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Ossan Chapter 60

Ossan, remembers his work and gets impatient.

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“…… How long are you going to stay on my back?”

“………For my dinner, I can’t let you get away ……”

Zweit is telling the girl on his back to get off, but she stubbornly refuses to.

Having someone sit on your back in a piggyback position is not only a hindrance, but also impedes your movement, and makes you feel like you are carrying heavy baggage in the long run.

He also realized that this girl was one of the assassins based on her words “I can’t let you get away.”

“Get off. You’re not heavy, but you’re in the…… way.”

“…… No. If I let you go, I can’t have dinner……”

“If you’re skilled, why don’t you come work for me? If you’re skillful, I’ll pay you a decent salary.”

“……… I’m conflicted. Killing people, I don’t want to do it……”

Zweit figured out that the girl didn’t want to kill people, she just couldn’t make ends meet, so she turned to underworld gigs.

He thought he could convince her after appeasing her a little, but the world was not so easy.

“Could you please stop trying to seduce this little girl? God, this is why I can’t stand good-looking men.”

“Who the hell are you……”

A woman in a black evening gown wearing flashy accessories with malicious intent appeared in front of him, and before he knew it, she was standing near Zweit.

No, it’s not just a woman. A young boy around the same age, wearing knight armor, has his sword drawn and ready.

“Why do you need to know? I’m not so nice as to tell a little boy who’s about to die.”

“I see…… You’re a leftover from the organization my father destroyed. But…… are you sure you want to be here?”

“…… What do you mean? In this situation, I wouldn’t like to have that kind of leeway……”

“My father already foresaw your move. I mean, I think we can assume that he already knows where you’re hiding, don’t you?”

“So what? No matter how capable your father is, boy, he can’t stop us.”

“That is, if the organization is still around, right? I’m sure it’s already been destroyed by now. That father of mine might have done it.”


Sharanra grew impatient inside.

If the target, Zweit, was right, even if he died here, the organization itself may have disappeared.

In fact, they have assigned unknown creatures to guard him. It would not be wrong to assume that the information has already been leaked.

Moreover, Zweit speaks calmly, without a trace of impatience.

“Do you think your father is that capable, boy? With no evidence to back it up, it’s not very credible, right?”

“Well, yeah. But as his son, I can tell you that…… my father is a real monster. He’d use me as an excuse to take down an entire organization in an instant.”

“Seriously!? So, this means I’m a free man now?”

“Free? …… Are you a criminal slave? You…… What the hell did you do?”

After seeing his collar, Zweit asked casually, but Reinhardt turned his head away from him. Then the Pink Ninja quickly replied.

“……Slave harem, fail.”

“In other words, he forced his hand on a legal slave and got reported…… Are you stupid? Only those criminal slaves are stripped of their human rights.”

“I didn’t know thaaaaaaaaat!!”

“You’re an idiot. …… The country has laws, and you need to first understand them, but if you suddenly buy slaves and get your hands on them, this is what you get.”

“You got what you deserved, didn’t you? And you were bought by a criminal organization…… I have no sympathy for you……”

“Every man dreams of a harem, right?”

“No…… You only need one woman you’re really in love with. It’s troublesome if there’s more than one woman…… My father is like that.”

“You, are you even a maaaaaan?”

Reinhard XIII, lamenting his sorrowful heart. However, as long as there is a country, there are laws, and common sense often differs completely from country to country. The moment you ignore them, it is certain that you will end up like him.

“First, authorized slave merchants are, so to speak, employment brokers. Their job is to sell enslaved people to merchants and craftsmen who have little manpower, after being approved by the government through a strict evaluation.

Slaves can be free if they can pay back their debts, and they can continue to work there. This is just common sense.”

“So, they’re employment agencies. What if they end up in a black company?”

“Enslaved people will be registered in the registry of their respective territories. They can’t leave that territory, and since they are obligated to repay their debts, a permit must be issued for them to go to another territory.

The people who buy slaves are also obligated to protect their human rights, and they can’t be used as slaves for the rest of their lives. If you do that, you will become a criminal slave. You can sue your masters for that.”

“Why are the laws so strict against slaves! That’s crazy!!”

“Are you upset? Even if they’re slaves, they’re still people. We have to protect their human rights. If they don’t have a criminal record, they’re no different from the rest of us.”

Those who are sold as slaves also have their own reasons. Most of them had no job and were looking for another job, or they had no choice but to become slaves because of the poverty of their lives. The slave trade was a means of relief for such people, and it was only natural that human rights should be protected.

In other words, it is like borrowing money using oneself as collateral. In order to repay the debt, they would work for free for a while, and those who purchased the slaves would be obligated to provide all of their food, clothing, and shelter.

“Do you think the slaves like to sell themselves? Most of them have a reason to do that, you know?”

“But they’re slaves. They’re supposed to serve their master! Why would they sue me for forcing them to kiss me!?”

“If someone who you don’t like says, “Kiss me”, would you be able to do it? What if the master who bought you was an obese, ugly, overly makeup-wearing old woman? Would you be able to do it if you were asked to be his companion for the night?”

“…… I can’t. If that happens, I’m running away.”

“That’s why you were sued. You forced them to do something they refused to do. You’re not even willing to do the same if you were in their situation. The hypocrisy.”

Reinhardt is mortified because he can’t answer anything back.

He is still saying, “This is a fantasy world, but why are the laws so strict…… It’s no different from Earth.” In short, he was sued for sexual harassment and abuse of power.

“However, you’ve been sold to a criminal organization…… You’re never going to be free, you know?”

“How so? If what you’re saying is right, then I can sue my current master if I need to!”

“No….. I know you were sold by a legal slave merchant, but the problem is that you were sold to a criminal organization. I’m sure the merchant falsified the documents, and above all, you are a criminal slave.

I don’t know how skilled you are, but there is no way you would throw away a usable slave, right? In the first place, when you buy or sell slaves, you’ll be asked to show some identification. The slave merchants in each territory have a special registration card to identify themselves and their family members. Slaves can’t be sold to the underworld.”

“So what about…… me?”

“As long as you are registered as a criminal, you have no human rights. They probably thought it would be no problem to sell them to others. It’s very common to find people who use criminal slaves as disposable.”

The criminal organizations will not let them go free as long as they are useful to them. They are used until they die, and when they do, they will have no problems leaving them as they are.

Reinhardt had put himself in the position of a slave, which was what he was looking for.

“You…… seriously, what did you do? Just because you were accused of sexual harassment doesn’t make you a criminal slave…….”

“I beat the guards who came to arrest me…… I thought they were robbers, but they were government officials……”

“There’s no way you could have escaped that if you attacked the guards on top of the sexual harassment…… The fact that you’re messing with the slaves you bought before that is unbelievable.”

“God damn it……”

He went down on his knees.

“I don’t care about that, stupid little boy. You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m still going to kill you.”

“I know you will……. After my father took down the entire organization, you guys are criminals yourselves. It’s obvious that they’re going to take care of you once they find you……”

“I’m glad you understand so quickly! The little boy over there is an idiot and by the way…… Nanashi-chan?”


The girl clinging to Zweit’s back tilted her head curiously when her name was suddenly called.

“You can just stay on his back and finish the job, can’t you?”

“…… can’t do it, if I take my hands away, I’ll fall.”

“Usually, don’t you have a weapon hidden around your wrist armor? You’re a ninja, right?”

“…… Not safe if I fall. Dangerous if I get stabbed by accident.”

“You’re a ninja, right? Isn’t it normal for them to have weapons hidden all over the place?”

“That’s prejudice…… A ninja only uses a weapon when escaping. And there are not many of them…… Auntie, you don’t know much.”

A ninja is an intelligence operative, to begin with.

Their main role is to gather information, and they’ll perform combat and rear disruption when unavoidable circumstances arise.

They tend to avoid making loud fights and prioritize covert actions. Their equipment also emphasizes mobility, so they have only a few shurikens and other tools.

“Aunt…… ninjas specialize in assassination, right?”

“No…… Spionage. Auntie is talking about NINJYA, not ninja.”

“Again, Auntie…… that’ s different.”

“Information gathering is their specialty……. Killing is a different kind of work……”

The image of the ninja is often misunderstood. Even Japanese people tend to think of them as a shadowy group that undertakes dirty work behind the scenes, but the ninja are originally a group that scatters to various places to obtain information and make money for their clan after receiving payment from their employers.

Some of them are recruited as soldiers, but some of them keep changing employers, so it is not an organization of contract assassins.

“It can’t be helped…… Just hold him down. I’ll finish it immediately…”

Sharanra suddenly threw a knife at him. However, the knife was bounced by something and fell to the ground.

Zweit also felt nervous, but he breathed a sigh of relief that the amulet made by Zeros was effective. For the time being, his own safety was guaranteed, but he could not be careless.

“What!? A magic tool…… with auto defense, that’s a nice thing to have……”

“It’s a gift, though. Most attacks are repelled, you know? The person who made it is extraordinary.”

“Tsk…… That’s a nasty tool. But, when the magic runs out……”

“Who knows? I mean, the guy who made it said it was incredible, right? I don’t know how long it’ll last, but he says it can hold out for a while.”

“There’s…… something else going on here. And I don’t like how you have that kind of leeway.”

“That’s right. It won’t be long before you’re all dead. I’ve already sent the signal, and…… the strongest guards will be here to protect me. It seems you’ve set up some kind of warding, but it will be easy to destroy………”

Sharanra clicks her tongue inwardly.

She used a magical tool called the [Field of Isolation], and once deployed, she could not leave the ward until the effect time expired. Also, it is a one-time disposable magic tool, so it is difficult to purchase it again.

They wanted to isolate Zweit, but they were trapped at the same time. There is no telling how long the magic tool will last, but if reinforcements arrived by that time, things would get complicated.

Since it was difficult for them to even try to kill them, a long battle was inevitable, and it would be difficult to escape. At this point, the plan had already gone awry.

“How long are you going to be depressed! Give me a hand.”

“Because Nee-san……. Killing this guy won’t set me free, you know? I don’t want to kill him, but I had no choice but to do it.

But hey~, I can’t…… be free, can I? Hahahaha…… I don’t feel like doing anything……”

“Good grief…… I will help you talk to Darling! So help me!!”

“Isn’t that just a verbal promise? It’s possible that they just wanted us to kill him, and then they didn’t care about the rest……”

“You’ve been fed a lot of useless nonsense…… You’re a pawn, and you’re cocky……, and you have no choice. I’m going to have to do something about this on my own……”

Sharanra pulls out her sword and slashes it towards Zweit.

―― Kyi~i~i~in!!

However, it was repelled, making a high-pitched sound and preventing the attack from going through.

“This is so annoying. It really messes up our plans.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that. I don’t give a shit about the convenience of criminals.”

“…… Agreed. It is wrong to kill people based on one-sided logic in the first place…… No virtue.”

“Nanashi-chan, whose side are you on?”

Sharanra was indignant. However, the pink-colored ninja girl took things at her own pace.

“Shinobi follows the path of justice……”

“…… You do know some difficult words, don’t you? You don’t seem as young as you look.”

“…… You’ll get hurt if you fall for it, okay?”

“……… In many ways. I’m not going to cross the dangerous bridge in the other direction, okay?”

“Another direction …… lewd”


Even though they were being threatened with their lives, for some reason, the atmosphere was very peaceful.

It was pretty goofy, even though it was supposed to be a killing scene. Well, for Zweit, he was grateful for the situation, because he just needed to buy some time.

“…… I am, going to kill you…….”

“Why? Killing me isn’t going to change your situation.”

“What are you doing seducing a girl in front of me? And a loli? I’m so jealou——s!”

It was resentful jealousy.

“…… Are you out of your mind? You can’t touch a child, you pervert. Some nobles indeed marry despite the age difference, but it’s usually a political marriage, and most importantly, they don’t touch them until they’re old enough. There are exceptions, though……”

“I want to…… get my hands on some lolis!!”

(*Enkiros: tempted to change it to cunny.)

“So that’s exactly how it happened. You’re a real pervert……… I get why you fell into slavery…… You’re too faithful to your desires.”

“Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“That’s not a compliment!!”

Reinhard was truly a dangerous individual.

He shifted his gaze to Sharanra, who looked at him with so much stupidity. She is silent, but Zweit’s eyes are full of criticism.

“D, don’t look at me like that. …… Even I didn’t think he’d be this stupid!”

“But he’s one of you, right? Do something at least……”

“I can’t do anything about the girl I introduced to you a few days ago. It’s not like I’m your guardian or anything.”

“Don’t make me look so pathetic!!”

“”No, you’re plenty pathetic already.””

The assassination started as a goofy situation, but it turned into a troublesome situation in a different way. At this point, it doesn’t seem like an assassination anymore.

Only, the one-sided jealous idiot pulls out his sword and chases Zweit around.

It would be troublesome for Sharanra, and if she carelessly attacked Zweit, she would be collateral damage from Reinhardt’s slash and would be unable to do anything about it.

The target, Zweit, is desperately running away with a pink-colored ninja girl on his back. The fool who became emotional was out of control.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

The ossan was by himself, digging through the rocky ground with his pickaxe.

At first, he was only mining for iron ore and a few rare ores, but as he dug further, he became so absorbed in the various ores he found that he forgot his original goal and kept on digging.

With his already insane level, Zeros never gets tired, and this kind of physical work is really easy for him. He doesn’t have any awakening skills such as [Limit Break], [Critical Break], or [Extreme Break].

In [Sword and Sorcery], an awakening skill is a skill that can be obtained by raising your level or a certain number of higher-level skills to the max. Two skills obtained by completing events of the same category will increase the limit of the level of the players, and the synergistic effect of three skills will strengthen the players’ physical abilities to an extraordinary level.

This skill was, in many senses, a skill that exceeded the limit.

Also, in [Sword and Sorcery], physical abilities were greatly enhanced with each level-up through repeated harsh battles, and players who continued to face strong monsters at the same level were more likely to have stronger avatar abilities.

The [Annihilators], who have been repeatedly fighting harsh battles in search of rare materials, are naturally stronger than other players, but their awakening skills have a multiplier effect that makes them more insane.

Even though the avatar is enhanced by the higher-level profession skills and unique skills, the effect of three awakening skills would be terrifying.

If such an ability were to be obtained in reality, it would be no surprise that he is truly superhuman. Naturally, this kind of mining work can be done extremely fast. No heavy machinery is needed.

“Hmmm…… at first I thought I was going to get other ores because all I got was iron ores, but…… I’m getting a lot of gemstones~……”

And the ossan had forgotten all about his original task.

“Gemstones…… I can make a fortune by selling them, but it’s still better to use them as magic tools. I’m going to keep some of it for myself, but I don’t know what I’m going to make……”

Gems are rare in this world as well.

Gems have a good affinity with magic, and by putting some magic power into them, they can be used in the same way as magic stones. And unlike magic stones, they do not disappear when used.

Magic stones tend to couple with others of the same attribute, and by fusing or compressing them, more magic power can be used, but as they are used, they become smaller and smaller and eventually disappear.

Since they are originally crystallized magic power, they can be processed into magic tools to contain powerful magic, but at the same time, since they use the magic power of the magic stone itself as a medium, they will continue to be consumed. In other words, it is a material that is suitable for disposable magic tools.

On the other hand, although there is a limit to the amount of magic power that can be contained in a gemstone, it does not disappear when the magic power is consumed like a magic stone, making it superior in terms of convenience.

The larger the gem itself, the larger the amount of magic power it can hold, and the more powerful the magic can be. However, the reality was that it was much more profitable to sell them than to do so.

If it failed, the jewel itself would collapse and crumble away like sand. Then the only use for it would be as paint. The painter would be happy, but for the mage, it would be a painful loss.

Perhaps that’s why the process of turning gems into magic stones was limited to just protective magic tools.

“I think I’d like to try it out and see what people who use magic have to say about it…… I’m not sure if it’s the same for Zweit, Iris, and Luceris…… A recovery magic enhancement item…… is not a bad idea.”

He already feels like a craftsman. He thinks he can make a simple magic tool, but the fact that he is outside the norm has slipped his mind.

Even if it’s simple for the ossan, it’s an extraordinary item in the eyes of the people of this world. Zeros was oblivious to the consequences that would arise from this.

“Well, one more dig…… hmm?”

The ossan was currently wearing a mask. In his vision, there was an arrow indicating a direction and a blinking red light spot indicating an emergency.

“…… Oh no! I totally forgot about the assassin! Dammit. I have to go quickly……”

In a hurry, he pulls out the magic bike [Waste No. 13] from the inventory and inserts the key.

The magic motor growls quietly as magic power is sent to it. As he squeezed the throttle, the wheels began to spin rapidly and he accelerated quickly, cutting through the ground.

An extraordinary thing runs through the forest of Ramuff.

In conclusion, the ossan had come alone to the depths of Ramuff Forest, while Zweit and the others had taken a detour around the outer edge.

He don’t even realize that there is a plant-type demon called [Trent] living there, disrupting his sense of direction. Even if his magic resistance is strong, he can easily get lost in the forest if exposed to an optical illusion.

The reason for this was that he was so absorbed in gathering that he hadn’t activated his skills. The disadvantage of the search skill was that it could not be used with other search skills.

The ossan rushes through. While crushing the Trent that is blocking the way ahead……. Waste No. 13, without regard to the Trent blocking it, wrapped its body in a barrier and pushed forward in a straight line through the forest.

After the ossan’s bike ran through, only a large amount of wood pieces of what used to be the Trent were left behind.

It’s a valuable material for magic wands and can be sold at a high price, but there is no way to collect it in this situation, so other students will pick it up and process it into a wand.

As a result, the gap between the talented students and the other students of the Magic Academy will close, and there will be a big change in the ranking of the students, but that’s another story.

Zeros, without knowing it, had created a stir in the educational system of the academy.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

Wu Kei and the others were in trouble.

Zweit, the target of their protection, was behind a ward, and a barrier surrounded him, making it impossible for them to get inside.

It was frustrating to watch from the top of the tree, unable to do anything, when there was a strong-looking prey right next to them. They wanted to enter the battle right now and fight with all their might.

“Koke…… (What should we do? If we don’t do something, Shifu will be very angry……)”

“Kokekoke (I wonder if we can get inside somehow. The people surrounding him are weak, so it’s not a problem……)”

“Ko~, koke~ee (First, we need to observe calmly. There may be a hole in the ground somewhere.)”

The three chickens observed their surroundings with their eyes.

They knew that if they rushed, they might miss something important, so they suppressed the urge to fight and continued to observe the barrier.

Then, they saw a bird slip out of the barrier.

“Ko~, ke~e (Did you see that? Look……)”

“Koke, kokekko (Hmm, looks like there’s no barrier above it.)”

“Kokekokekoke  (Then I guess we should go from the top, but we can’t fly that high.)”

The three chickens were able to fly, but only at low altitudes. Due to their body structure, they are too heavy to fly, and they are too big to catch the wind and take off into the sky.

Of course, there are birds of the same size that can fly, but the wings of the Cuckoos are not suitable for flying at high altitudes.

“Kokekokekoke (Then we’ll have to break in from the top of a tall tree.)”

“Ko~, koke  (Yes, we can also glide.)”

“Kokeke (It’s a problem if the wind won’t blow us away, but we have no choice.)”

They nodded, and the three chickens began to move, looking for the tallest tree.

Just for the sake of fighting a strong opponent…….

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇

“Hurry…… quickly to the campsite! If we don’t, Zweit will ……”

“I know, but we can’t go on with so many monsters……”

“You’ve used something nasty……. I’m going to kill that damn Samtroll……”

Dio is on his way to the campsite to ask for help, but he was attacked by a group of monsters and is currently battling them.

He had been told about the assassins, but he hadn’t expected to be split up. In addition, even if they wanted to call for help, they would be blocked by the monsters called by the [Evil Perfume], and their retreat would not go as planned.

“You don’t think Samtroll’s gonna take the same route to retreat with that evil perfume?”

“It’s possible…… The guy’s favorability rating is currently on the decline. He might try to stage a rescue mission to save our asses.”

“He’s an idiot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went on such a crazy mission to easily raise his approval rating.”

“He wouldn’t do that. He’s an idiot. ……”

The students of the Weissler Faction, who knew Samtroll’s personality, calmly analyzed his character and arrived at an answer. They completely saw that the current situation was an act of their own making.

“Stop talking and help us! The two of us won’t last long!”

“Maybe I should quit being a mercenary…… It’s not worth it……”

The two mercenaries escorting them were trying their best to kill the monsters, but their numbers were gradually increasing.

At this rate, it will only be a matter of time before they are exhausted and become fodder for the monsters. The magic of the students is at the level of intermediate magic at best, and since it consumes a lot of magic power, it can’t be used carelessly.

As if to ridicule their impatience, the number of monsters gradually increases.

“At this point ……, we have no choice but to use force to open up a path of retreat and escape. Guys, I’m going to use magic.”

“There’s no other way. …… I was hoping to save him if possible.”

Dio and the others could no longer afford to take any chances.

There was no point in conserving their magic power if they were in a tight spot. If they wanted to rescue Zweit, they had no choice but to take care of the crowd of monsters in front of them.

There was no telling how many monsters would come rushing in, but if they didn’t get through this now, they wouldn’t be able to call for help. Dio put magic power into his wand and tried to cast a spell at the monsters.


But then, the pack of monsters in front of them was blown away by a powerful magic.

“Selling♪ the materials will keep our lives secure for a while.”

“Iris…… even I can’t dismantle this many monsters, you know?”

“Why don’t we just get the magic stones? If we sell them, we can make some money, right?”

“We don’t have time to dismantle them…… With so many there’s not enough time.”

The ones who were attacking were Iris and Jane, who were escorting Celestina.

It was great to have reinforcements, but Dio and the others were amazed at the power of the ranged magic that Iris used.

“Iris, please don’t walk too far ahead. There are too many monsters in this forest.”

“Don’t worry♪, don’t worry the monsters in this forest are weak, even I can defeat them with a single blow. Celestina-chan, you can easily maul them with a single blow, right?”

“Please don’t talk about me like that! You make it seem as if I like to swing a blunt object around~.”

“You don’t? I thought that because you normally used a pole……”

And when he found out that it was Celestina, whom Dio had feelings for, who had saved him from danger, he felt a burning sensation in his heart.

Well, it was Iris who actually saved him, but…….

“Celestina-san…… Save us……”

Love is blind. He could not see anyone but Celestina.

“I don’t think it matters, but there’s another herd coming. What are we going to do?”

In the direction that Cristey pointed, many monsters were rapidly approaching them.

If they stay here, they could get caught up in the fray between the monsters. However, Iris clapped her hands with a “pop” as she thought for a moment.

“All right, let’s blow them all up at once because it’s troublesome♪ [Explode]”


―――Chu do~ooooooooooooooooooooooon!!

A powerful magic exploded in Rahmuff Forest, and the entire throng of monsters was wiped out.

Afterward, there was Iris, desperately trying to prevent a forest fire from happening, but she got what she deserved.

She doesn’t realize that she is gradually becoming more and more inspired by the ossan.

◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇  ◇


Samtroll, who was about to stage a rescue play of their own making, was speechless when they saw the powerful burst of magic.

Originally, they were supposed to swoop in and save Dio and his friends by defeating the monsters, but there was a big miscalculation on their part.

The first thing that happened was that the number of monsters increased due to the excessive use of evil perfume. They had thought that they would be able to defeat the monsters easily, but the number of monsters swarming around them made them fearful.

The next miscalculation was Iris’s presence. Just as he was thinking of a plan to rescue Dio and the others, he was suddenly robbed of all the credit.

And the highlight is the [Explode].

Except for the secret heirloom spells of the four great dukes, this type of magic is generally treated as a higher level of tactical magic, and is even said to be a mage’s ultimate technique, but he never thought that a little girl mage would be able to use it.

In addition, she hadn’t even run out of magic power after killing so many monsters and using so much magic before reaching Dio and the others. It would be impossible not to be amazed by this.

Well, actually, she came all this way while recharging her magic power with recovery potions, but there was no way anyone could know that.

“…… What is it with this little girl…… How could she use so much magic.”

“I don’t know. …… Whatever it is, I’m afraid we won’t get our chance.”

“Ah…… no matter how you look at it, it’s at the level of a court mage. Isn’t she the disciple of the [Mage of Purgatory]?”

“It’s possible……. That one’s……[Explode], right? She’s obviously a high-ranking mage. If someone like her is working for them, we’re in trouble, aren’t we?”

The plan was totally overturned, and Samtroll’s face was red with anger.

“Don’t fuck with me! Damn you! Duke of Solisthea…… Damn you for sending in your trump card like that.”

“We’d better pull out of here. There’s nothing we can do about it now.”

“Yeah, maybe we should go back……. At this rate, there’s a good chance they’ll fail too……”

They witnessed something unbelievable, and it caused unrest among the lineageists.

Of course, not all of the people here are bloodline mages. Some of them have been brainwashed by Blemite’s magic. It’s easy for brainwashing magic to be distorted by large emotional distress, leading to the brainwashing effect being broken.

However, the fact is that there are many people who have been brainwashed by these spells. As a result, they began to prepare to leave on their own.

If Blemite had been there, he could have strengthened the brainwashing magic, but since he wasn’t, the students under the brainwashing gradually began to regain their self-consciousness.

“Wait! How dare you……”

“Shut up! This is what I get for trusting you. Turns out Zweit was right.”

“You didn’t brainwash us, did you? If you are, we have no reason to associate with you anymore, right?”

“Totally…… Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of strange things going on here~.”

The greater the effect of the magic cast, the greater the repercussions when the magic is broken.

They are still affected by the effects of the brainwashing spell, but they have already begun to regain their self-consciousness to the point of opposing Samtroll, and some of them are even clearly hostile.

It is only a matter of time before Samtroll are completely isolated.

“…… Tsk…… Zweit, I’ll get you for this humiliation……”

Samtroll, who did not even think that he was at fault, further aggravated his resentment.

However, after that day, no one would come near Samtroll anymore.

He even blamed it on Zweit, which was foolish to an extent.


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