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Ossan Chapter 61

Ossan, In a rush

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Sharanra and Reinhardt continue slashing at Zweit.

However, most of their attacks were completely blocked by the barriers, so they were still unable to kill him.

The effectiveness was greater than they expected, but they were in a position where they could not back down. After all, Zweit has seen their faces, and if they were to come to light and become wanted, they would not be able to survive in this country.

After all, they’ve laid their hands on the Duke’s firstborn son, and if they are caught, they will surely be executed.

That’s why they had to be sure to kill him.

“Will you please just die? I want to go home as well……”

“Why don’t you just go back? Well, I hope you still have a place to go!”

“Die, you normie! [Brave Zapper]”

――― Gyi~i~i~i~i~i~in!!

The slash with magic power was bounced off the barrier and Reinhardt was blown away. It seems to have the effect of repelling the opponent’s attack as a counter.

“Damn it! That damn magic tool…… repelled my slash. Ouch……”

“You can’t just carelessly attack. If you’re not careful, the power of your attack will come right back at you……”

“It’s …… troublesome.”

“Nanashi-chan…… are you just gonna hang on to that boy’s back?”

“…… This is, this is fun.”


Nanashi-chan was just having fun.

Moreover, she didn’t help with the assassination at all. Even now, she’s enjoying the situation where she’s being swung around on Zweit’s back. Her expressionless face is slightly flushed, and it makes you wonder if she is really enjoying herself that much.

“Can you please stop screwing around on people’s backs? I’m gonna need you to get off my back……”

“……… No.”

“No, it’s …… exhausting me.”

“…… You said I wasn’t heavy.”

“Sometimes my neck tightens up……. Your wrist armor is digging into my throat.”

It is said that children are innocent, but in a sense, the little strange girl is frightening because you never know what she is thinking. The attack was prevented by the barrier deployed by the amulet, but as expected, when she saw the assassin slashing at her, her body naturally took a defensive posture.

As a result, the girl’s arms cut into his throat due to inertia and her own weight, making it difficult for him to breathe.

“Why don’t you just go ahead and choke him?”

“……An Aunt who wants Girl A in her young body…… Fiend”

“Who’re you calling a fiend, you rude girl!”

“……… Aunt. If not a fiend, then…… evil.”

“Stop calling me an aunt, I’m still young!! And don’t call me evil!!”


There is nothing else we can say because it fits. Murder is an act of evil in itself.

Even a child can understand that logic.

“However, it’s also frustrating to do nothing about it…… I don’t like being left alone.”

“If you want, you can attack me, okay? I don’t think it’s going to hurt me anyway.”

“You could get yourself killed. Are you sure?”

“Ha! Do you think low-level normies can kill us? Normies should just die……”

“No, I’m not a normie, okay? It’s my brother who’s popular with women…… Damn it ……”


Their silence lingered for a moment.


Then, suddenly, a strong handshake was exchanged.

This was the moment when some kind of strange friendship grew between the two unpopular men.

“He’s the Duke’s firstborn son, how can that boy not be popular? It’s obvious that he’s trying to buy time, you idiot……”

“Ha! Which reminds me……”

“Very popular~? Are you serious? Most of the women who approach the Dukes are in it for the power! I don’t want a woman like you, worrying about when you’ll poison me!”

“What do you mean!!”

Zweit, a direct rejection from his soul.

At the same time, he saw through Sharanra’s character.

“I want…… real love! I want a good woman who loves me more than in my wildest dreams! One woman like that and I don’t need anything else!”

“Certainly! It’s better to have a woman who genuinely cares about you than a bunch of sluts. Nee-san is definitely a slut! I know exactly how you feel, comrade!”

“You understand me, comrade!!”

“Excuse me, who’s the slut!! You don’t know anything about me……”

“You’ll do anything for money, right? That’s how you make your living, right? If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here, you’d be working a real job.”

“You approached Garance-san because he has a lot of money in his pocket, right? When things fall apart, you’re in the habit of quickly cutting ties……”


Indeed, she couldn’t say anything because it was so true.

She even approached Garance because she thought he is rich and will let her enjoy the luxuries, and she is willing to sell her body to do so. It’s no wonder she’s called a slut.

She didn’t care about the lives of others as long as she could live a luxurious life. She lives a self-centered life to the very end.

In addition, even if it is a magic tool, a woman who wears precious jewelry flamboyantly is not expected to work as diligently as an ordinary woman. It’s because she has a taste for riches.

“We’re actually quite modest, you know. We can’t run the country if we spend the people’s tax money as we please, so we don’t need a woman who spends money like this. A duke’s family has a certain amount of responsibility, and there’s not much money at their disposal.”

“It’s tough being a member of a prestigious family…… What if it’s a political marriage? And what if the other party is a slut like Nee-san?”

“Basically, it’s imprisonment. There’s no way a woman who spends so much money can marry into a duke’s family. Even if they have no choice but to marry, it’s almost like living separately in reality. They’ll marry on the surface, but at that point, they will have done all they can to find out what kind of person you are.”

“No need for a slut……. Well, that’s a lot more reasonable than politicians who waste taxpayer money.”

“I don’t show mercy to my political enemies. Well, sluts can’t get close to dukes. I’ll take care of them behind the scenes if I have to; they must be well-behaved first and foremost. A woman with a high price tag is not even on the list of potential wives.”

“Scary!? Dukes are scary…… Seriously.”

Zweit and Reinhardt are getting along well. There is one woman who is shaking her shoulders in front of them, and she is very angry.

“…… Slut this slut that, shut the fuck up, you brats!! I’ll send you to hell right now if you like!”

“”S-slut got mad……. I was just stating a fact……””

“You’re still saying that!! Even if it’s true, it makes me furious when you say it right in front of me!!”

“”You just admitted it’s true……. I knew it, she was a slut……””

“…… Die.”

“”The slut is really ma ――――――――――――― d!!””

Sharanra has set her eyes on them.

He really wanted to kill them both. When people are confronted with inconvenient facts, they are either remorseful or resentful. Sharanra was the latter.

The high-pitched metallic sound of her sword hitting the barriers, but not reaching Zweit, made her even more frustrated.

“Die, you darned little devils!”

“little devils……? Are you actually older than you look? Whoa!?”

“Good thing I have a barrier, but I don’t feel very alive…… Whoa!?”

What was already a goofy story turned into an even more chaotic one.

“Ufufufu…… die you fucking brat. Every single one of you is making fun of people……”

“…… Look at your actions and correct yourself. If you don’t accept the facts and change yourself, you’ll eventually be alone, okay? Auntie……. Life is long and seemingly short……”

“Little Giiiiiirl! You too !!”

“You’re really observant……. I can’t believe this is coming from a little kid……”

“You’re adding fuel to the fire! That old lady’s going into super mode! She’s turning blonde and her parts are expanding like a human weapon!”

It seems to have increased her fighting power like some alien or even some kind of insane-looking robot.

Zweit and Reinhardt were shivering and running for their lives, but the emotional woman was out of control.

“…… There is no trust in the underworld. It’s easy to cut them off when they’re no longer useful…… An old lady who gets emotional quickly is done……”


“…… Keep talking. There’s plenty of people who can take your place!”

“…… I’m not sure. I’m…… the third……”

“”Third what!?””

A mysterious girl suddenly bursts into a blabbering fit, just when you think she has said something harsh without expression.

Rather than adding oil to the fire, she was throwing nuclear warheads into the air, but with a blank expression and a cute tilt of her head. If she was aiming for it, there was no one more annoying than her.

“Forget it…… The only people I can rely on are myself and my money. I’ll let you guys die here…… for me… Ufufufu.”

“That’s not good…… She’s totally pissed, that slu…… No, Nee-san.”

“Aah…… If you’re going to get upset about being told the truth, you shouldn’t have done it…… I guess it’s normal to prey on others…… I’m sure you’re aware of this, but I’ve seen some pretty self-centered women get upset when people tell them.”

“…… Menopause?”


More bombs were dropped.

Sharanra’s expression disappears. Then, she took out something like a small chess piece from the empty space and showed it to Reinhardt.

“…… (is that…… the same as Shishou’s space magic)”

“…… You little kid there, you think you have any freedom? Do you know what this is?”

“What the hell is that? Are we playing some kind of board game?”

“This is …… the counterpart to the collar that keeps you enslaved. It’s called a [Surveillance Pawn], and if you channel magic into it, it will……”


Reinhardt’s body was hit with pain and numbness as if a high voltage current had been applied to his body, and he staggered to his feet.

Sharanra looks on with a cruel smile on her face, which is different from before.

“That’s creepy. …… (The way this woman laughs: …… Where have I seen it before?)”

“It’s because kids make fun of adults. It’s important to keep your dog in check, right?”

“I see…… now!”


Zweit immediately used his [Silver Wall of God] and cut off Sharanra’s arm.

The [Surveillance Pawn] rolled off the fallen arm. But the next moment, Sharanra’s arm was back together. It was as if the arm that had been cut off had never happened, and everything was fine.

“You use some weird magic……. I didn’t see that coming at all…… nasty stuff……”

“So you are…… perhaps a [Substitute Puppet] or [Sacrificial Paper]…… A magic charm or puppet filled with magic power acts as a substitute, nullifying the damage received. First time I’ve seen one.”

“Gale Blade!”


Reinhardt released a wind slash that caught her by surprise and made Sharanra distance herself, and he immediately collected the fallen [Surveillance Pawn].

“I’m free now…… Thanks for the help, comrade.”

“I don’t want to fight and I don’t want to kill. You okay……”

“I’m fine. But…… you’re surprisingly aggressive.”

“You make fun of people all the time…… I won’t let you die so easy.”

As if sinking to the ground, Sharanra disappears into her own shadow.

“Shadow Dive! That’s not good…… Dark magic is hard to detect……”

“It’s very covert…… Apparently, darkness is a primordial magic that belongs to the roots of this world.”

“I heard the attribute is [Shadow], but how is it different from darkness? It doesn’t make sense……”

“I don’t know either. It’s hard to tell the difference…… And, I don’t have time to talk about it!”

“…… I can see her there?”

The little girl at his back pointed her finger at the shadow of a tree beside him.


“Crimson Slash!”

“Ugh! You really are troublesome brats!”

Her location was easily spotted, and Sharanra immediately took off. The attack exploded just in the nick of time, and she was inwardly shaking her tongue at how troublesome the current situation was.

“Wait, Nanashi-chan! You owe my darling a favor, don’t you? What are you doing betraying me like that?”

“…… Father said I don’t have to pay back the money I borrowed from the illegal loan sharks.”

“Where’s your honor? You’re gonna pay us back!”

“The favor…… had already been paid back by saving your life. I knew you would use us as disposable pawns, so I just did the opposite. Just like you, Auntie……”


“”What’s with this girl…… Amazing, scary……”

She seemed to be a little girl, but she was actually very cunning and smart.

She would pose as a child who knew nothing about the world and use underworld organizations to secure food, and then simply cut them off when things went bad.

This is not what a child would think. Zweit and Reinhardt shuddered at the girl’s black-heartedness.

“It is because of Darling that you are still alive! You should be a little more grateful!”

“…… What’s more important, food or life? If a little food can save my life, that shall be the correct path.”

In other words, she’s asking her to weigh her being saved before against the little food she has.

Garance claimed to have picked her up, but in reality, she was just acting for that exact purpose. To make matters worse, he was easily fooled by this mysterious little girl.

“…… If you are given a gift from a rich person, just be grateful, if not then don’t forget the favor……”

“Nanashi-chan, which Shura clan are you from?”

“No, …… it’s right in a way. If you are taking a favor from the poor, it’s only natural to give a fair amount of gratuity.”

“And …… Auntie will lose.”

“Me? Sure it’s bothersome, but I don’t have a problem dealing with you guys. Annoying, though……”


――― Zash

Suddenly, a sharp blade-like object shot from the sky and pierced the ground.

“Wh, Who’s there?” “Who the hell?” “Who is it?”

The shadows dancing in the distance of the sky. The white wings—

“…… Cuckoo-chan♡”

Three chickens soaring down from the sky. The strongest escort has just arrived.

Piercing the ground was the cuckoo’s feather.

“Koke…… (what’s this…… situation?)”

“Kokekoke? (I don’t know…… apparently two of our enemies have switched sides?”

“Koke…… koke~e (Mmm…… so this is the vixen? What should we do?)”

However, the three chickens were not satisfied.

When they arrived, they found that their opponent had split up and was only one person. The question was, who would fight?

“Cuckoo-chan, Luv~ Yo ――――― u ♡”

“Koke~!? (Guha~a!?)”

“”Koke~e ――――――――― ~e!? ((Sen Ke―――――――――i!?))””

However, Sen Kei was suddenly taken in by the mysterious little girl who suddenly ran out of control, and its was muffed. It was a rare chance for the remaining two chickens.

“Koke…… (With Sen Kei out of the fight, the only one left is……)”

“Kokekoke…… (Just me and Wu Kei……)”

“Kokekoke, ko~! (Rock, paper, scissors!)”

Then, Wu Kei and Zan Kei begin to peacefully decide which one of them will be the opponent in rock-paper-scissors.

Meanwhile, Sen Kei is ……

“Kokekokekokko, koke~ekeke! (Let go of me, I can’t fight…… like this! What are you doing? A~, a~a………♡)”

He was muffled and shivering with pleasure.

The masseuse’s masterful fingering made Sen Kei quiet, and the fluffy feathers were enjoyed to the fullest by the mysterious little girl, who was saying things like “N…… this is the best♡”. In a way, she was the natural enemy of the cuckoos.

“”What the hell are…… these guys doing……””

Even the battle-hungry beasts had their weaknesses, and Sen Kei was already unable to fight. The two remaining chickens were still trying to decide who would fight, but it seemed that Wu Kei was going to win.

Zan Kei seemed to be very disappointed.

“Koke…… (I’m your opponent……)”

“Mocking people everywhere…… I’ll definitely kill you!”

“Koke?…… Kokeko (Are you upset because you’re cornered? ……It’s going to be a boring fight.)”

When Sharanra was about to sink into the shadows using her magic power to perform her signature [Shadow Dive], Wu Kei closed the gap with a blink of an eye and unleashed a powerful punch (wing).

She hastily used her sword as a shield, but an unimaginable blow pulled her out of the shadows and sent her flying several meters into the air. Her hands went numb from the blow.

“What? So fast…… What’s with these chickens!”

“…… Koke? (…… Is this the best you can do?)”

It may have been a disappointment to Wu Kei, who looked somewhat disappointed and then let out a sigh. Sharanra clicks her tongue in annoyance at his attitude.

Wu Kei was much stronger than she had imagined. The other two were also very strong, and it would be impossible to take on all of them.

Furthermore, since the surrounding area was isolated by a ward, there was no way to escape. The strategy had completely backfired on her.

“Damned chickens……. How dare you, you’re just a bird……”

“…… Koke~e ~…… (…… What a disappointment… Let’s just finish this).”

“Your demeanor pisses me off…… I’m going to roast you.”

“Koke…… (What a stupid joke……)”

She’s not being taken seriously at all. But that’s where Wu Kei’s own carelessness comes in.

Seeing that there was absolutely no chance for her to win the fight, Wu Kei uses [Shukuchi*] to move in closer to Sharanra and delivers a powerful blow to her stomach. It is a heavy blow that destroys the internal organs.

*(The word shukuchi (縮地), is a Japanese-language term for various mythical techniques of rapid movement.

The amount of magic power was fully concentrated, and there was no doubt that it was a powerful blow. In fact, it seemed to possess a strong impact. However…

“Koke? (Huh?)”

It should have been a very powerful blow, but then suddenly it felt like nothing. Instead of Sharanra, what was there was a wrecked wooden doll lying on the ground.

It was only there that he realized that he had made a big mistake.

“Koke~!? (Oh, shit!)”

“Die! Dumb chicken!”

Sharanra, who turned into a pitch-black storm, struck Wu Kei with slashes from all directions. This is one of her assassination techniques, the [Shadow Strike]. This technique is intended for one-on-one combat, but in addition to instantly unleashing a high-powered slash, it also assimilates itself into the shadows, which raises its own defense.

Furthermore, it is difficult to tell where the attacker is coming from because it disrupts their perception. The scary thing about dark magic and techniques is that they are so covert that they nullify your ability to detect them.

Wu Kei fell straight into the bushes.

“Fufufu…… I killed it. Only two chickens left, gotta finish them off quick…… and ……”

Sharanra thought she had defeated Wu Kei. After defeating the remaining two chickens, she thought all she had to do was take out the target and the traitor, but something strange occurred behind her.

She noticed a tremendous amount of magic power being released from the bushes where Wu Kei had fallen, and when she turned around, she saw Wu Kei, slightly wounded but still in perfect condition.

“Koke…… kokekekokkokeke (My carelessness is causing me to let my guard down…… You took advantage of that, I’m still inexperienced.)”

“What? I was sure feeling the impact. Why are you still alive……”

“No way is that [Fighting Spirit]!? You’re kidding, you strengthened yourself at that very moment to protect yourself!”

“Those Cuckoos are the real deal, as expected from Shishou. What a monster……”

“…… [Hardening] to be exact. He protected himself by making the feathers on his body harden with magical power. Strong……”

The attack that had caught it off guard had been impressive, but Wu Kei was not so weak that it could be defeated by it.

On the contrary, Wu Kei realized that it had underestimated his opponent and was not being respectful. So, for the first time, it got serious.

“Koke, kokkokoke (I apologize for my rudeness. I will now give my full power to fight you.)”

“I, I’ve got …… a bad feeling about this”

Wu Kei’s small body gradually bulged, and its white feathers turned a deep red, like flames. A long, snake-like tail sprouted from its rear feathers, and its legs became thicker and more suited to the ground. The claws were vicious.

Its beak was full of sharp fangs that looked as if they could bite through flesh, and a chicken crown stood majestically on its head.

It looked as if it was growing rapidly, but this was not growth or evolution. This is a special ability that Wu Kei and the other subspecies of Cuckoos have acquired that allows them to evolve and transform into unique forms.

Wu Kei and his fellow chickens didn’t like the idea of evolving to become stronger, and they always controlled their magic power to control their physical changes. As a result, they had acquired the ability to transform themselves into an evolved form at will.

This was not something that Zeros was teaching them, it was a power that they had even before they had met him. The ossan did not know about this power.

Many monsters have this ability to transform themselves, and some of them mimic humans, which is rather common, but Wu Kei and the others were the first Cuckoos to have this ability.

Wu Kei and the rest were cuckoos and cockatrices at the same time. This is why they have recently grown to be able to use their abilities as cockatrices even in their cuckoos form.

“Gyuo~oooooooo~!! (Shining Cockatrice Mode!)”

“What the he――――――ll? It’s not the same species as before!”

What used to be a knee-size cuckoo has now transformed into a giant over three meters long. Including its tail, it was probably six meters long.

The huge body suddenly blurred, and before she knew it, it was right in front of Sharanra. Then, its fists (wings) filled with magic power were swung out with all their might.


Sharanra barely escaped in the nick of time, but then she witnessed something terrifying.

The blows from the wings (fists) blasted through the air, and the frictional heat turned the surrounding trees into charcoal in an instant. If you take a direct hit, you will not be able to escape.

The shockwave slammed into the ward, causing the barrier to vibrate wildly. It was so powerful that it could have destroyed the wards if it was not done properly.

“You, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

She immediately dives into the shadows with her shadow dive and tries to escape, but Wu Kei is not kind enough to let its enemies escape. It is a monster’s instinct to keep fighting until it is defeated.

Wu Kei released a petrifying breath on the surrounding area. Trees and flowers were petrified and shattered in an instant, and even if they were lurking in the shadows, they could never escape this terrifying attack.

This was not exactly petrification, but an attack that temporarily transformed the material itself with magic power, disintegrating its molecular bonds.

If the bonds of matter are disintegrated, even temporarily, any object will be shattered into pieces and will not be able to return to its original state. It is a powerful ability that can only be prevented if the magic resistance is high.

It is also an attack that cannot be used more than once because it uses a lot of magic power.


Sharanra was obviously scorched, and her black cloak was starting to petrify and shatter.

She hurriedly took off her cloak and avoided being petrified.

“…… Thank goodness I’ve been working on my status nullification skills……”

“……… Also ……”

“Thanks to my magic tools, I’ve been able to save my life, but what’s with that strength…… It’s so monstrous. It’s not the cockatrice that I remember……”

When Wu Kei gets serious, it exposes its unruly power to the fullest. Sharanra can only feel sorry for herself for letting such an insane being take her seriously.

No matter how strong you are, a little carelessness can be fatal. It had taught her that, and that’s why Wu Kei had taken her seriously with all due respect. Sharanra was now in a position where she had to face this power.

“You guys, help me! A woman is being attacked by a monster!”

“No, even though you’re a woman, you’re the one who’s trying to kill me. I’m not going to mess with it, even if it looks like a monster, it’s my escort. You are an assassin…”

“What did you do to me just now? You used the enslavement spell to make me suffer, didn’t you? Do I have a right to help you?”

“…… You have to be prepared to die when you challenge someone to a fight. You can’t complain when you go from being the one who kills to the one who is killed.”

The spectators had no intention of helping. It was only natural.


When he transformed into this form, its aggressive instincts seemed to come out, and it relentlessly attacked Sharanra.

In front of Zweit’s eyes, a fierce battle was unfolding.

Meanwhile, San Kei was screaming in agony at this point. The mysterious little girl who somehow managed to capture the second chicken and make it faint in agony was a skilled one.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A motorbike runs through the forest.

It deploys a magical barrier and pushes forward, crushing the trees inevitably.

“Hurry up…… Well, with that amulet, it should be fine for half a day, but there are some contingencies. I have to hurry…… Wh, What’s that?”

The ossan, who had been engrossed in mining, was driving the [Waste No. 13] with a bit of impatience when he saw something like a wall in front of him.

It was a translucent, foggy wall.

“Wards or…… perhaps magic tools. But at the level of today’s mages, how can they make magic tools on such a scale? Maybe it’s a relic from the ancient times, or could it be a reincarnated person like…… me”

It’s hard for reincarnated people to live in this world.

Modern Japan is overwhelmingly different from this world in terms of safety, and it’s mildly peaceful.

The number of criminals is also much higher in this other world, and many legal loopholes can be described as sloppy, and if you don’t understand them, you will be in trouble.

Some of them are even superstitious and unfounded, and they are accepted as the norm. If you point out that something is wrong, you will be viewed with suspicious eyes.

The reincarnated people who lived in peaceful Japan naturally act according to Japanese laws and common sense nurtured through education, so it takes time for them to adapt to the common sense of this world.

If they are not careful, there is a high possibility that some of them will get involved in crime. In fact, it might be easier for them to live if they turn to that side. After all, reincarnated people possess far more power than the people of this world.

He knew better than anyone that he was in that extreme. It’s easy to forget this sometimes……

“It’s not that I haven’t thought about the possibility of meeting someone from my world…… but it would be troublesome if they became an enemy. I might have to deal with some heinous equipment that I’ve sold off myself…… It’s a nuisance.”

Many of the reincarnated possessed the same equipment from the online game [Sword and Sorceress].

Their power is akin to that of relics from ancient times when compared to the standard of this world. Above all, the difference in level was a problem.

Players who are reincarnated from the world of [Swords and Sorceress] gained experience points from the monsters they defeated to strengthen their abilities and grew stronger by developing higher-level skills.

However, in this world, you have to train to acquire skills, and even if you raise your level, the strength of the monsters you defeat is extremely uneven, so it takes a lot of effort and experience to become as strong as a reincarnated person.

This is where the difference between reincarnated people and residents of other worlds lies. In a nutshell, in the world of [Sword and Sorceress], you can raise your level evenly, but in the other world, this is not possible.

The experience and levels gained are not divided by race or area, but by the environment of the habitat area. In addition, individual differences are very strong, and the effects are more pronounced for monsters that live in packs.

In the world of [Sword and Sorceress], the concept of evolution existed only in a limited number of races. For example, goblins and orcs.

The environment of this world is not exactly controlled, but rather it is as close to natural as possible, so you will get the strong impression that the world of [Sword and Sorceress] is a controlled world. It is no wonder that there is a difference in strength between the reincarnated and the residents of the other world.

In this world, if you die, that’s it. It’s not like in a game where you can come back to life again and again and keep raising your level. This is the biggest reason for the decisive difference in power.

“I guess there’s no point in thinking about it. Criminals will be caught or dealt with, let’s keep it simple…… Huh, so depressing!”

He’s prepared to deal with the reincarnated to a certain extent, but when the time comes, he can’t help but feel depressed. After all, it was Zeros himself who had pulled the trigger. Even though they didn’t know it, they became collateral damage in defeating the evil god.

Some of them may have a grudge against him. That doesn’t mean he’s willing to be killed for it, though……

“Protecting Zweit-kun is the top priority right now. I’ll break down this barrier…… I wonder if I can do it?”

In a sluggish tone of voice, Zeros channeled his magic power into the dashboard panel where the gauges are installed.

The movable arm attached to the rear wheel frame of the bike is activated, and the huge shields on the two sides of the blade are moved, and the sound of something being fired can be heard inside, “Gashun, Gashun”.

“Magic charge complete, magic formula activation confirmed…… operating normally, shield deployed.”

When the shield slides upward and downward, a weapon known as a gunblade is stored inside.

At the tip of the gunblade, several large magic circles were deployed, and the magic power was transformed into physical attacks by the magic formula engraved on them.

“Double-distraction cannon. Launched.”

The light emitted from the gunblades on both sides, while twisting into a spiral on the way, went straight into the ward and shot through it like paper before disappearing into the depths of the forest. Before long, an explosion sounded.

A cold sweat broke out on the ossan’s forehead.

“I see…… In this world, the power seems to be much different…… It’s not good…… I should probably seal this too. Hahahaha……”

It was a dry laugh.

The gunblade was indeed a powerful weapon, but at least it didn’t have the power to wipe out the target. Even if the power of the two were combined, it was limited to the power of a single wide-range magic, but if it was actually used, the power would be an enormous difference.

In a part of the forest, a crater was created by the fire. The ossan was speechless at this.

“And, I’ve destroyed nature……. Well, let’s leave it at that for now. I hope Zweit is safe……”

Putting another thing in his mind, the ossan escapes reality.

[Waste No. 13] running and speeding through the forest again. In his mind, he muttered something like, “Let’s get rid of these old weapons…… The power is too much.”

Knowing how many of these dangerous weapons he owns, the ossan is once again depressed when he thinks about how much time it will take to disassemble them.

The ossan has just realized that he owns several magical weapons that can take down an entire country.


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