us, right?”

“That’s right …… that’s what these things are arranged for. She thinks she’ll always be young, so she overreacts to words like “hag” and “old”. She doesn’t realize it, though.”

Jane and Iris seemed to have completely understood how dangerous Sharanra was.

Beside them, Rena shed tears seeing the boys who had grown despite their ages.

“Cabruno-Kun. Do you think that the gap between the nobles and the mages from the common people should be eliminated?”

“Yes, but in reality, it’d be difficult. The aristocratic mages who have been educated to fulfill their duties have a strong sense of self-esteem. I don’t think they’ll be easily convinced when they’re so determined to rise to the top. If it’s the second or third born, we might be able to recruit them to our side, but they don’t have the guts to make an enemy of their own family.”

“A reform may be difficult ……, but we must do it!”

“Of course! It is the younger generation, like us, who will shape the future. We will have to replace those people who are entrenched in old traditions.”

“Cabruno-Sa—–ma is so aweso——–me!”

Some …… strange individuals are mixed in, but the boys were ready to dedicate themselves to a better future. They are taking the knowledge they have and putting it into a different perspective to reform the country.

One wrong move and they will turn into extremists. No one knows what will happen to these boys in the future, but for now, at least, it’s certain that they are not going in the wrong direction…… hopefully.

“He was an innocent little boy until the other day, and in the last few days, he has become such an adult…… It was my job to mold them into adults, you know? And yet……”

“””No, that’s not your job, you know!?”””

There is a problem when a sexual predator hangs around a place where young people gather.

Fortunately, the boys would have a good time, but if they had a child, it would be a problem.

Especially if a child is born to someone from a noble family or a merchant of a big merchant store, it could be a problem for many people.

“Rena-san…… Which is more important to you, momentary pleasure or livelihood?”

“Pleasure! If you take that away, there’s nothing left for me!”

“Don’t say that! I’m ashamed of you! What if you have a baby? I just don’t know what drives you to do that?”

“That’s because Jane is a virgin. You should ask Zeros-san to make you a woman soon. You’ll know how I feel, won’t you? Besides, if it’s a girl, I’ll raise her like a normal girl, and if it’s a boy, I’ll…… slurp …… Uhehe♡”

“What the hell are you talking about? Besides, didn’t you say the same thing before!”

Jane was too shy to talk about such things.

Rena knew this, and that’s why she was so thick-skinned. And her sense of morality was somewhat strange. This was a good way to avoid being lectured by Jane, but Rena’s common sense was too different from the common people.

“Zeros-san, would you please man up? If you keep on like this, Jane, she’ll be a failure as a woman, okay? As a friend, I’m a little concerned.”

“As for me, I’m OK at any time, but it depends on how Jane-san feels about it, doesn’t it? I’m not going to deny that forcing a woman is a bit too much…… but it’s also a very exciting situation.”

“Hiya! Making out…… with you! Before that, Lu also……”

“You’re allowed to have polygamy, right? I wonder if Luceris-san should get married along with you? Ah, but what would happen to the orphanage if you do that?”

“Zeros-san’s house is behind the orphanage, right? No problem then. But if you’re getting married, the mercenary life is not going to be…… a problem, is it?”

Rena and Iris started to make fun of Jane.

The problem is that when they talk about these topics, Jane gets very stubborn. It was only a matter of time before she finally said, “I have no intention of getting married!”

And if she gets in a bad mood, she won’t even talk to them for a while.

“Hmmm…… It might be better to have a serious discussion with Luceris-san. But I’m a middle-aged man, you know? Isn’t that going to be a problem?”

“I think you’ll be fine. Because Rena-san is also messing with someone younger than herself, and in the case of Ojisan, you’re an adult who can plan for the future. It’s better than being a criminal, right? Rena-san, you are indiscriminate……”

“Iris gave me a hard time! Well, I can’t deny it, though.”

“Cut me some slack! Why do you have to say it so openly!?”

Putting aside the matter of Sharanra, marriage would be a very important matter.

After all, he was suddenly going to marry two wives. Furthermore, they are childhood friends, and both have a soft spot for Zeros. Although Jane was in denial, it was obvious from her attitude.

The love syndrome was a nasty disease that not only exposed one’s chemistry with the opposite sex but also made one’s instincts demand it, no matter how much one denied it.

Whether to call this a lovesickness is questionable, but there is no doubt that it is highly likely to lead to a happy family.

“For now, please leave this topic for later. If you showed me this cute Jane, I think my instincts would go out of control and I wouldn’t be able to resist…… Seriously, though, right?”

“Ho, how……. How am I, cute……”

“””No, seriously, you’re so cute.”””

Zeros and the other three are grumblings in their minds.

The way she glanced at Zeros with her face dyed bright red had enough destructive power to make anyone melt.

The only person who is not aware of it is herself.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“”Damn it——– just die!!” ”

Zweit and Eromura-Kun of the Unpopular Alliance were both screaming their hearts out.

For the two of them, who had never had a girlfriend in their lives, they envied Zeros for being surrounded by women.

Iris is acceptable to both of them, and seeing him surrounded by women, including Jane and Rena, is precisely what they desire in their everyday life.

“Why …… W•H•Y, are the girls all over that old man…… the world is unreasonable!”

“I know how you feel, comrade……. But Shishou is much more mature than we are. He can take care of the women better than we can, even if he is usually reckless.”

“Kuh…… So we’re just a bunch of young people…… Some things can’t be handled by just being young……”

“Shishou would be able to take care of several women at once. He has the power to make enough money to do so……”

“Economic power and strength……. I should have gone for a production job too……”

The two of them hit it off, and while complaining to each other as if they had just gotten drunk in the middle of the day, their moods gradually improve.

For these two, Zeros’s situation seemed to be endlessly enviable.

“Zweit…… that’s not important, you need to set up a date with Celestina. Me, I’m looking forward to it, okay?”

“That said, she’s always in the Main Library. I’ve often seen her discussing with Kreuz…… You, still haven’t even talked to her?”

“I couldn’t get the opportunity …… I’m a combat mage, and my use of magic is limited…….. I’m jealous. I wish I knew what her hobbies were.”

“She often talks with Macintosh ~……”

“It’s Makarov, okay? Come on, remember his name…… No, wait! He’s been talking to her often!? No way, Makarov knows Celestina……”

The thought of his former classmate chatting happily with the girl of his dreams made Dio jealous.

He had never even talked to her properly himself, and he was getting impatient with this unexpected ambush. And that impatience was about to take a dangerous turn.

“I’ll have to eliminate him while I still can…… I must get rid of any pests that get near her……”

“Wait, he’s only there to learn about magic formulas!? If you kill him, you’ll lose more than just your favorability!”

“Even I …… want to have a magic discussion with HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It wasn’t that he was about to give up, rather, he was already there.

Dio, screaming his heart out. Unfortunately, Dio was not a spell crafter, but a magic user.

Therefore, he was not in a position to interfere in the conversation with Makarov, who had a production job and was also a researcher. He could talk about strategy as much as he wanted, but he was not in a position to create magical formulas for improvements and efficiency.

Of course, Dio was good at magic manipulation, but he was not an expert in suggesting improvements or reducing power consumption. Naturally, he could not decipher magic formulas.

Mages who specialize in combat are trained to use existing magic, and their thinking is different from that of research workers. This is because their main research is limited to strategy.

With Kreuz, another researcher, by her side, he was in the pitiful situation of always having to sit on the side and watch.

“Comrade…… you’re in trouble too. You’re the bridge between my best friend and his sister. If you could, you’d introduce me to…… No, it’s nothing.”

“You, it’s good you didn’t finish that sentence. If you had said anything else after that…… you’d better watch your back, okay?”

“Dio…… don’t talk to anyone like that……. What about my grandfather, what are you going to do about him?”

“…… We have to kill them before he kills us, right? If it happens…… Zweit, I want you at least to collect my bones.”

“Don’t tell me you’re willing to risk your life!? How resigned are you, you bastard!?”

“Your grandfather, is he that terrifying? More importantly…… The [Slave Collar] I have to get rid of it as soon as possible……”

Considering that he will be granted amnesty this time, Eromura-Kun will head to the city of Steeler and be placed under house arrest at the guild for a while.

In fact, as a slave and someone who can’t refuse orders of his own volition, he will be commended for escaping from an unlawful situation. Moreover, he is a criminal slave who was sold illegally.

If he had played a role in stopping the assassination, he could become a free man. At this stage, he is waiting for the decision of his father, DelSasis……

“I remember another one of my companions…… Anzu, right? How is she doing? I don’t see her……”

“If it’s that girl…… it looks like she’s sleeping in the wagon with Shishou, ok? She’s got three cuckoos fainting in agony……”

“Alone with that powerful creatures……. In a way, isn’t she the strongest of them all?”

In the corner of the wagon in which Zeros are riding, the fainting, white-eyed Cuckoos were helplessly twitching around the sleeping little girl.

In comparison to the chickens that showed their strength, which could be called the strongest, Anzu was able to subdue them without any effort, Zweit and Eromura-Kun are speechless.

Despite their thoughts, the happy-go-lucky girl seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“This…… material was created in an unfamiliar way, right? I wonder how it should be used……”

“You’ve been concocting magic potions again, haven’t you? You’re not making any weird gas this time, are you?”

On the back of the carriage, Kreuz is working tirelessly to prepare a magic potion.

Fortunately, no strange poisonous gas was produced, but when he tried to [Appraise] it, he had no idea what effect the resulting potion would have. It was really difficult to figure it out.

“Even with Kreuz-sama’s [Appraisal], you still don’t know what kind of effect it has?”

“Hmmm…… I can only see one thing, it says enhancer, but I can’t see anything else…… It’s a mystery!”

“Enhancers…… Depending on what it’s enhancing…”

Cristey specializes in magic tools, but she is also very knowledgeable in magic potions.

There are several types of enhances, but they are not so complicated that they cannot be examined with the [Appraisal] skill. It is impossible to not see a description.

“Is it a new type of potion, by any chance? If that’s the case, it would explain why it can’t be appraised.”

“That’s what I thought, too, Celestina. What exactly is [??? Enhancer], and I couldn’t tell what it was. It’s a byproduct of an accident, but I’ve got the recipe down.”

“Then you can make as many as you want. Our faction will have a new page in its history.”

“But first, I need to find out what the effects are. Kreuz-niisama…… please do not experiment on human beings……”

“I won’t……. Who do you think I am, Celestina?”

The enhancer that was created by the foul odor was an unknown new drug that could not be appraised.

If he were to ask Zeros to help him here, he would be able to give him a detailed evaluation, but his pride as a mage would not allow him to do so.

Kreuz is such a researcher that he is always willing to investigate anything for himself.

“I guarantee it. It’s made by Kreuz, so it must be a piece of crap!”

“What a terrible accusation. I know I’ve made up a lot of…… weird stuff like that. But all experiments have their failures. These failures lead to new results!”

“You already realized that!? In your case, you’re not at a level where failure is enough. There will be casualties for sure……”

It was a miracle that there were still no casualties.

The problem is that although there are no deaths, people are suffering from terrible symptoms, or have been severely traumatized, or have witnessed creatures they have never seen before.

“Speaking of which, what exactly was it that Cristey-san saw in Kreuz-Nisama’s room before? We didn’t get any of the details…… Cristey-san?”


Cristey was silent, but her expression was as pale as a corpse.

Kreuz, who was sleeping in his rotten room, did not notice, but there was indeed a non-existent roommate in his room.

Cristey had accidentally opened the unlocked door and saw an unearthly presence there.

The presence left an everlasting trauma in her mind.

Celestina’s casual words brought up the situation of that time sealed deep in her memory, and as a flashback, she vividly recalled the images in her mind.

“Iya~a ā ā ā ā ā ā ā ā ā ā ā a a~! !”

Then she screamed. It seemed that she had witnessed something terrifying.

“It can’t be! There is no way in the world that such a creature could exist!! That kind of…… horrible, bizarre, uncanny, strange-looking…… and hilarious existence on top of that …….”


Then, as if possessed by something, she crouched down on the spot and started mumbling something to herself.

Everyone there tried to ask her for details, but their words failed to reach her.

She would be like a patient being quarantined in a mental ward somewhere. It would be useless to ask her. Some things in this world are better left unknown.

“Seriously…… what did she see in your room?”

“I don’t know…… As far as I can remember, the only thing I saw was her passed out in the hallway and being taken care of by everyone. I wish she would tell me what she saw……”

“From the looks of it, it’s best not to force her to talk. What in the world was in Kreuz-Nisama’s room? It’s a mystery……”

“Speaking of which, a year ago. From Kreuz’s room, I heard, “Stop it, stop it, stop it! I’ll knock you out!!” Kreuz was sleeping in the research building at that time. Who the hell was there?”

“I don’t know. Even I’d like to know.”

Istor Magic Academy’s Dangerous Zone, the students’ dormitory, Kreuz’s room, has become a mysterious area where unknown creatures lived.

It is known as a dangerous zone where everyone is afraid to set foot in and never go near it.

For some reason, Yi Lin was the only one who could enter such a mysterious place and was able to clean it.

However, Yi Lin has never witnessed or heard of any unknown creature in Kreuz’s room.

“Yi Lin is the only one who doesn’t see anything…… Are you sure you didn’t see anything? Are you sure you’re not just erasing it from your memory as Caro did?”

“I can’t rule out that possibility, but I haven’t had anything like that yet, have I? So how do you explain that?”

“I don’t know. Even you, who live there, don’t know, so how can we outsiders know……”

“That’s a good theory. Well, let’s just think about this enhancer for now…… What is it?”

Kreuz was curious about the unknown, but he wasn’t so obsessed with what he didn’t know that he would stick with it forever.

He looked at the enhancer in his hand and began to pick up some of the various ways of creating the potion.

The group, including students and mercenaries, continued on their way back to the academy city of Steeler.

Although they managed to turn without incident, at this point the difference in level between many of the academy students was almost even, so it could be said that the field training was a success.

Among them, some had risen from the bottom of the class to the top of the class, and their abilities far exceeded those of the instructors.

It was a good thing for the academy, but for the instructors, it meant more trouble for them.

This would eventually lead to a complete overhaul of the academy’s education, but that didn’t matter to the people who were chattering about it here.

At any rate, this was the end of the field training in Rahmuff Forest.


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