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Ossan Chapter 63

Ossan, Seriously thinking about it.

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The base of the criminal organization, [Hydra], is often located deep underground.

Usually, when building a city, it was a common technique to fill in the old streets and use them as the foundation for the new land. This type of city structure was well-known in places like Rome, for example.

If you dig a hole, you will often find ruins, and some of them may even contain magic tools from ancient times. In other words, it is a great place for criminals to hide, and they have become a kind of underground crime city used by various criminal organizations.

There are hidden entrances and exits in many places, and the construction of these bases is done by slaves who have been sold off, and the corridors are spread out like a net underground in these historical ruins.

Over the years, many criminal organizations have established underground connections with multiple others by expanding their subterrene passages, and by joining forces, the criminal organization [Hydra] was born.

However, the [Hydra] was destroyed by a single man.

The cause was a girl. The girl was the one that the crime syndicate had been looking for relentlessly, even searching desperately for a way to use her power. The reason for this was that she was a bloodline mage who had inherited powerful magic in her.

It all started when they killed the girl’s family. They were trying to use her abilities, but she was just a little girl at the time. In order to protect her, the family resisted [Hydra].

It resulted in the whole family dead, except for one, whose whereabouts were also lost.

However, [Hydra] did not give up. They truly believed that with that bloodline magic, their prosperity was guaranteed.

And while they searched desperately for the girl, it was the Duke of Solisthea who stood in their way.

In short, she was working as a maidservant for the ducal household. The biggest problem was the next head of the family, DelSasis. He was a student at the academy at the time, but he was also known in the underworld as a very powerful man, and he had been crushing underworld organizations one after another and incorporating them into his own.

Still, they were determined to get their hands on the girl, so when she entered the Istor Magic Academy, they took advantage of the situation and kidnapped her. As a maidservant, she not only took care of the heir but also enrolled as a student at the same academy and always accompanied DelSasis.

However, the consequences were devastating, and the huge organization collapsed in a month.

What’s more, it is surprising to learn that the clue that led to the discovery of the base was a dagger found in the underground ruins. The dagger had been used by a tribe in ancient times, and one of the kidnappers who happened to find it loved to use it, but he was defeated by DelSasis, leaving the dagger behind.

After examining the dagger, which was the only clue found, the location of their base was discovered because it was a rare item at the time and they were a thriving tribe in a certain region, and within a few days the existence of the organization underneath a certain city was discovered.

Then, DelSasis rode in with a few of his friends and the [Hydra] was completely crushed.

Additionally, there was a group that took control of the underworld following [Hydra]’s disappearance, but this group was also destroyed by DelSasis.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

While running through the forest, Garrance was running away with the girl.

This girl’s bloodline magic [Foresight] is powerful. If you can predict what’s going to happen in the future, you can make a different choice to ensure your safety, and you can also revive the underworld business.

The goal is to escape with a few of his men to the Aurus River, and from there escape to another country by ship.

If they could get out of this country, they could then use the girl’s power to rise again. To do so, he had killed the leader who had raised him and taken her from him, but the result was that he was being hunted down each time he moved.

In frustration, Garrance forcefully pulls his hand away from the girl.

“Run faster! They’ll catch up with us!!”

“No. You will die here…… It is already decided.”

“This is impossible…… With you, I can rebuild my life! With your help!!”

“Impossible? Because…… I’m the one who brought this to happen.”

“Wh, what……?”

Garrance was unable to grasp what the girl was saying.

No, he probably didn’t even understand. He must not have even thought about how risky [Foresight] magic was.

However, the girl in front of him was different. Her eyes were filled with firm determination as she looked straight at Garrance.

“My family is short-lived. That’s because we are humans, and it is against the will of Heaven for us to see into the future. By reducing our own life span as the price of seeing the future, we can know where the future will take us.”

“So what? Then you’re more valuable to me than they ever were to you!!”

“I don’t think you understand. That our family has been laying the groundwork since ancient times to rid the world of this magic? You killing my parents was one of those things.”


“It may have been you who sought the help of my parents and me, but it was us who set you up for this.”

It was absurd. However, it was a very important matter for the family that had inherited a magic called [Foresight].

This magic is something that they cannot control themselves, and they always see the future in the form of dreams. Every time they do, their lifespan is cut down and they cannot live for long. So how can they continue to live in peace? They seek the answer to this question while cutting down their own lifespan, and arrive at the answer.

In short, it is possible to set the world in a future where the descendants who do not inherit the [Foresight] ability are born.

It was a ray of hope that had taken a tremendous amount of time to find. The girl’s family had been working behind the scenes of history to ensure that their bloodline magic would never appear again.

To do so, they sometimes sacrificed members of their own family, and some of them even sold out their families to those in power in a painful decision, while others continued to watch as they met a tragic end.

All of this was planned by the whole family, who wanted the hope of passing on their blood and dreamed of erasing this magic from the world. When Garrance learned the truth, a chill ran down his spine.

“It…… is insane……”

“”Insane”. ……. Yes, but how can you say that. You yourself wanted these powers, didn’t you? We had to sacrifice everything to take this power away from those malicious people forever. My parents, too…….

It was people like you who drove us to that point, you know? So it’s okay for us to take advantage of them, isn’t it? We can use you for our well-being, just as you use us for yours, can’t we? You wanted to know the future, didn’t you? This is the future you wanted to see. There’s nothing you can do to change it now.”

For the first time, Garrance was terrified by a person.

[Hydra] is an organization that has a long history and has existed in the dark for more than a hundred years, and has sometimes used the [Foresight] bloodline mages. However, if all of this is a set-piece, then the Hydra organization itself has been manipulated by them. Although they intended to use the family for their purposes, they were led in the opposite direction and moved to this end.

And if even the fact that he was here now was the result of being led by the girl, it was something he couldn’t accept.

“Idiot! …… It can’t be! This is all nonsense!! You’re just stalling for time until… wha!?”

An arrow pierced Garrance left shoulder, and he fell to the ground in pain.

It seems that a fast-acting paralyzing poison has been applied carefully, and his body is gradually becoming numb. In addition, ice magic is shot into the subordinates, causing them to be turned into unpleasant things.

“Milena, are you okay?”

“You’re late, Misuka~. You almost ruined our plans~”

A blue-haired, bespectacled girl, holding a bow, approached the girl with caution and headbutted Serena in the forehead.

“Ouch~~! You’re terrible, Misuka~~”

“This is your punishment for keeping secrets from me. God, you are such a pain in the ass……”

“But, if I tell you the future, everything will be ruined. I had no choice but to keep quiet. By the way, where’s Dell-kun?”

“Yeah, yeah, your hottie. That Dell guy is over there……”

“I’m here, okay? God…… you’re a pain in the ass, Milena. I’ll lecture you later.”

“Ue ~e ~ ……. Be nice to me, okay?”

A young man wearing a crimson robe suddenly came from behind a tree.

He was in his teens, but his face gave off a mature impression that could hardly be called youthful. However, the moment he saw Milena’s face, his expression softened slightly.

“That’s up to you, Milena. If you want, we can do it in bed, you know?”

“He~~i. What do are you talking about at a time like this? I’m kind of happy though……”

“The hell you’re happy about! Still, when did you arrive…… Dell, weren’t you …… fighting the remnants a while ago? You said ‘I’ll take care of this!'”

“They were weaker than I expected. The monsters in Far-Flung Forest were ten times stronger. Very easy.”

“You can’t compare it to those monsters over there! God, I really don’t know where you get your thrill-seeking from. After all that …… rampaging……”

“I’m not going to stop, okay? It’s my idea of fun. So, is this the last of them?”

Delsasis turned to Garrance and conjured up a fireball in his hand.

“You messed with my girl……. You’re ready for this, right? Sorry, but I’m not gonna let you live.”

Garrance turned his attention to his surroundings.

If he was hit by the magic attack now, there was no doubt that he would die, and the only way to escape was to jump into the river below the cliff.

However, the chances of dying were high since the paralyzing poison would not allow his body to move freely.

With no choice, there was only one course of action that Garrance could take. He had to take a gamble.

“I won’t let you kill me so easily!!”

Garrance started to run toward the cliff, but his movement was much slower than expected. Still, he took a gamble and used all his strength.

Then, he was blown away by the magical blast released by DelSasis, and Garrance fell down the cliff.

He had no memory of what happened after he fell into the Auras River. However, Garrance washed up on the riverbank downstream and survived. He then went into hiding in order to make a comeback.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“…… A dream, or rather a bad dream. Damned.”

Garrance had been waiting for Sharanra’s report and had apparently taken a short nap.

He was supposed to be a middle-aged man in his mid-sixties, but he had regained the youth of a thirty-something with the help of Sharanra’s [Rejuvenation Potion]. However, he is completely unaware of its side effects.

Now that he is young again, he is working vigorously to expand his underground organization, and so, [Hydra] continues to grow, incorporating multiple criminal organizations.

Even if his youth was only temporary, it was enough to ignite his ambition. In order to regain his former glory, he has begun to take the initiative in taking on even dangerous tasks.

“All right. I don’t think Sharanra will fail, and this will give me a chance to get even with him. It’ll be enough to teach the whole country to be afraid of me. ……”

To the outside, he is an abusive old man muttering to himself in his room. However, if he was able to assassinate a member of the duke’s family, the success of [Hydra] would definitely be assured.

Although it was not yet achieved, Garrance was intoxicated by the dream of reviving the organization that was lingering in front of him. That’s how much he values Sharanra’s skill as an assassin. He finds it hard to think that she could fail.

Garrance grabbed a bottle of liquor from the table, poured it into a glass beside him, and poured it down his throat with gusto.

He smiled with pleasure and was about to pour the wine into the glass again when suddenly something unexpected happened.

“Boss! We have a problem!!”

“What is it? I’m in a good mood…… I’ll kill you if you say anything stupid, okay?”

“It’s the …… Knights Order! We have been attacked by the Knights Order.!!”

“WHAT? Ridiculous…… How did they found this place……”

“Anyway, we’ve got to get out of here! All exits are completely blocked!!”

“Tsk! It’s him…… Just how far do you want to get in my way? Damn it!!”

In the past, [Hydra] had multiple entrances and exits in the underground passageways, and as each entrance and exit was blocked, there was no place to escape, and the invaders crushed it from outside.

The attack was carried out by a group of young men with exceptional strength, but there was nothing they could do when powerful magic attacks were used in the narrow passages. The escape route was completely blocked by a magic tool, and the remaining few entrances and exits were flooded with people, who were then annihilated by powerful magic attacks.

The fact that they were based underground prevented the movement of large numbers of people, making them easy targets for all kinds of dangerous and bloodthirsty people. Moreover, as if to exterminate rats, they were led to specific escape routes and attacked intensively.

In the end, many of his men died in agony as they were sprayed with poison, and the relentless and vicious attacks easily destroyed [Hydra]. Having a base underground became its downfall.

However, the current Garrance could not openly set up a base in the middle of the city either. A large number of ruffians coming in and out of the city would stand out, and it was not possible to set up a base in the city outskirts where monsters frequented.

For this reason, they prepared several places with underground hiding places and changed their bases every few days to protect themselves by confusing the eyes of their pursuers. If they kept changing their locations, it would certainly be difficult to track them down, but in other words, they would not be able to do any major work. With only a limited number of people available to secure the perimeter, giving work orders requires a tedious process. It is also difficult to keep track of the new people who have joined the organization.

Even so, it was better than the organization being destroyed, so they had acted cautiously, but as of now, Garrance was being hunted down.

“That duke…… will do that! Using his own son as bait!!”

Garrance cursed himself for being so naive.

It was fine until a young man from the academy came to him with a request. However, the target was the son of the Duke of DelSasis, and even a fool could tell that the movements of the lineageist faction that offered the request were constantly being monitored.

He thought that they would definitely strengthen the guards on his son, but he didn’t expect that they would directly target him. It was obvious that they were going to use his own son as bait to completely destroy [Hydra].

“This is crazy…… Tsk, I’m moving our base!”

“What are we going to do about our men? If we don’t do something, they’re gonna……”

“There is always someone who can take their place! Of course, the priority right now is to get out of here, you idiot!!”

With that, Garrance moved the shelves behind him and chose to escape through the passageway behind it.

He hurriedly ran through the passageway and the intricate underground paths as fast as he could. He could hear the sound of swords clashing in the distance, so he knew he didn’t have much time.

After running through the long corridor, he finally arrived at the exit door and found himself in a forest on the outskirts of the city. From the outside, it was just a cave, covered by trees that had been planted on purpose.

“Once we escape from here, all that’s left is… ugh!?”

Almost as if it were a replay of the past, a flying arrow pierced Garrance’s left shoulder.

Looking in the direction of the arrow, he saw a woman with blue hair and glasses holding a bow as if he had returned to the past. He recognized the woman.

Surprisingly, the woman hadn’t changed much, the only difference being that she was wearing a maid’s uniform. Moreover, the man he loathed was standing beside her with his arms crossed.

“You look familiar. I didn’t think you were still alive.”

“Kuh…… Duke DelSasis…… It’s a pleasure to see you here……”

“That’s right. If you hadn’t done anything stupid, I wouldn’t have made my move. I let you go a long time ago, and that’s what got us into this mess. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay the price. Fortunately, there’s no river here, so there’s no escape.”

“Tsk…… Did you use that woman’s power…… If not, there’s no way you can find this place.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you…… but this is the result of a long time of the investigation. You can easily do this without resorting to some stupid power, you know? It is the incompetent who put their trust in the easily obtainable power.”

Garrance thought he understood how terrifying DelSasis was. But in reality, he was even more dangerous than he had imagined. The fact that he even knew of the secret way out meant that he had a spy hiding under his command.

It was a strategy that Garrance often used, but the duke was just more cunning than that.

However, if he could deal with the two people in front of him, he could escape. If he could kill DelSasis, his name would be known in the underworld.

Normally, he would have given up, believing that he was already trapped, but Garrance was still obsessed with his ambition, and he took a gamble. He pulled out the knife at his waist and closed in on DelSasis.



The dagger held in his other hand repelled the knife aimed at DelSasis, and he kicked the staggering Garrance. DelSasis, with both daggers in his hands, was watching the action like a predator hunting its prey.

The way DelSasis moved his arms made it difficult for him to read the daggers as if he couldn’t figure out what to do next.

Garrance thrust his knife again and again, sometimes slashing at it, but all of his blows were repelled, and each time he was struck with a painful blow to the face or stomach.

It was harder than he had imagined, and he had to endure the blow that seemed to take his consciousness with it, and he struggled to get out of this situation at all costs.

“You’re using your own child as bait to get at us…… You’re an excellent power figure, but you’re a lousy parent, aren’t you?”

“A child will not grow up if you are too lenient. Isn’t it our duty as parents to make our children go through hardships from time to time? Besides, do you really think I wouldn’t take any action? You’ve used your trump card too easily.”

“I wonder. My girl’s a skilled woman, you know? She’s probably taken care of your kid by now.”

“I’m not so sure about that either. You’re not the only one with an ace on his sleeves. After all, the guards I sent to him are far more powerful than I am. I guess you could say he’s a monster.”


Garrance clicks his tongue inwardly.

DelSasis is indeed strong. Even now, he doesn’t even know if he can win.

It was unlikely that Sharanra would be able to defeat an escort that such a man said was stronger than him. In Garrance eyes, DelSasis is a monster himself.

Although he has attacked many times, he has been easily defeated without inflicting a single wound. If this is not a monster, then what is it?

Furthermore, any attack will be countered, and the damage will surely accumulate. It seems impossible to win.

“Shit……. I can not die here, damn it!!”

“That’s not gonna happen. Just give up.”

He forced his left arm to catch the dagger thrust by DelSasis, and then stabbed the knife in his right hand at his throat, but he narrowly avoided it by turning his body away. It only slightly cut his face.

Then the dagger in his left arm was thrust into Garrance’s chest. The dagger was aimed at his chest, penetrating the gap between his ribs with a horizontal stab that was sure to be fatal.


“When you survived, you should’ve lived the rest of your life in peace. This is what happens when you harbor petty ambitions. You got what you deserved.”


Garrance’s life came to its end.

As he breathed his last, Garrance’s body gradually aged, turning into that of an old man, so thin and frail that he could hardly be recognized.

“This is……. Is it some kind of magic potion? I knew it was strange because of the young appearance of his appearance…….”

“Why don’t we ask Zeros-dono about it later? He’s a Great Sage, he might know something about it. Even so…… Dell! You’re playing around too much! Just get this over with quickly.”

“It’s a nostalgic name. It reminds me of the old days…… Huh…… I feel young again too.”

“You’re young enough. In many ways……. I don’t understand why Milena fell in love with such a dangerous guy. I don’t understand……”

“I don’t know about that either, but…… you look exactly the same as you used to back then. When you talk like that, it reminds me of the old days. It was fun back then.”

DelSasis narrowed his eyes and looked at Misuka with some sense of nostalgia.

She looked much the same as she was in the past, which sometimes made him feel like he had stepped back in time. It made him feel nostalgic and sad at the same time.

“‘Those were the good old days’ right? If you’re reminiscing about the past, Milena will be upset. ‘I wanted to spend time with you, too!’ she’ll say.”

“Well, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. But I also think it’s Misuka’s old tone of voice that I missed, you know?”

“I can’t help it, I’m a half-elf…… On the other hand, sometimes it’s hard not being a pure-blooded human.”

“Well…… don’t change your tone in front of Celestina, okay? She’ll be surprised.”

“Just for now. You don’t have to be so formal in front of me, so why are you calling me out for? I’m going back to the academy before she returns.”

“For certainty, the more skilled you are, the better. But it took me longer than I planned. We must hurry, or the work will pile up.”

“Good grief…… let’s get the hell out of here. If we don’t get back now, they’ll get suspicious. I hope we can make it to the ship in time……”

After incinerating the body, DelSasis set out for the landing place to return to his domain. He had made his preparations in advance, so he didn’t have to face the Knights Order.

He had a lot of work to do, and the papers were piling up even as he was doing this. A successful man never wastes time.

This is the last promise he made to the woman he loved. He values every minute and every second of his time and enjoys his life.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


“You are now able to control the automatic skill acquisition. What will you do? (ON/OFF)”



After rescuing Zweit, Zeros was speechless when he suddenly saw a strange-looking object in his field of vision as he returned to the campsite.

The three most recent job skills he acquired in this world are [Teacher], [Hermit], and [Super Engineer], which has existed for some time.

All of them are occupational skills that did not exist in the world of [Sword and Sorceress], and the occupational skill of [Teacher] was transformed by the evolution of the [Teaching] skill, but the [Super Engineer] is still mysterious.

The [Teaching] skill appears to have been acquired while teaching Celestina and the others, and the [Hermit] skill appears to have been created by combining the [God of Assassination], [God of Magic Sage], [God of Medicine], [God of Magic Tools], [God of Blacksmithing], and other production-related job skills, as well as one martial arts-related skill, but the [Super Engineer] was the problem.

This was because there were multiple skills required for construction, such as [Wood Processing], [Foundation Work], [Stone Processing], and other unrelated skills such as [Rapping], [Dancing], and [Voice Percussion] were also incorporated.

Most importantly, if the automatic acquisition of skills could be turned on and off, then it would have been nice to have this feature since the beginning.

It’s not at all clear what this world is supposed to be about.

“It must be the influence of Hanba Constructions…… I’ll turn off automatic acquisition…… This is driving me crazy.”

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to control these settings now. He can’t stop leveling up skills he’s already acquired, but he won’t be acquiring abilities he won’t need in the future.

Skills are only meant to assist you in your personal abilities, but as you level up, they will affect your physical abilities. When you reach the level of a Zeros, your physical abilities will be raised to an extraordinary level.

For example, the technique you see in a manga where a hand knife is dropped on the neck to stun, but when Zeros does it, it really jumps to the level of dropping the head. He is always activating the [Restraint] mode, and now it’s even automated.

The world system of levels was in some ways more dangerous than the one on Earth. However, since there are extremely few people who have acquired and developed as many skills as Zeros, it is safe to say that for the time being, peace has been maintained.

“The problem is that she’s still here in this world…… I’m sure she’ll pester me again! If I see her again, I’ll have to take care of her for sure……”

The ossan had encountered a person he did not want to meet, and he was somewhat inclined to dangerous thoughts. It’s not like Zweit and the others who didn’t get along because of misunderstandings, but in the case of the Ossan, they didn’t get along from the start.

Perhaps it was because he had suffered so much in the past, but he was so intent on killing that he didn’t even hesitate to bury her in the ground.

In modern Japan, if you murder someone, you will be charged with a crime whatever the reason for perpetrating it was. Even if you were driven to a corner emotionally, without proving a lot of extenuating circumstances, you won’t be acquitted.

(*Enkiros: from the creators of ‘people die when they’re killed’ here comes ‘you’re charged with a crime if you commit a crime.’ tbf probably sounds better in Japanese )

Even if she took the money without permission or withdrew the money from the deposit book, it was his sister who would be pitied even if it turned into a murder case unless there was a good motive. After all, his sister is very good at making things up so that people around her don’t suspect her.

Even if he succeeded in sending her to jail, she would get sympathy from the people around her and be out of jail in a few years because she is good at deceiving people with her mouth. And then she will come back to borrow money.

She has no remorse and interprets things to suit her own needs. She is a selfish person to a fault.

In a way, she may be an optimistic person.

The Ossan let out a depressed sigh and turned his gaze to see Anzu and Eromura-kun eating at the camp cafeteria. They were eating at a tremendous pace.

“…… Yummy…… Yummy……♪”

“Yum——-my! It’s been a while since I’ve had a decent meal…… What? Why the tears…..”

It must have been a very difficult life for them. On top of that, since one of them is a slave, the food situation must’ve varied from one owner to another.

For the moment, let’s leave the two of them alone, he thought.


“What is it? Iris-san.”

“Those two…… are just like us, aren’t they? The evil gods killed them……”

“I don’t think it’s the fault of the evil gods. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that it is the work of the Four Deities.”

“But, the Four Deities are…… the gods of this world, right? Why did they seal an evil god into the game world?”

“Well, I can think of a lot of possibilities, but I don’t have any hard evidence……”

“Ojisan, You’re aware of the risks, aren’t you? That’s what I’m trying to ask you at this point.”

Zeros also has some idea of what to expect. However, in the absence of evidence, it is no different than a mere fantasy.

“I’m sure we can figure that out by resurrecting the evil gods, can’t we? He seems to have held quite a grudge against the Four Deities……”

“Could it be that it was …… the [Annihilator] who defeated the evil god?”

“That’s right. Now that I think about it, there were a lot of strange things going on in ……. In the world of [Sword and Sorceress], I couldn’t even notice it, but when I think back, the attack patterns were obviously different.”

“Is that so? Normally in games, monster attacks are patterned, but in [Sword and Sorceress] they were erratic and looked like real creatures, you know?”

“But there was still a certain pattern. A common one for each race. But the evil god I fought at the end was completely different. I had fought him a few times, so I knew his attack patterns, but that time was completely different……”

Even so, they didn’t even think it was strange. At most, they thought it was just another attack motion program built-in, but at the time, even the [Annihilators] couldn’t defeat the Evil God.

It would be strange for the management to power up the Evil God when the player has never defeated it. And Zeros didn’t even know the name of the company that produced [Sword and Sorceress].

It is a revolutionary invention that digitizes the five senses and allows people to experience their senses in a virtual world. Yet, the name of the company has never come to mind.

It’s as if it never existed in their memory in the first place.

“Could it be that the world of [Sword and Sorceress] was another world? Isn’t it strange if you don’t think so?”

“It’s a run-of-the-mill, boring cliché, though. If you don’t think so, you’ll find a lot of strange points. It’s probably a more systematically controlled world than this one.”

“But there is one thing in common with this world……. That means……”

“Yes, it’s more natural to think that this world is the base. This world appears to be a bit sketchy, though……”

In the world of [Sword and Sorceress], monsters vary in level and strength depending on where they live, but only the experience gained from defeating them is fixed. The attacks are also patterned, and even though they look like living things, their movements are precise and almost mechanical. However, in this world, experience values are uneven, and there are individual differences even among monsters that live in the same place. There are also individual differences in movement, making the world very realistic.

It is a world that is as close to a game as you can get, but there is definitely something unique and natural about it.

Living in such a world, the world of [Sword and Sorceress] felt artificial. But even so, there was no such thing as a public disturbance. Even with all the information management, this is clearly unnatural.

“I wonder what we got caught up in~? It seems like a very stupid idea to me.”

“If what the Four Deities are saying is true, they’re doing something pretty irresponsible. We’d be meddling in the affairs of other worlds, wouldn’t we?”

“Now, I have no clue whether the Four Deities have that much power, you know? If they had, they would’ve never been defeated by the evil gods. They should’ve won, right? Except for the last evil god, the evil gods we had fought up to that point were twice as weak……”

“…… was the last boss that strong?”

“We were able to make it to the 3rd stage of transformation, but from there on it was too overwhelming to handle, that’s for sure. But ……”

“The evil god at the end was defeated…… Strange, isn’t it?”

“Furthermore, it was weak. Instead, its movements were erratic and difficult, but now that I think about it, I could say it was a living being.”

There were so many unnatural things that occurred to him, and his suspicions just kept piling up.

“Ojisan…… You’re not thinking of resurrecting the evil god, are you? Just for fun……”


The Ossan didn’t answer but instead lit a cigarette in his mouth as if to disguise it.

“Please don’t do this!? I want to go on an adventure, but I don’t want to get caught up in Ragnarok!?”


“Please say something!? Seriously, can you stop? Please ——!!”

The Ossan does not answer.

Instead, only the smoke of his cigarette drifted into the Rahmuff forest.

Putting aside the evil gods, he had decided to make a homunculus.


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