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Ossan Chapter 49

Ossan gets Seasick

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Proofreader: Enkiros

Dressed in a jet-black robe, Ossan was ready to fulfill his escort request. He would be on the ship in a few hours, and wondering if he had forgotten anything, he realized that there was one important thing.

He returned to his bedroom, picked up the mask on the table, and slowly put it on his face. The mask was a bit elaborate.

Although the design only covers the eyes in a way that makes him look strange like a kid with chuunibyou, it’s a magic tool; it has a map function to show the current location of one’s companions. However, since he didn’t know the terrain of Marlaf’s forest, he decided to fill the hole with a ring-shaped magical tool that could provide information about the location and terrain conditions.

Of course, it’s also a way to hide his identity, but why does it seem as if he’s going to stand out anyway?

The problem was probably the bike. About three days ago, the brakes stopped working and the bike went out of control. At that point, there was still a way to stop it, but the fact was that he suffered an accident right after he noticed the problem.

However, the other party is not a human or another race, but a monster, and the gearbox in the power unit and the cable that conveys commands through magic tools broke, and the bike went out of control. In order to prepare for the escort request as early as possible, the bike’s structure was simplified, but this backfired, and the blade’s tip pierced the brake, the weakest part of the structure. It was at this point that the cable was severed and the transmission halted in the gap between the gears.

The transmission itself is located at his feet, but it is arranged to change gears to match its speed. Automatically of course.

“I didn’t know there was going to be an Orc King over there…… I remember them making the mechanical parts out of lead and tin…… For now, I’ve installed a magical high-speed gear in the front and rear wheels, but it won’t go out of control, will it?”

He was surprised by the Orc King, but then he saw the merchants being attacked, and he immediately deployed his magic barriers and rushed in at a very high speed, which was probably a mistake. Rather than calling it an accident, it would be more accurate to say that he launched a suicide attack. After that, he couldn’t slow down and kept running for several hours, consuming his magic power before he finally stopped, but by then he was already exhausted.

You might think, ‘Why don’t you just remove the key and it will stop?’ However, the starting key is also activated by magic power, and because the command transmission cable was broken, there was no response when it was pulled out. As a result, it was unable to turn off all the magical power signals, so it was stuck in a high-speed state and kept running.

It was probably unfortunate that the only thing that remained intact was the cable that transmitted the magic power to the engine. The entire time it was running at super high speed, there was no time to relax. If he fell down, even the Ossan would be in trouble.

It’s a miracle that he was able to make it out alive.

“Ossan, are you ready to go?”

” I’m all set over here. All I need to do is load this thing up”.

” U wa~……. What is that? This magic tool is …….”

“Ojisan, are you seriously going to take this bike ……? You better not, it went out of control, remember?”

A party of female mercenaries, including Iris, come to check on Zeros.

Iris’ expression was tense as she saw the motorcycle near the entrance. She was probably being cautious because she knew that it had gone out of control.

Jane seemed to be a little curious, but Rena didn’t seem too interested. However, the ossan felt that he was missing something when he looked at her.

“This is supposed to be a ride, right? Doesn’t it only allow one person to ride it?”

“Don’t worry about that. We can remove the rear seat and install additional parts, so there’s plenty of room for four people and three Cuckoo’s”.

“Ojisan, I don’t think this is possible, are you going to install two …… sidecars, one on each side?”

“This is the only way to do it. It uses gravity magic, so you can lift it with one hand, store it in your inventory, and use it whenever you want”.

“But, Zeros-san, …… this, it went out of control, didn’t it?”

Rena had a good point, but improvements have already been made.

It was roughly the same, as there was not enough time, but instead, the outer case was much thicker.

The engine has been repaired, the rear wheel has been pushed backward like a specialized hill-climb bike, and the frame has been slightly reshaped but made sturdier with the addition of rare metals. The Ossan didn’t miss a thing.

“But, how could you build a bike like this in three days, Ojisan…… Ojisan?”

The ossan had an awkward expression on his face for some reason. Then he squeezed out a few words in a somewhat heavy tone.

“Iris-san…… aside from a few parts, with common sense do you think you can build a motorcycle in three days?”

“E~? But, actually, here it is…….”

“Have you ever heard of a battery-powered racing car from a famous toy manufacturer? It’s a racing car that runs on a predetermined course……”

“Yeah, my dad and my brother used to go to the local toy store and …… Don’t tell me!?”

“Of course not. The frame and the AT transmission, suspension, brakes, and other small parts are not so different from the bikes that you know. Well, it’s a degraded version though, ……. The difference is that the engine and the transmission are almost the same. In other words, the electric power system has been replaced by a magical power system”.

It looked like a bike, but in fact, it was a miniaturized version.

The power source is a motor that uses magic power, and the magic power tank is no different than a cartridge battery. It has a gearshift, throttle, and brakes, but the rest is like a toy.

There were no plugs, pistons, and crankshafts, and it ran only on magic power and a motor.

If you’re going to make a motorcycle, you might as well make it an electric one, which will greatly reduce the production process and simplify the structure itself. However, the control system prioritized mostly automatic operation, and the throttle and brakes became out of control when the cable that transmitted the magic power signals by wire broke. It was just like a mini four-wheel drive car. Although it is not important, there are also battery-powered motorcycles, but for some reason, they are not as popular.

As a side note, it now has twin motors, and the motors were built directly into the wheels, so it was twice as big. Because of this, the frame had to be modified a bit, but from the looks of it, it might transform into a humanoid form sooner or later, which would be scary. Except for the engine’s core, the rest of the structure was simple, so it was easy to modify.

It doesn’t have a turn signal or a tail light, but a light that uses the technology of the magic stone lamp, the main focus is on the optional parts that can be installed on this bike.

Options such as sidecars on each side and working weapon arms on the blades. The body had to be kept very simple, in order to coordinate with the magic control system that manages it.

The exterior is made of a hard and tough dragon-like material, but in order to reduce the weight of the main body, some of the armor and materials were cut off, making it more fragile, causing it to be damaged during the [hit-and-run attack], which in turn led to the runaway. This reminded him of the importance of safety standards in everything.

The ossan, he was putting too much effort into something unnecessary. It was his own fault that things went out of control.

This was only a hobby of his after all.

“……Then, shouldn’t you have chosen a car…”.

“In the forest, a car can’t move fast enough because of the trees. The area of movement is limited and it takes a long time to rescue people. A motorcycle was just right for us…… However, since we didn’t have much time, I prioritized a simple structure…… I plan to finish it when I get back”.

“It looks like it had some kind of engine?”

“It may look like an engine, but inside it’s a collection of multiple magic tools. They are basically just controlling systems for a specific function, but they were damaged and so they went out of control. Now…… you can rest assured, it is quite strong, okay?”

In short, it is a luxurious toy that can be ridden by people, with a partly fragile structure, using up a lot of frighteningly precious materials.

It can also deploy magical barriers around it, and it can attack to some extent in conjunction with the mask that the ossan is wearing. In a way, it was comparable to a certain cardboard fighting robot.

(*I think it’s a reference to Danbo (ダンボー, Danbō, “cardboard”)) (

(*Enkiros: probably just referring to hoihoi-san like the previous chapters)

For the missing parts, he used some of his own magic tools, so it didn’t take too much effort.

Since precious dragon materials and rare metals would be used for such a thing, it would be nothing but a waste.

However — and regrettably so — there wasn’t enough time to make it into a proper motorcycle.

“Iris is indeed a great mage. I have no idea what they are talking about”.

“Yeah ~. I don’t know either, but I do know that she’s a talented mage because she understands the terminologies”.

They spoke using Earth’s everyday language, but Jane and Rena, who had grown up in this world, had no idea what they meant.

Their conversation seemed to be something academic that only a mage could understand, and Iris’ reputation for understanding and responding to it was on the rise. In actuality, they didn’t talk about something significant like that.

To the two of them, the conversation between them was not much different from the language of an alien.

“Ke, kokokoke~e! (An expedition. …… My wings are ringing)”

“Kokkokekoke! (It is an escort mission-de gozaru, Why do you think you’re here?”

“Kokoko…… kuke~e (Doesn’t matter what it is. As long as I get a chance to test my current skills)”.

The three chickens he brought out were at their own pace.

The other chickens wanted to go as well, but the house could not be left unattended, and they were too conspicuous because they specialized in group battles.

Their strength as individuals is inferior to that of the three birds, and they cannot afford to reduce their numbers now.

He was thinking of taking them to the Great Dark Forest at some point, but for now, he was afraid they would be preyed upon.

“Then let’s go. It’s a three-day cruise”.

“If we’re lucky, we’ll be there in two days, right? Zeros-san”

“At any rate, this will make our lives a little better……”

The three mercenaries were still struggling to make ends meet.

“Ugh …… This is another one of Bonbi’s faults……. I wonder if I can rub it in someone else’s face!”

(*Bonbi / ボンビー, I think it’s a pun for binbogami /貧乏神, the god of poverty).


“I just hope that Bonbi doesn’t evolve into a mega-evolution”.

“Don’t say that! Not only will you be living in debt, but your negative feedback will be terrible!”

The party members were still concerned about many things, but they made their way to the docks to fulfill their request for an escort mission and headed for the Istor Magic Academy.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

There were ships of all sizes lined up at the docks in Santor, filling the entire area.

In addition to the ships, there are fishing boats and other vessels moored at different port facilities depending on the size of the vessel of course as it is a strategic point for a trade.

Of course, carrying people would require a large ship, but not as large as the sailing ships used during the era of great voyages.

It’s not like they are going to travel all the way across the continent, so at most, they will be using small cargo ships.

They’re going to sail along the Aulus River to the territory where the Istor Magic Academy is located, but the ossan didn’t expect to be stranded at this pier.

The cause of this is ……

“Julie…… Oh, my dear Julie! Why are you the only daughter of the Hanbell Family! If you had been the daughter of a simple merchant family, perhaps you would not have suffered so much”.

“Oh…… Romel… my dear Romel. This feeling I have for you is undeniably love! But these feelings will never be fulfilled. …… What a fate the goddess inflicts……”

It was a theatrical confession by two couples in the midst of love syndrome.

They are the only daughter and heir of a merchant family, and their love affair develops into a great romance, but the fathers of both families are very much against it. Their repressed feelings get out of control and they turn the docks into a stage for a play.

They were in the middle of revealing the pain of their tragic love and the inside of each other’s heart, using the ship where the ossan were boarding as the main stage. It was a story that he had heard somewhere before.

(*For those who didn’t know, its Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare)

“I wonder if those two will die by drinking poison in the end. Or, did one of them kill himself with a knife?”

“Huh? I thought he was going to destroy both families by shooting up the place?”

“Both of you be quiet, this is the good part!”

“……………… giggles”.

Rena and Jane were fascinated by this embarrassing scene. And the ossan and Iris knew nothing about the story of a certain famous play.

But if they get held up here, they’ll never make it in time. This theatrical screaming confession has been going on for about three hours now. The people watching are getting tired of it.

The two fathers are the ones to blame when something like this happens.

Merchants are time-conscious, and many of them will lose their business opportunities if this continues.

Most of the people who were going to the business meeting were staring at both of their fathers with cold eyes.

“They love each other so much, why don’t you let them get married? It’s annoying!”

“Your stubbornness has caused us so much trouble! What if we can’t make it to the business meeting!”

“We’ll never do business with you again! Just get them together!”

His business partners were also criticizing him, and his position was getting worse and worse.

It’s a rivalry between two merchants who don’t like each other, but it could lead to the loss of business and the loss of their employees.

However, they did not want to be related to their rivals and enemies. While being tormented by this dilemma, the situation was getting worse.

“My father raised me with his own hands! But at the same time, he only focused on his work and never paid attention to me. …… Now I’m just a tool for a political marriage! He doesn’t give a single thought to my happiness”.

“I’m no different. My father didn’t want me to succeed the family business as I was born to a mistress! My stepmother was the only one who accepted me and loved me…… I’m not even related to her! My stepmother passed away last month and I’ve endured until now…… I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about leaving that house…”

Everyone present turned to look at both their fathers at once.

Both of these men were slick merchants, and many were brought to tears by their forceful ways.

The two of them have an image of greedy merchants who are blinded by money and have no regard for their families.

At this rate, the credibility that they had built up over the years would plummet, and there would be no one left to do business with.

“Do something about those two! We’re gonna be late for a business meeting!”

“Let’s get them together. We can’t work here! That’s enough!”

“Compared to their parents, the children are much more mature, in a different way…..”

The longer it continues to drag on, the more the two fathers are trapped in a corner.

He could seize these two men by force, but he could not move carelessly because of the dangerous substance in their hands. The substance was actually a highly flammable substance that would burn vigorously when exposed to air.

In other words, they are trying to blackmail their own father into letting them get married. In addition, they were both thinking the same thing at the same time and acting on it without any prior arrangement.

This was a crime committed by a loving couple who were in sync with each other.

“I wonder how long this is going to last? I would like to leave as soon as possible……”

“That thing is the lovesickness syndrome…… cycle. Scary….. If I confessed like that, I…I’d die of embarrassment~”.

“What started out as a theatrical confession, has turned into a family exposé”.

“A lot of things must have been piling up. I guess it all poured out at once”.

There’s no stopping the two of them.

The parents grew pale as they were exposed to the shameful parts of the family that came out one after another.

The more people laughed and ridiculed them, the narrower their shoulders became. Many embarrassing things were revealed, some of which even they were afraid to talk about.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out that my father had mistresses around him. …… I thought my mother was the only one until now, but 50! And he forced me to obey him with his money. …… I wanted to die. …… I was so embarrassed”.

“My father was the same way. He had a wonderful wife, my stepmother, and he said, ‘I have no use for a woman who can’t bear children. She died three days later! I hated him. …… so much I wanted to kill him”.

All eyes were once again focused on both their fathers.

The vile parts of human nature are exposed, and the cold eyes are filled with extreme contempt as if to completely deny the personality before trust.

“No, please stOooooooooooooop!! We’re in the wrOoooooooooooong!!”.

The two fathers finally couldn’t take it anymore and raised their voices.

Another hour passed, and we lost a lot of time before Zeros and the others were able to board the ship. Early summer and early autumn are dangerous seasons when this phenomenon is rampant.

“One~e ~~~~ sa~a ~~~~ n! !”

“Iya ~aaaaaaaaaaaaaa~! ?”

“Ufufufu, With this… Now, you’re mine…… ”

“Let me g——-o! I got a wife and kids!”

“I’m not going to die!”

“………. You’re bleeding like crazy, okay?”

“Sweet dreams…… Cheerio! U gya ~aaaaaaaaaa! !”

“That direction, there is a rushing stream….. Oh, it’s the Piranha Sahagin……”.

(*sahagin / サハギン, a fish monster from Final Fantasy)


“It……it’s your fault……. With that guy of all people. Youuuuuuu…!!”.

“How dare you kill him ……. I’m going to kill yo——–u!”

The passionate love calls were rampant in some places and extreme in others.

The more radical ones stood out, but the more passionate ones had already formed a number of couples.

The pier was in turmoil. It was a little too bad a season for the ossan to set sail.

“Cha, chaos…… What a horrible spectacle…… I wonder if love is a battle in this world……?”.

“Someday I’ll be ……. I don’t want to think about it, Ojisan……. I’m going to be socially killed”.

Watching the spectacle from the top of the boat as it slowly pulled away from the shore, the old man and Iris realized once again that they had come to an extraordinary world. It’s scary to think that one day it will be them.

It is a phenomenon in which the feelings for the opposite sex hidden in one’s consciousness are openly revealed. There is no telling what you might say to someone when this phenomenon is triggered, regardless of how much you really love them.

Under their eyes, people were being beaten and flying high into the sky, people being chased around with knives, people being tied up with ropes and taken somewhere, and people rinsing their mouths with muddy water.

Those who did not suffer from this love syndrome would not do anything about it unless they were in great danger, and then they would just watch.

It’s an annual tradition for the inhabitants of this world.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

It would take them about three days to reach the Istor Magic Academy in time.

The ship would take them down the river to the city of Sezan, where they would disembark from the ship and take a horse-drawn carriage along the city roads for three hours to reach the city of Stila, where Istor Academy of Magic is located.

The ship itself is a sailboat, but without any wind, it just goes with the flow, so it is hard to increase the speed.

Perhaps it’s because there are many headwinds this time of year, or because the wind resistance slows the ship down slightly, making it take longer than it should.

At this rate, it would be difficult to make it on time to the scheduled date, but as for the ossan……

“O ee~~~~~~~~ ~e!”

…..He and Iris were both in a state of seasickness.

“Ha, have we arrived …… yet?”

“It’s hard…… I’m dying……. Just, kill me……”

“I had no idea, that we both had a weakness for boats~…. We didn’t bring any seasickness medicine with us”.

The two of them held their mouths and fought against nausea, leaving Jane in a daze.

Perhaps it was because they had never been on a ship before, but they had no tolerance to the swaying of a ship. They were still getting used to it, but they were already in a state where they could not get up again.

Even if they arrived at the city of Sezan, it would be impossible for them to even get on a carriage in this state.

“Well, we’re almost there, so you’ll just have to be patient, okay?”

“Ugh….. I’m not getting on any more ships…….”

“Don’t say that. It’s really close….. Regardless, are you all right? Ossan……”.

“…… what?”

“It’s about taking Rena to the academy. Since it’s her, surely …..”.

Jane’s face turns bright red.

At the same time, the faces of the Ossan and Iris looked shocked dramatically…. but seasickness struck again, and they crouched on the edge of the boat, holding their mouths together.

Despite his nausea, the Ossan realized what he had been worried about with Rena.

Rena is a shotacon. She loves boys who are on the edge of adulthood more than anything else.

She likes to devour the young and the inexperienced, and say, “I am …… a woman who lives in the memories of a young boy’s life,” and then she makes her move one after another.

It’s like letting a T-Rex roam free in a flock of sheep.

“The feeling… to take out……. My bad…… An outdoor field trip turns into a place of lust…… Ugh!”

“Rena is …… bad, Ojisan…… Mmph!”

It was supposed to be a way to make up for the shortage of manpower, but in a way, it could have led to the worst kind of predator on the loose. But in the current situation, there was nothing he could do.

By the way, the three Cuckoo’s had been fishing and eating the fish they had caught earlier. These chickens seem to be omnivores.

They are currently taking care of two seasick people. These chickens were quite thoughtful.

“We defeated the Orc King in the highways! Escorting kids is an easy job”.

“Ho ~o ~ ~u, for a guy who looks like a small fry, surprisingly you do quite well, do you?”

“Of course! I’ll take on any number of high-ranking monsters!”

A group of boisterous men.

They may look like badass mercenaries, but they don’t seem to be very capable. No matter how you look at it, they are not the kind of people who can beat the Orc King.

‘Highway?…… Could it be, I wonder? Ugh! ? O~e ~!’

The ossan had nothing left to vomit, so he had to endure the hellish torment of the oncoming vomiting sensation.

The ship finally arrived at the city of Sezan.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Lands are good…… If I am to die, it will be on the land. Let’s not take a boat on the way back……”

“Yeah……. I didn’t expect it to be that shaky.”

It had been an hour since they had left the ship. They were finally free from nausea, but they still felt sick.

He was the most powerful Ossan in the world, but he was defeated by seasickness making him does not look like it. Jane and the others were dumbfounded.

The sun was beginning to set, and if they didn’t hurry, they wouldn’t be able to reach the academy before the evening bell rang. The receptionist at the Mercenaries’ Guild, prepared by the academy, would finish the final procedures by the time the bell rang at dusk.

Because of the couple’s dramatic exposé, they were running out of time.

“It’s pathetic. I can’t believe I got sick from that level of shaking.”

“There is nothing I can do about it. It’s just a matter of getting used to it…… Maybe I’ll research some anti-sickness medicine next time……”

“Let me know if you can compound it……. I want some too……”

“You have an unexpected weakness… …… Does that mean Zeros-san is human too?”

“Rena-san… if he isn’t human, what the hell is he? There are things I don’t like either, like the great G’s.”

(*Gokiburi / ゴキブリ, cockroach)

(*Enkiros: Great G sounds like a rapper’s name. Just putting that out there.)

“””Never mention that again!”””

The Great G, which can create the most durable pieces of armor.

However, this particular monster was disliked by many people.

“Hey, ladies! Why don’t you take a ride in our carriage?”

“You’re going to the Academy anyway, right? I’ll give you a ride. You can even sit on top of me, hehe.”

“From the looks of it, you haven’t prepared a carriage, right? There’s no way to arrange one now, is there?”

These were the men who were talking big on the ship.

They were obviously trying to approach the girl with a different purpose.

“You don’t have to. We’ve got legs, too.”

“Yeah. Besides, we’re not interested in an expensive-looking carriage ride.”

“It’ s a bit obvious, isn’t it? If you’re going to hit on someone, I wish you’d do it in some other place~.”

Iris and the girls couldn’t resist saying something provocative instead of stopping.

Of course, the men would be furious. However, they were the ones who approached them with ulterior motives in the first place, and it was unreasonable for them to be upset over not being taken seriously.

However, if they were sensible enough to understand that, they would not have tried to hit on Iris and the girls in the first place. There are many mercenaries out there who lack such common sense.

He wanted to get to the academy as soon as possible but got caught up in troublesome situations, and the old man felt like he wanted to hold his head.

“You prefer the guy with the cuckoos!”

“We defeated the Orc King! You’d rather have a shady-looking guy with a hideous mask than us young guys!”

“Don’t mock the cuckoos! They’re stronger than you people. Okay? And they’re cute if you look at them closely.”

“And the uncle is training them… The fiercest creature?”

“It might even be able to kill the Orc King instantly….. I doubt it’s really a chicken.”

The cockoos are bashful for some reason.

No, maybe they are just being modest.

“Orc King…… Didn’t you just beat a dying one to death? Judging from the looks of it, any regular Orc is not going to lose to you even if it struggles, let alone a King.”

“Wha, What are you talking about?”

“We beat it with our own strength! Don’t make any false accusations.”

“I wonder…? Didn’t you all just beat up the Orc King that was hit by an unidentified black object while escorting a merchant? Along the Far-Flung route……”

The mercenaries who had been talking so vigorously turned their heads away.

They didn’t think that anyone here would know the truth.

“Yeah…. It was Ojisan who defeated the Orc King.”

“I couldn’t stop it because it was going out of control, but I think it was close to death because I felt a strong impact, you know? I hit it at one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour”.

“Were they so eager to claim credit for others’ work as their own? I wouldn’t trust them as mercenaries. I’m afraid they’ll betray us along the way.”

“You were getting so cocky in front of the person who beat it. It’s embarrassing……”

The mercenaries’ spirits wilted pitifully.

If it weren’t for the ossan in black in front of them, they would probably have been killed by the Orc King by now. In a way, Zeros saved their lives.

Now it would only be embarrassing, and it would be a shame to breathe down their necks in front of the ladies. They quickly boarded the carriage and drove off as fast as they could, as if they were trying to escape.

“Escaped…… Not a party to be trusted as mercenaries.”

“I wouldn’t want to work with them. They might have the wrong idea and try to attack me.”

“Renna-san is the one who would attack you…… We should get going too.”

Next to the three of them as they were about to start walking, the old man was taking the bike out of inventory and attaching the sidecars.

Once the seat part was removed, another seat that was integrated with the sidecar frame was installed.

The connector fittings are fixed to the frame of the main unit by fitting them in a U-shape and covering them from above.

“The drawback is that you can’t do it with a one-touch operation! But then there is the problem with its durability….”.

He mumbled his thoughts, while his hands continued to work.

Soon after, the group got on this jet-black motorcycle and set off for the city of Stila, where the Istor Magic Academy is located.

…… at one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The carriage traveling down the street was moving leisurely toward the academy.

The men riding in the wagons are all mercenaries, and they form a party called the ‘Red Haired Bears’.

All of them are a bunch of hooligans, but they do their jobs well enough that the guild never complains about them.

These men were lying in the back of the wagons rotting with a sour look on their faces.

“How the bloody hell did they know about that! What a stroke of bad luck!”

“I don’t know! Yeah, that red-haired woman was pretty good! She had huge breasts….”

“The other woman wasn’t so bad, you know? The guy in black is a nuisance!”

“As I …… The tsurupeta (ツルペタ) girl is…..”.

(*I dunno how to translate it better, Tsurupeta / ツルペタ, I think this is meant to be つるつるぺたぺた / tsuru tsuru peta peta, which means slippery and flat. What is slippery and flat? An immature girl’s skin and breasts. Some people love a big breast, and others love a flat one).

“”Are you crazy?””

Iris appears to have been popular, and the mercenary with the reddish face showed a very solid feeling.

Iris and her party seemed to be in constant danger in many ways.

“That son of a bitch, he said something he shouldn’t have!”

“That old geezer, how did he know about that?”

“I don’t know!”

The ossan had interrupted him, and he was still upset that his pickup hadn’t gone well.

“They’re going to the academy too, right? If so, if one of them gets hurt, who knows?”

“Ambushed them from behind? I see, then those women will be …… fuhehehe”.

“Before that, do you think we can make it to the reception in time? I think we’re running out of time, don’t you?”.

“We’ll be fine. The deadline is until the bell rings at dusk today, so we have plenty of time to get it done. …… Hmm?”.

―――Kyu ~o~o ~o~o~oo~oo~oo~ooo~oooo~oooo~ooooo!!

A high-pitched, deafening sound, somewhere in the distance, was rapidly approaching.

When they looked behind them wondering, they saw that something was approaching them at a tremendous speed, raising a cloud of dust.

Then, a jet-black thing came into view and shot past the carriage in which the mercenaries were riding.

The startled horses went out of control and their carriage left the road and plunged into the forest, galloping, and overturning.

The axle of the carriage broke severely, and while it was being repaired, the sun went down, and they never made it to the reception in time. The staff at the reception desk had just finished preparing to leave.

Of course, they argued in the guild, but whatever the reason, the job was canceled because they missed the end of the reception.

All that was left was the debt they had borrowed to repair the carriage and the transportation fees.


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