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Ossan Chapter 62

Ossan, Unleashes His Inner Madnes

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What a shocking truth, the identity of the assasins..

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Wu Kei’s kick, in cockatrice form, crushed the large tree.

Knowing the danger of being careless, Wu Kei was no longer holding back and was attacking Sharanra with all his power and with all his heart. On her part, she didn’t feel as if she was alive either, and after taking several direct hits, she was able to survive with her [Substitute Doll] and [Sacrificial Puppet].

“What a monstrous thing…… Fighting monsters is not my specialty, you know that!!”

Although several magic tools are in effect, Sharanra’s actual level is low and she had to collect a lot of strengthening magic tools to make up for her lack of power.

As you probably noticed, she was also a reincarnated person, and most of these items were collected by player-killing. Not a single piece of equipment was made from materials that she had collected herself. She had to steal them from her opponents.

Yet, she couldn’t win against a strong enemy from another world and was completely beaten back.

It was especially bad when she went after the [Annihilator]. She was forced to wear cursed items and thrown into a pit inhabited by dragons.

The items are cursed and attract powerful monsters. In addition, if you try to escape, your path of retreat will be blocked by magic attacks, making it impossible to escape.

From Sharanra’s point of view, they were like demons, and even her PK friends had warned her not to go after the [Annihilator], but she hadn’t listened to them, and this was the result of her attempts.

Wu Kei’s merciless attack was more than enough to remind her of that scene.

“Don’t bother with…… that woman.”

“Well, maybe she just can’t die easily because of the substitute item. In a way, it’s hell, isn’t it?

How much of that stuff do you carry around with you, Nee-san……?”

“…… Strong cuckoo-chan, I want it……”


The [Petrification] which was used by the Cuckoo was a poisonous attack that made the body tissues harden, but the [Petrification Breath] disrupted the material bonds. It is hard to imagine a girl who would want such a vicious creature.

Well, she just wants to snuggle them, but to Zweit and the others, it sounds like she’s saying something horrible. It didn’t matter that besides the girl, two cuckoos fell down in agony.

“That’s what you get for fighting those chickens. See what happens when the other two chickens are involved?”

“Stop saying that…… I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to meet them as enemies…… brrrr……”

“How high is that woman’s rank? Shishou said that Wu Ke and the others were already over 400……”

“By rank, you mean level? Still, 400?! It’s impossible, that strength is insane! She’s estimated to be around 200, and she’s using magic items to barely stay alive……”

Cockatrices are not as strong as Wu Kei even at level 400. His strength was the result of mutation after reaching max level in his basic form.

This is the minimum requirement for [Limit Breakthrough]. For humans, the first condition is achieved by raising your level to 500 as an apprentice mage and changing your job* (job and job skills are different). You can learn magic and sword skills, but they are not considered professions.

(*Enkiros: furigana was jobu. I wondered whether to use occupation or job before but it seems I missed the furigana all this time. “Job” seems preferable imo)

However, most of them choose to become higher-level jobs right away, so they cannot exceed the limit.

In the case of monsters, a change from the base form is a change in job. In addition, by acquiring multiple skills and raising them to the upper limit, they can reach the limit breakthrough condition, which is the same as humans and other races.

However, in the world of [Sword and Sorceress], you can acquire any skill you want by spending your accumulated points, whereas, in this other world, you have to learn it by training.

For example, if you want to gain poison resistance, you need to take in a small amount of poison into your body. There is no point in living in a place with poor sanitation to gain poison resistance if you die as a result.

For this reason, the current state of this world is to leave the acquisition of skills to nature. As a result, no one holds a great number of skills and tries to raise them, and because they lack skills, they remain weak without physical improvement.

As a side note, Zweit has acquired resistance skills due to his experiences with poison and paralysis in Far-Flung Forest. And of course, the same goes for Celestina.

“I see…… So, because she didn’t train to acquire the skills, she has a high rank but her skills are still weak……”

“I also raised my level from apprentice swordsman to the maximum. I’m not sure if my skills are improving, but I’m working hard to get stronger.”

“The word ‘effort’ doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her……”

“It’s like she’s…… living off of others.”

“Just help me! There’s a monster attacking this nice woman!” Sharanra was desperate as Wu Kei relentlessly attacked her.

But Zweit and the others are very disgusted with the words ‘Nice Woman’ and are giving her a difficult look.

“Nice woman? Where does one find such a lady?”

“Even if there are that kinda women here, you ain’t one of them, right?”

“…… People who say they are a Nice Woman are always self-centered. I think you’re too thickskinned for your own good……”

“You’re relentless, You……. You’re right though.”

“Nanashi-chan…… is actually a very vicious character? That’s what I love and admire about her~!”

The atmosphere was insanely relaxed around Sharanra as she continued to avoid the harsh attacks.

“You two, remember this! I’ll kill you all, I swear!”

“You’re showing your true colors. What kind of Nice Woman are you? You’re a selfish, selfcentered, greedy woman……”

“That’s right. As long as you’re happy with yourself, you’re not afraid to use other people as pawns. Just like you tried to use me……”

“What’s wrong with that? People are just using other people to live! Hiiiiii!?”

It was as if she had fallen. She was hit hard by Wu Kei’s uppercut, which sent her flying into the air, and then she was blown away by the kick.

They are the kind of people who eat up other people’s good intentions, cause as much trouble as possible, and then run away as quickly as possible. No one would want to have anything to do with them.

――― Do~o~o~oooooooooooooooooooon!!

A thunderous sound suddenly rang out during their relaxed conversation, and the wards surrounding them were blown away. At the same time, a shock wave and dust came after them, and Zweit and the others quickly fell to the ground to avoid the shock wave.

“Wh, What the hell!?”

“A ~…… there’s only one person who could do this. Maybe it’s Shishou……”

“Your Shishou!? The blast was stronger than an Explode, no matter how you look at it!”

“If we hadn’t been so careful, we might have been caught up in it…… You should think about the situation a little more.”

“…… Fluf~~~~~fy ♡”

Zweit realized the situation, and Reinhardt survived the blast while crouching on the ground. The Mysterious Little Girl was happy to be able to mooch two cuckoos at the same time. Sen Kei and Zan Kei are currently still in agony.

The explosion had passed by, and their eyes were now looking at the crater that had been created by the intense heat.

Their mouths were agape for a while.

“What happened to her and Wu-Kei?”

“The chickens are fine, okay? That blast didn’t seem to faze them…… This is insane.” ” …… Auntie, ah……”

When the mysterious little girl pointed her finger at the sky, Sharanra was knocked to the ground while spinning, but thanks to the [Substitute Doll], she was safe.

But they don’t know how she came to fall from the sky.

Soon after, a jet-black motorcycle appeared, cutting through the dust and drifting along the road, sending Sharanra into a spin without mercy.

The two of them were shocked at the outrageousness of the attack, which they could only assume was aimed at them.

“Fu …… made it in time. Zweit, are you alright?”

“”No, like…… what did you just do?””

Although it was obviously a fatal accident with murderous intent, the person in question approached Zweit with an even more refreshing attitude. It was as if nothing had happened at all…….

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After smashing the barrier, Zeros rides through the forest, bypassing the crater.

He half-heartedly steers the bike, impatient that he might miss the rescue due to his mistake and that the assassination might actually happen.

There, Zeros sees a figure.

Seeing the face of the person moving as if fleeing through a cloud of dust, a strong urge arises in Zeros. It covered his thoughts like a rising magma and exploded at once like a volcano erupting.

The urges he felt were killing intent. The emotions that had been sealed away in the back of his mind went out of control the moment he saw that person’s face.

There was no hesitation in Zeros at that time, “What if it’s a different person” He squeezed the throttle of Waste No. 13 and accelerated at full speed. “Gyapyi!?” He heard some kind of strange voice, but he didn’t care. After confirming the direction in which the person blew up, he chased after her with Waste No. 13 to finish her off and mercilessly knocked the person away with a high-speed drift spin.

It was a violent drift caused by the force of a high-level human being. The [Substitute Doll] that shattered into pieces scattered in the air.

“Fu …… made it in time. Zweit, are you alright?”

“”No, like…… What did you just do?””

“What’s the matter? I felt like I was bouncing trash around. What’s the problem?”

“”…… No, nothing.””

The ossan looked refreshed now, but it was scary in a different way.

After running over a person with no mercy, followed up with a final blow to finish her off, and then called her “trash”. In many ways, she’s a woman whom you don’t want to be associated with, but when you ask yourself, “Is it really necessary to go this far?”

But Zeros did it without hesitation, and he did it without a care in the world. It is no wonder that his character is questioned.

“Gyo~o…… (I’m sorry, Shifu, I failed to finish her off……)”

“Wu Kei! No way…… evolution! You look so much better. What’s with that form?……”

“Gyoa~a, gyoa~a!! (This is our special ability. To be honest, I don’t like to be in this form……)”

“Special abilities? That’s an interesting ability…… I’m surprised. Seriously……”

“Wait, how can we communicate with each other? This is weird!”

“I know some of the nuances, but I’m not sure if we’re having a real conversation……”

The fact that he could have a conversation with Wu Kei, the vicious super monster, showed that Zeros was not just out of the ordinary, but also out of the bounds of common sense, but he deliberately did not say anything about it.

This is probably because Zweit felt that it was too late for him.


“…… huh?”

A girl caught Zeros’ eye, and he had a feeling that he knew her from her equipment.

He remembered the name from his memory and thought that he might be wrong, but he decided to ask her.

“Isn’t that Anzu-san by any chance?…… from [Shadow-6].”

“……. Long time no see, [Annihilator]. Are you still committing genocide?”

“Well, I’ve been working in the field a lot lately. Might have committed a bit of… genocide back in the mines.”

“[Annihilator] huh? Don’t tell me it’s …… [Black]!”

“Huh? You are……”

The moment Zeros saw Reinhardt, the [Appraisal] skill was triggered by itself. His name appears in his vision.

When Zeros saw the name, he couldn’t help but blurt out “Bufu~!?”. It wasn’t that he found it funny, it was just that the name was so terrible.

“You …… are named ‘Erofuscito Muramura’, …… (You are definitely a reincarnator! You’ve chosen an avatar name with funny ideas, this one……)”

[*Enkiros: mura mura is being horny]

“Don’t call me by that na————-me!”

Reinhardt, a.k.a. Erofuscito, seems to have used his avatar name as a joke, but an inconvenience seems to have occurred due to his reincarnation in another world.

His name is so embarrassing that he calls himself Reinhardt and struggles to create a harem of slaves in the other world, but he was accused of sexual harassment and is taken away by the guards.

Before he was captured, he got into some trouble, and the charges were added to his sentence, resulting in him falling into slavery for a serious crime. What a foolish reason he had for committing such a crime.

When he was told his current name, he regretted his past with tearful eyes. He was not like some nobleman’s youth, he completely deserved it.

“You never know what will happen in life…… In some cases, a joke can turn out to be a lifelong regret……”

“…… You’re an idiot. Eromura-kun…..””

“Don’t shorten it―――――――! U o ~ooooooooooon!!”

Eromura-kun wailed. But he couldn’t complain because it was his fault.

As a side note, his real name is ‘Edomura Itsuki’. It wasn’t really wrong.

“What a horrible name……. I don’t know how your parents could come up with such a name……. I thought it was Reinhardt……”

“U ~oooooooooooooooooooooon!! Reinhardt is the name of my soul! Leave me


“I wonder if he likes elves that much? Erotic, with a nice body……”

“I love it ……. Erotic sexy Elf……”

(*Enkiros: get it because erufu erofu haha)

“I see, I guess the name does describe the person…… Stay strong, comrade.”

“U ~oooooooooon, I’m such an idio―――――――――t!”

Not knowing any better, Zweit felt intense pity for Eromura-kun, but that pity made him even more miserable.

This name is ultimately his own fault, as it is the name he gave himself when he created his avatar. The more sympathy he gets, the more Eromura-kun is irritated and hurt.

It’s okay to give a name that sounds like a joke for fun, but you wouldn’t expect to be reincarnated in another world with that name. When he was reincarnated, Eromura-kun cried for real.

He demanded a do-over from the gods, but nothing happened, and he really resented the gods. In this case, it is the Four Deities, but, certainly, Zeros will not consider him a comrade when he learns that fact.

He was in a very different situation compared to some nobleman’s son.

“It hurts… Ouch…… If it weren’t for the [Substitute Doll], I’d be dead. Hey, since you caused someone’s injuries, you should pay compensation!”

“Oh…… the old lady is back ……”

“Zweit-kun, is that woman an enemy? If she’s an enemy, I’ll show her no mercy……”

“Well, she is. So were the two of them here, but they’ve betrayed her now.”

“I see. …… [Calamity Gale].”


Sharanra was suddenly struck by a wind range magic, and she was swept up in the whirlwind, which had added decay effects, and rose high into the sky. Of course, there was no way she could stay in one piece as the slashes from the whirlwind came at her from all directions.

The remnants of the [substitute doll] and the [sacrifice doll] are scattered all around.

“By the way, what was that woman’s name? It would be a merciful thing to carve it on her tombstone, so please tell me.”

“……. The old lady’s name is Sharanra. Selfish ……”

“It’s okay to kill an enemy, right? Something tells me killing our enemy will make me feel better……… Fufufu”

“”Why …… are you smiling that much? That’s very scary……””

In the eyes of Zweit, Zeros is not the kind of person who would unnecessarily unleash magic. In contrast, Eromura-kun knew the [Annihilator]’s ruthlessness.

Zweit intuitively guessed that something was going on between Zeros and Sharanra, and Eromura-kun had seen the viciousness of the personal punishment by the [Annihilators] against PKs. Zweit, on the other hand, has never seen Zeros so pissed off.

But even though they thought differently, they both came to the same conclusion: “It’s obvious that he’s enjoying himself”…….

They may be two people who think alike but not in the same sense. The difference is that they are either brilliant or stupid. ……

“Hey, you! You’re out of your mind! What if I die?”

“Tsk, you’re alive……. Well, it only meant that your life span was extended. It really is a good world, here……Kukuku”

“Didn’t your parents teach you to respect women? And now you’re attacking me?……”

“Gender equality is a good word, isn’t it? I’m going to exterminate the bad guys regardless of their gender, right? If you hate me, hate your own bad luck.”

“You will not get away with it if you do this…….. No way, you can’t possibly be …… Satoshi!”

“…… I knew it was you, sister…… I’ve been here for three years and I hope you die. For the sake of my happiness♪”


Zeros had a refreshing voice and a very wicked smile on his face.

This was the moment when two who were supposed to never meet again reunited. And Zweit was convinced. The similarity in their smiles could be explained by the fact that they were siblings.

“Ah, you! If you’re my brother, you should help your sister. That’s your duty as a brother!”

“I have no such obligation. Rather, the brother has to give guidance to the sister who has fallen into the underworld, isn’t it? Thankfully, there will be no bodies left here. You’ll be food for the monsters.”

“Guidance!? And you’re planning to dispose of the body!? You really feel nothing about killing people!?”

“”Don’t tell me…….””

Zweit and the others thought about it deeply. Zeros, on the other hand, are…….

“In the past, I had to give up on the plan because of the troublesome issues such as disposal of dead bodies and laws…… Fortunately, this is a world where the price of life is low, and where the strong prey on the weak. I will mercilessly and completely reduce you to dust as much as I want. Ah! There’s no need to thank me. This is the last mercy that a brother has for his own sister…… Kukuku……”

He had no hesitation in killing his sister.

Rather, he was ready to kill her.

Moreover, this world was a very convenient environment for him to get rid of Sharanra.

“Now, Sis…… How way do you like to be grilled? Medium? Well done? It’s common knowledge that being a witch is gets you death by fire. Today’s malice and murderous intent is for you♪.”

“What the hell did this woman do to make Shishou so angry?”

“I don’t know, ……, perhaps if you think about it, you’ll understand. Maybe she was a parasite on her brother’s wallet, you know? There is no reason to believe that she would work hard……”

“I see……. She seems to spend a lot of money, so I’m sure she’ll even force herself into debt.”

“You guys, help me! This good woman is about to be murdered by a madman! Help me, and I will give you a service.”

“”No, it’s between you and your brother, right? There’s no room for outsiders. And the bitch is……””

“Don’t you dare call me a bitch, you little bastards!”

Neither Zweit nor Eromura-kun are willing to interfere.

They were more afraid of the ossan in front of them than Sharanra. If they don’t get involved, their safety is guaranteed, and they have no obligation to help Sharanra. In addition, this is a quarrel between siblings, and they don’t feel like interfering in other people’s family affairs.

The [Appraisal] is activated again in Zeros’ vision, and some information about his sister in front of him is disclosed. Her profession was a swindler.

In addition, her name now tells a lot about her own character.

“…… Sharanra. ‘Even without makeup, you’re already crazy about me?’ Is that what you’re trying to say? You are so thick-skinned. You’re not even old enough to be a witch…… There’s no such thing as a beautiful old lady. You’re nothing but a disgrace, and you’re definitely going to be incinerated, you know?”

“Sharanra, so that means!? Wait, come to think of it, she’s the ossan’s sister, isn’t she? How old is she really!?”

“This year, she will be 46 years old. Still, she looks younger, have you used……[Rejuvenation Potion]? She used to cover up her small wrinkles and acne with thick cosmetics……”

“fu ~u ~~~♪”

The mysterious little girl, Anzu, seemed really proud of herself.

“Who’s an old lady? You rude brats! A woman never ages!”

“When you get to that point in your life, I’m pretty sure you’re an old lady…… Well, okay, let’s get back to it. It’s time for the …… Judgment, okay? “Now, count up your sins……”*”

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“No way! Now that I’m young again, I’m going to live in luxury!! And I’m innocent of any wrongdoing. It’s the world’s fault that people are so easily fooled yet blame others!!”

“You still the same, even if you do look younger…….. I think that in five years, she will be an old woman with a limp body, but she made her own choice…… and in ten years, she may be dead. Is an animal funeral okay?”

“You really want to feed me to the animals, don’t you…… Wait, what did you mean by that? Why am I going to be an old woman? I have such a tight figure!”

“”You don’t get tighter than that nowadays. She’s an old lady after all……””

Zweit and Eromura-kun’s gazes were cold.

That being said, the rejuvenation potion does indeed have the effect of rejuvenating the user. However, there was a major side effect.

The number of times an organism can divide its cells is fixed from the time it is born until the time it dies. The Rejuvenation Potion is a potion that forcibly revitalizes and rejuvenates the body, but at the same time, it places a heavy burden on the body. The body tissues that have been forcibly activated will weaken in a matter of years.

As a result, she will age twice as much as her rejuvenated age. Sharanra looks in her 20s, but her real age is 46, so even if she were 20 years younger, the side effects of the rejuvenation potion would make her at least 40 years older. And on top of her original appearance, the aging process of forty years will proceed at once.

Incidentally, the [Time Reversal Potion] was not on the market, so it could not be found anywhere else. The reason for this is that it is difficult to secure materials. It requires a special rare material called [Dragon’s Bead].

There were more, but they were too difficult to obtain.

“You’re an old hag in her eighties now♪ It’s none of my business because you made the choice. It’s amusing, it’s exhilarating♪”

“…… shortened your life span due to short-term greed. You deserved it.”

“There’s nothing you can do to save yourself. You took the easy way out and destroyed yourself…… Steadiness is the best.”

“I’ll be careful, too. For that matter, is there any magic potion that can rejuvenate me safely?”

“[Time Reversal Potion] is safe, I guess. Well, the effect is useless when you use the [Rejuvenation Potion]. If you use it together, you will die……”

Sharanra’s face gradually paled, while Zeros, on the other hand, looks wickedly pleased.

Realizing that she had made the worst mistake of her life here, Sharanra was scared to death, but Zeros felt truly refreshed.

He was truly happy to know that the hindrance would soon be gone.

“Hey, do something! You’re my brother, you don’t care if your sister dies! Don’t you feel bad for me?”

“I don’t think so at all? Besides, you were already OUT the moment you used the rejuvenation potion. And even if there was a [Time Reversal Potion] available, if you drink it, you’ll definitely die, you know? I can’t do anything about it. And I have no intention of doing so.”

“You’re lying. You have a way to save yourself! I’m pretty sure you know, but you’re hiding it!”

“I don’t know. I’m mainly into magic tools and magic modification, so magic potions are not my specialty. I can make a few magic potions, but that’s about it. What evidence do you have to say about that, you stupid sister……”

Zeros is not afraid to tell lies. It’s true that he’s good at making potions, and that he didn’t specialize in making magic tools. The only true thing is that he doesn’t really know how to nullify the effects of potions.

“Then how come you know so much about the Rejuvenation Potion? That’s strange!!”

“Because it was one of my friends who made it? As Kanon said, ‘That thing is useless……. It does make you younger, but the side effects are terrible. No, it doesn’t work! I’ve failed. I failed …teehee♡’. I helped to create the [Time Reversal Potion], but I don’t know if she did any research to remove the effects of the potion…… I heard that somebody somewhere was selling a lot of the rejuvenation potion.”

It was Sharanra who PKed and robbed those who purchased it.

The woman who kept taking other people’s things was retaliated by the things that were taken from her. It was a good example of how doing wrong will eventually lead to retribution.

“Just tell me about it!! You’re killing me!!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…… I’ve been saying that from the beginning. I don’t know how to remove the effects of the potion, and even if I did, I have no reason to tell you. Also…… I’m going to give my sister a goodbye now, okay?”

“That’s not what a brother would say!? Don’t you want to do something for your great sister!?”

“Great? It’s not the same as being a rotten bitch. If anything,… it’s because I’m your brother that I have to kill you! There’s got to be something I can do! It’s search and destroy!!”

With a determination to get rid of his own sister, he instantly manifests the magic formula in his subconscious mind.

Countless fireballs appeared around Zeros, and he was fully prepared for battle.

“[Flame Phalanx]”

“Hey…… you, seriously……”

Before she could finish her words, she was bombarded with fireballs without question. The rainstorm of the [Flare Lance] is more like a carpet bombing.

There was no mercy at all, but a vicious and relentlessly malicious attack, with so much precision that not even a bone was left.

Judging that the forest would become a large-scale fire if it continued like this, he changed to the water-based magic, [Cold Phalanx], and continued his magic attack without a break while extinguishing the fire.

The forest, enveloped in flames, was instantly transformed into a snow-white world.


She felt the killing intent and instantly took out her magic wand and held it carelessly, and then a sharp slash was shot into it. It was an attack by Sharanra, but it was easily blocked by Zeros.

In an instant, Zeros stabbed the blade attached to his magic wand, however halfway through the thrust, his grip dropped, and without pause, he applied the [White Silver Divine Wall] to his magic wand and swung it out as a giant sword.

While the surrounding trees were being cut down by the slash, an invisible sword attacked Sharanra. Sharanra was indeed cut in two and felt it, but the [Sacrificial Puppet] took over the damage and she was unharmed.

“You…… taught that little boy magic! Thanks to you, I can’t use my disposable pawns anymore!”

“More importantly. I’m his bodyguard this time, right? It was a kill-or-be-killed situation from the start. I’m sure by now they’ve crushed your base as well. Besides, you don’t have much longer to live anyway, what’s the difference if you die here?”

“You have no respect for your sister!”

“Do you think there is? Not a single speck of it even in the corner of my mind, not even a speck of dust, so cleanly I have no intention of doing so! My mind is completely clear!”

Eromura-kun said, “I knew you were expendable……” He was once again aware of himself.

The brutal battle between the two siblings evolved into a low-level cursing match and a fierce slash-and-burn battle.

Sparks flew as steel clashed with steel, and even a single misjudgment would ensure a fatal wound. Eventually, the slash-and-burn turned into a one-sided battle for Zeros.

“How many nullification items are you carrying around? Just die, please.”

“I’m not going to tell you! You’re the one who needs to give up!”

“Well, I guess I can just keep attacking you until you die…… It’s impossible to carry a lot of them around anyway, and it’s not in my nature to let someone die easily. I’d feel better if I don’t make you suffer completely.”

“How long have you been holding it in? You are a lowly man. You’re never going to be popular among the ladies.”

“I don’t want to be popular with a bitch. I especially don’t want a woman like you. That’s why you have to dieEeeeeeee!!”

Each of Zeros’ slashes is instant death. Every time he strikes, wooden dolls and magical paper figures are scattered around the area, and Sharanra’s tools for nullifying attacks are consumed.

In addition, the sheer force of the attack meant that Sharanra’s magic tools were quickly reaching their limits, shattering and falling to the ground. There is an overwhelming difference in level between the two, and no matter how powerful the effect is, it is easy for a magic tool to reach its limit if it is overloaded. In any case, the barriers for defense are easily cut through.

Even the magic tools that strengthen the body lose their effectiveness and become powerless as the magic power is always squeezed beyond the limit. In this way, they become nothing more than a hindrance and a decoration.

“[Vortex Shine]”

Even though it was daytime, a dazzling light bathed the area in white, and a large, glittering plasma ball that made people want to cover their eyes was dropped on Sharanra from above her head.

“That’s not good…… I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to use my secret weapon.”

Sharanra touches the necklace on her chest that she recently acquired.

“Die with your own magic!”

He tore off the last magic tool around her neck and held it up towards the sky.

The effect of the magic tool is activated, and when the mirrored shield catches the [Vortex Shine], it is reversed and thrown back over Zeros’s head.

“[Spirit King Necklace]! Your last trump card……”

Before he could finish his words, he was enveloped in a ball of plasma and Zeros disappeared into the explosion.

The Spirit King’s necklace was damaged, and the two large gems were cracked, rendering it completely useless as a magical tool. But now that the biggest obstacle in Sharanra’s way was gone, she could make up for it in any way she wanted.

“Hahaha …… No matter how strong you are, if it’s your attack, you will still have some damage.”

“Shishou! No way……”

“Now…… it’s your turn. You’re going to pay for all the mocking you’ve done to me……”

“The magic tools must have been exhausted. It’ll be troublesome if I don’t kill him here.”

“Die, you little brat……Wha!?”

The moment she moved to kill Zweit and the others, her movements were stopped by a blade coming from her chest. On the other side, a mage wearing a jet-black robe was holding a magic staff without hesitation and thrusting it.

“Wha…… You’re kidding, right?”

“There’s no way I’m going to fight with all my power against someone like you. The magic I just did was pretty weak, you know? I can’t just burn down the forest. And the [Shadow Dive] is not something only you can do, my sister. Are you underestimating the [Annihilators]?”

“I’m not going to let you get away with that…… And the [Annihilators]! You’ve got to be kidding me! And I can’t believe you tried to kill your own sister……”

“I told you before, didn’t I? That you are just a stranger who is related to me by blood. Do you not think that you will be killed when you show your face here? Well, you’re not going to die, right, since you’re using a ……[Demon Puppet]?

“…… This thing was expensive, okay? You should pay for it!! It was so hard to obtain!”

“I refuse. You took it from someone else anyway, didn’t you? Well, the next time I see you, I’ll take care of you for sure. This is a decision I’ve made…… Don’t expect any mercy.”

When Zeros waved his magic wand, Sharanra split in half, but in the next moment, her form turned into a wooden puppet and rolled away.

[Demon Puppet]. This is the first time someone has used it. This magic tool is a puppet that can transfer the user’s consciousness, appearance, and all abilities, while the body, which is the main body, is frozen and kept warm when this magic tool is used.

It’s like a human possessing a wooden doll, but it gets damaged in the same way a human body would, and when it is destroyed by an attack, the soul is forced back into the body where it belongs.

As a magical tool, it has a limit to its use, and above all, it is expensive. It will probably never be obtained again in this world.

This is why they reinforced it with multiple magic tools to prevent it from being damaged. If the main body of the doll is safe, it will not die even if it is struck back by an assassination attack, and the [Substitute Doll] and [Sacrifice Doll] can reduce the damage to the main body, preventing the [Demon Puppet] from being damaged.

It can be used over and over again, making it practically immortal. It can be used to create an alibi, and there is no more convenient tool for assassination, but it has an activity limit of about three days. It’s also an excellent tool that can supply magic power while resting.

“I let her escape…… Well, she wasn’t here to begin with…… Oh?”

Zeros picked up a gorgeous necklace that had fallen beside the [Demon Puppet] and turned his attention to the two large jewels inlaid in it. It was what Zeros had been looking for, and it was also a material that was difficult to obtain.

Although Zeros’s magic was reflected, it was so powerful that it caused a crack in the [Spirit Crystal], the core of the magic tool. This means that it can never be used as a magic tool again.

But it’s good enough to be used as material.

“Spirit crystals…… and also natural ones. Is this still something the gods told us to do in order to punish them?”

By accidentally obtaining the spirit crystals, which are the materials needed to revive the evil god, Zeros’ scheme to punish them finally begins to start.

“Now, let’s go back to the campsite. At least the crisis is over.”

“Well, yes, but what are you going to do about…..? This……”

Sharanra is gone and all that’s left is a destroyed forest in a messy state. Add to that two former assassins who had turned traitors.

The crisis in Zweit was over, but the destruction that had been done during the rescue was horrible.

It seems that the ossan is not kind to nature.


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