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Ossan Chapter 48

Daily Life Without Ossan: Part 7

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Translator: OssanTL

Proofreader: Enkiros

Kreuz has been busy with something lately.

He was in a good mood, partly because he had cleared out his laboratory, which had almost transformed into his room, and partly because he was working with a group of promising young researchers from the Saint-Germain faction on a magic formula, which had been progressing well lately.

Whenever he was in a good mood, he would be in the lab. In other words, he’s always in the lab, and since the environment and his labs have been cleared up, he’s been quietly continuing his research.

He should be working on his physical fitness, but he is the type of person who concentrates on one thing and doesn’t want to be bothered by unnecessary things. Another reason for his good mood is his relationship with his sister.

Kreuz, who has spent his childhood studying magic, has never been very friendly with the energetic Zweit, who is working hard to become the next head of the family. As a result, they disagreed and grew increasingly uncomfortable with each other, creating a mutual dislike in the end. As for his younger sister, Celestina, he’d assumed that she couldn’t use magic, and therefore couldn’t be a mage, and as a result, he ignored her completely.

However, when he learned that his sister had the same passion for research as he did, he regretted the way he had treated her before.

He apologized immediately. He did not hesitate to apologize, like Zweit, but instead, he was straightforward and honest enough to apologize without hesitation.

It was expected for a researcher to immediately correct any mistakes and not to persist on what was wrong. However, the fact that he ignored her at all because she was not someone he was interested in did not make him a decent person.

His relationship with his siblings has been improving, and lately, it’s been a little more fun to talk to them about certain things.

According to Zweit, he said, ‘In order to use magic efficiently, it is important to study the characteristics of magic. Without a thorough understanding of magic, it is impossible to make tactical decisions.’

Celestina also said, ‘There must be a different way to use magic, not just for fighting. I want to create magic that is useful in everyday life! I would like to create magic tools if possible.

Although they were from different directions, the conversations with the two siblings, who had different perspectives on magic, were very enlightening, stimulating, and filled with new possibilities. He was a total idiot in every way.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your good mood, but… Next week we’re going to have field training. Shouldn’t you be working on your stamina?”

Makarov’s words made him stop his movements.

Kreuz, who had been in a good mood until then, stopped moving and turned his head in his direction with awkward, robotic movements. He looked awfully annoyed about it.

“Why are you telling me this now? I told you that I had already forgotten about it.”

“No, you can’t simply say you have forgotten it! You’re a forced participant! No matter how much you try to forget, the day will always come”.

“Kreuz, have you prepared yourself? The Academy’s standard equipment alone might not be enough”.

“Yi Ling …… How can Kreuz-san possibly be prepared for this? He’s basically useless for anything other than research……….”.

It’s a horrible thing to say, but basically what they’re saying is right.

Kreuz is a good-looking, tall man with silver hair and a good head on his shoulders. However, due to his cool looks and appearance, people think he is also good at sports. However, in reality, he is not very good at physical activities, and his personal life is rather sloppy.

Without Yi Ling’s help, his room in the dormitory would have been like a dumpster in a few days. People around him imposed their own illusions on him because of his appearance, but in reality, Kreuz led a relatively normal life. In a different sense, one could say that the other siblings have a strong personality.

Surprisingly, Zweit is more neat and tidy, and Celestina doesn’t keep unnecessary things around her. If you look at her as a girl of her age, you might wonder, ‘What is this?’ This is not a girls’ room. After all, she doesn’t have a single stuffed animal in her room.

The room was so plain that Misuka, who couldn’t bear to look at it, put flowers in it.

Recently, more and more jars containing medicinal herbs and minerals have been added to the once empty room, and it will soon be transformed into a researcher’s room. But still, it is definitely not as messy as Kreuz.

“You, how many servants have run away this month? I don’t know why there’s a pile of garbage the next day after I cleaned up. That’s crazy!”

“Well, even if you say so…… I think I was up all night mixing and compounding medicinal herbs and such that I wanted to experiment with. As a researcher, I suppose that much is allowed, right?”

“You went over the limit in your case! I can smell the stench in the next room, you know? When I woke up, I was lying in the infirmary, I have no idea what you did!”

“I don’t remember it either. I found myself collapsed in the courtyard of my dormitory, and I really don’t know what happened……”

“Take your mixing to the lab, you idiooooooooot!”

To be specific, Kreuz was working on a prototype potion to counter mental magic, but the resulting stench caused him to pass out as he retreated to the courtyard.

The smoke from the potion filled the dormitory with a suspicious color, causing Makarov, who was in the next room, to pass out, while the students at the school, who were only a short distance away from the contaminated area, went on a bizarre rampage, turning it into a place of chaos.

The effect varied depending on the individual, from laughing hilariously like an idiot to stripping naked on the spot, some of them even saying things they were afraid to say, to talking passionately about how homo and gay are similar but different.

Those who helped save the students said, ‘It was like hell……. Horrible …… people can go so crazy……… If I could, I would erase it from my memory. I feel like I’m going out of my mind……’.

They didn’t go into details, but let’s just say that what they saw when they went in was so horrible that everything would’ve been censored in mosaic. It was not something that any sane person should know.

“I only remember that I really wanted to try it and couldn’t resist……. I am curious to know what the effects were”.

“I was wondering about that too……. The guys who were helping out went crazy on the spot, you know? You definitely made some dangerous stuff…..”.

“One of these days, you’re going to destroy the country out of curiosity…… Kreuz-kun”.

“Selina, Kreuz-kun wouldn’t be able to do that …… probably …………”.

In their group, Kreuz’s reputation was that of a troublemaker.

They never know when he’s going to do something terrible simply because he’s too exceptional, and when he does, he’s going to cause significant damage to those around him.

The fact that the person who did it had no malicious intent made it worse, and somehow the victims had no memory of what had happened. If it was a deliberate crime, it would be punishable by law, but instead, everything was treated as an accident.

After all, there was no evidence of the chemical that had been released and dispersed into the air, since it had disappeared the next day without leaving a trace. It was still a mystery as to what exactly was created.

“It can’t be helped…… I will borrow some spare equipment from my brother”.

“You can’t be serious about that. The equipment I lent you before had rust and molds all over it after a month. You’re lucky it was me, but if it was your brother, he would have beaten you mercilessly.”

“I suppose you’re right. I think he won’t hesitate, since he and Kreuz-kun share the same blood.”

“Kreuz-kun, Why can’t you keep your personal life in order?”

He couldn’t say anything, because he was aware of it.

The borrowed items are not returned for some time, and in some cases, they come back to the owner in a badly damaged condition.

By the time you remember it, you will find it very late, and by the time you have realized it is too late in many ways, and some things are just lost forever.

If Ossan or Iris saw his room, they would definitely say, ‘The Forest of the Rotten Sea’……

Once, Cristey (キャロスティ) had visited his room, but the moment she opened the door, she had screamed and fainted on the spot. What had happened to her remained a mystery, and her memory of that moment was completely gone.

After that day, she never visited Kreuz’s room again.

“What did Caro see? It’s your room, don’t you remember what you had in there?”

(*Caro / Kyaro = キャロ, its short for Cristie / Kyarosuti = キャロスティ)

(*Enkiros: on second thought, キャロスティ is more like Carsty or Kirsty, I thought Cristey sounded more French for some reason, so let’s just say Caro is a random nickname she has)

“・・・・・・・ Honestly, I was sleeping here at the time, and I hadn’t been back to the dorm for a while”.

“Caro-chan, whenever we wanted to go meet Kreuz-san, for some reason she started shaking and finally cried. She must have seen something really scary”.

“Kreuz-kun, …… you didn’t make a homunculus, did you? It’s also an incredibly dangerous creature ……. I heard a voice in your room saying, ‘I can’t wait to be human!’ I’ve heard voices coming from your room, you know?”.

“What the hell was that? ! I mean, it was too late for that? !”

“I don’t remember any of that…… Would I have created such an inexplicable creature?”.

Kreuz Von Solisthea, 17 years old.

He is an enigmatic person in a different way than his father. He is also an unconsciously dangerous person.

The dorm room where he sleeps is a veritable rotten sea. It is a dangerous room where mysterious creatures of an unknown nature are born.

In case you are wondering, the creation of life is forbidden by the nations.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Two months earlier, the dormitories were closed for the summer vacations, and one day in the middle of the night.

Kreuz, the owner of this room, slept in the lab and didn’t return.

In his dormitory’s room, with the curtains closed and no light coming in, some unknown creature began to move in an embryonic stage once again today.

The mucus-like substance wriggled in the darkness, crawled out of the bottle like slime in search of its freedom, and began to move. Shaking its irregularly shaped and eerie body, the mucus gradually built itself up.

Eventually, it transformed itself into a humanoid creature, but its appearance was too hideous.

Opening the window with its three-fingered arms, the creature walked out into the darkness of the night and disappeared into thin air. Only the long tail left an impression on the sole person who witnessed it.

No one knew what this creature was…….. We will never even know.

But, it has become an urban legend in some corner of the city and only a few people talk about it…..


…… Currently — An unidentified creature roars in an underground sewer that no one would ever dare to approach.

The Creator has no idea how this being was born, and at the same time has completely forgotten about the whole process.

The truth was already long forgotten….. It’s more like, the creature was more of a byproduct of an accident, but whatever it was, it had disappeared into the darkness.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Let’s go back to the story.

Kreuz was rejected in the lab, and he ended up going to Zweit. He was accompanied by Makarov.

The two of them managed to find Zweit and try to tell him what happened. But ……

“…and that’s why I’d like to borrow your equipment if I can……”.

“I refuse! Do you really think I would lend you something after hearing such stories? What kind of nerve do you have, you bastard!”.

With a little hope, Kreuz lowered his head to ask Zweit to borrow some equipment – no, but he asked.

The two of them seemed to have improved their relationship lately, and he hoped that he might be able to help, but it seems that he was turned down. This was probably Kreuz’s own fault.

They are in the Great Library, and Zweit’s friend Dio is also here.

Dio’s intentions, as you probably guessed without saying, are to establish a friendship with his first love, Celestina. However, without taking into account the fact that the heinous love syndrome will be triggered.

What would happen if he made a screaming proposal?

Back to the topic at hand, the conclusion for Kreuz was as follows. If he lends something to Kreuz, who is naturally sloppy, he’ll never know when it will be returned to him. In fact, it’s more likely that it won’t come back.

If someone were to hear such a story and say, ‘OK, fine!’ he would have been considered a great saint.

After all, Kreuz is the kind of person who doesn’t return things he borrows, loses them, damages them, throws them away, or has them taken by some mysterious creature.

Lending it to him was the same as presenting it to him.

“You …… what happened to your equipment? I’m pretty sure it was made around the same time as mine……”.

“I did some excavations, and all the equipment was corroded. It’s rusted beyond recognition, and the leather parts look like they’ve been eaten by something……”.

“Excavation? I am sure that the entire academy was designed to keep rats and other small animals away. How can something eat them up?”

Well? There were traces of bite marks from sharp fangs, and traces of being dissolved by a highly acidic solution of some kind is there?

“You….. What are you raising in the dorm? Obviously, it’s not a small animal right?”

They hadn’t had much to do with each other for a long time, and while it’s good that they’ve had numerous opportunities to talk recently, the more he learns about Kreuz, the more mysterious he becomes.

Moreover, he was more dangerous than that. The fact that there was some kind of mysterious experiment going on in the dormitory where many students were living together was unheard of.

Zweit heard this and wanted to hold his head. No, he was already holding it.

“I already told you. I can’t…..”.

“Macaron……, keep a close eye on this guy. You never know what he might do”.

“Who the hell is Macaron? Also, it’s your role as the brother to supervise this troublesome child!”

“Impossible……. This is too much for me to handle”.

“Don’t push that troublesome brother of yours on me!”

While Zweit and Makarov were arguing, Kreuz calmly said, ‘Well? If I don’t have any equipment, I won’t have to do this field training, right?’ And so, he thought to himself calmly and conveniently.

However, the Academy’s activities are not that simple, if you don’t have the equipment, you will be assigned to provide logistical support and you will have to participate in any way you can. There is no such thing as a win-win situation.

“As usual, Kreuz……. But, you must participate in the field training, okay? It is mandatory for students who achieve the highest grades”.

“……I guess so. Nothing can be done about it. By the way, is that…… Wally?”.

“No, it’s not! It’s Dio, did you forget that we were classmates in middle school!”.

“Ah…… I remember that name. As an apology for my rudeness, I’ll give you this stone mask. It’s a very rare mask that will grow strange thorns if you splash a little blood on it……”.

“I don’t want it! What’s with the weird mask!”

“I just happened to buy it at an antique market, but I didn’t know what to use it for. Would you like to try it on?”

“Are you trying to use me as a human experiment?”

Kreuz seems to have a habit of collecting, and sometimes he goes to town to buy some strange things.

Many of them are magic tools, which he buys in large quantities intending to research them later on, but in the end, they end up piling up in his dorm room without ever being researched.

This resulted in making the floor surface covered in humus, and by experimenting with various magical potions inside such a store-like room, the Danger Room was completed.

It is strange that even though he lives in such a room, Kreuz himself does not notice the mess. Even if he did, he would only stylishly say, “Oh dear, it’s getting a bit messy,” and would not think to clean it up. In a room that looked like a junkyard, there was a mysterious magic tool waiting to be discovered.

“Why are you, don’t act like everybody else!”

“No, I thought that if I was just stood by in the back, I wouldn’t need any equipment….”

“That’s not true! Sometimes the monsters attack us from behind!”.

“Kreuz…… why do you always do whatever you think is convenient for you? Wachiko will have a hard time, you need to be a little more careful”.

“I AM, MakaroOOOOOOOOOOOv!! You didn’t even get one letter right!”.

“Don’t mind the small stuff”.

“They ain’t small! We were in the same class! We’re classmates, OK!?”

“You’re one of those guys who can’t remember people’s names~…… Really…”.

Dio sighed deeply.

This pair of brothers have no interest in remembering the names of unimportant people. They will remember if they need to, but they quickly forget if they don’t see each other for a while.

I believe that even Samtroll will be completely forgotten when things are sorted out between the factions eventually.

In a way, these siblings had a crisp personality.

The library was fortunately empty, but the librarians were staring at them with annoyance.

It was quite an annoying group of people, and this chaotic argument would continue for a while.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Celestina was teaching Uruna magic in the training hall while the Solisthea brothers were having a dispute. However, the number of magic formulas that can be engraved in the subconscious mind of a beastman is limited, and in order to use them efficiently, she has to choose the ones that are best suited for her.

But from her practical training and previous observation, she decided to focus more on hand-to-hand combat.

“After giving it a lot of thought, I think I’ll have Uruna learn [Shield], [Air Field], and [Hawkeye] magic”.

“Why those three? I thought we were supposed to be focusing on hand-to-hand combat?”

“Shield magic can be cast on your arms and legs allowing you to turn your body into a weapon. Air Field protects you from arrows and other long-range attacks, and the Hawkeye allows you to see your enemy before they do”.

“Can Shield be used as a weapon?”

“Shall we try it?”

Celestina deploys the [Silver God Wall] on her arm to make it look like a sharp sword, and then swings it down vertically towards the scarecrow, which is the target of the magic installed in the training ground.

The scarecrow was neatly cut in two, and the old full plate armor attached to it fell off with a clatter. The students around the school were stunned, not knowing what had happened.

Shield magic can be used as a sword, a shield, or even a hammer, depending on how you use it. It was a very useful magic.

It is said that attack is the best defense, but just by converging defensive magic and concentrating it on your arm, you can make it as sharp as a real sword.

The people around the scene were speechless, unable to think of anything else to say.

“This is the potential of shield magic. If you wrap this around your arm, I think it could be a powerful weapon for striking. However, I can’t teach you the magic I used, but I’m sure you could do something similar with ordinary defensive magic”.

“Amazing! You can do that with barrier magic!”

“With the unique physical strength of a beastman, and the use of barrier magic to attack. You should be able to defeat most monsters with these techniques, but don’t be overconfident. It’s dangerous to be surrounded with multiple enemies”.

“I don’t have any experience in hand-to-hand combat after all. At most I could probably defeat a monster just beating it hard enough, I guess.”

And so the magic training began. It is not long before the field training, and it’s unclear how well Uruna will be able to use magic after this training, but it is still better than nothing.

The magic formula is not one that the old man has optimized, but one that Celestina has optimized herself for research purposes. Zeros’ modified magic is sold by her household and thus cannot be spread carelessly, and the magic used in this academy is difficult for the beastman race to activate.

She was in the same state as Celestina, who had been unable to use magic before, but Uruna, who could still use elementary magic, would have more magical power than Celestina at the time.

Uruna engraved the magic formula onto her subconscious mind and immediately tried to use the magic.

“And…… O magical power. Be the shield that protects me from my enemies [Mana Shield]”

When the magic is cast, a barrier of magical power is created surrounding Uruna.

Before, this magic would never have been activated, but Celestina’s improved magic was efficient enough for Uruna to use, and she could easily activate it without any trouble.

This is a simplified version of the existing magic formula, based on the magic that was improved by the Ossan, and it is much easier to use than the magic found in the academy’s textbooks.

“Try to focus the magic barriers surrounding you on your arms. If you can’t then start by training your magic control.”

“Yes, I’ll give it a try…… Whoa? This is a bit….. difficult, isn’t it?”

“E ~? ‘a bit……?

The magic barrier gradually gathered on Uruna’s arm and condensed as if to wrap around it. It’s the first time she’s done this, but it’s terribly fast.

Celestina can do the same, but she can do it thanks to two months of intense training and the practice of magic control that she continues to do even after returning to the academy. It’s still not as fast as this.

But, Uruna did it easily and without any prior knowledge, and her controls were unusually precise and fast.

This is one of the racial traits of the beastmen, who use their magic power more efficiently than others and manipulate it on an instinctive level to reduce the consumption of magic power. In addition, the magic formula which consumes less magic power minimizes the burden on her as much as possible, and the effectiveness is also higher because it uses external magic power.

In other words, they have less magic power than humans, but they are born with the ability to control magic far better than any other race.

If their magic power was equal to that of humans, the beastmen would be a race far superior to humans. As someone who desperately practices magic control, this is an enviable ability.

A translucent magical gauntlet had formed on Uruna’s arm, and she opened and squeezed her hand to see how it felt. She has no idea what kind of amazing things she has done.

Somewhat bewildered, she needed to verify its power with the scarecrow in the training ground.

“Well, let’s see how powerful it is”

“Un ♪, I just have to hit that thing, right?”

“Yes. If you want, you could also try using body strengthening to see the difference, ‘Well, give it a try!’ Then?”

As soon as she said that, Uruna suddenly strengthened her body and ran toward the scarecrow, hitting it as hard as she could with her arm, which was covered with a Magic Barrier. The beastman’s physical strength was incredible, and the scarecrow was mercilessly crushed to pieces.

Those watching were struck speechless, their mouths hanging open in shock.

Uruna is also famous for being a failure and is not well regarded by the students at the school, but this image of her being a failure has been completely overturned.

“It’s amazing, Celestina-sama ♪… I never thought it would be this powerful!”

“Eh? Yeah…… I didn’t think you could learn to use it so quickly, either…..”.

“With this, It can take out any monster in a single blow”.

“It’s better to use it as a trump card since it is constantly consuming magic power. The magic power consumption is probably going on as we speak”.

“A~, it’s true…… somehow, I’m getting lightheaded……”

“Hurry, cancel the spell! You’re going to collapse!”.

Shield magic and body enhancement seemed to be quite straining.

It’s good to train and learn how to use magic. But if you are not proficient enough to use it, It consumes magic power very quickly

It seems that in order to use the two spells simultaneously, you will inevitably need to raise your level.

“It’s better to continue training in magic control for a while, and then improve your rank during the actual field training. If you don’t, you’ll just consume your magic power and collapse…..”.

“This is magic exhaustion… it’s the first time I’ve experienced it. ah ha ha ha”

“Apologies for interfering with your pleasant conversation.”

“Fu hi ~yoa~a! ?”

The cool beauty maid with glasses suddenly appears.

Without giving away even a hint of her presence, she stood behind them as if she were one of those mysterious people, and confidently posed in a way that made our skin crawl.

“Mi, Misuka ……don’t startle me”.

“I didn’t …… sense any sign of it again. Nor the …… smell”.

“I use deodorant products every day. More importantly, young lady, I have a letter from the Grand Master”.

“From Grandfather?”

When she received the letter from Misuka, it seemed to have already been unsealed and she could easily take it out.

The moment she was about to open the letter and read it, she looked at Misuka with some suspicion.

“Misuka……, you didn’t happen to read this letter, did you?”

“Of course not. I’m sure he’s writing something creepy like “I’m lonely, I’m dying” to the young lady anyway. It’s the same as always, and I suppose this is nothing new.”

“Misuka…… you really don’t like Grandfather, do you?”

“I love him with all my heart, don’t I? More than anyone else in the world …… surely?”

“Why the doubt?”

There are many things to think about, but when she read the letter anyway, she found that what Misuka had said turned out to be true. There were three lines of sentences that were not something you would expect to see written by the senile old man, with an apologetic but important note at the end.

The sentence was, “Lastly, Zeros-dono is going to escort you for the field training. I want to go, but I can’t (tears)”. Other than that, the rest of the content was really unimportant.

Unconsciously Celestina prostrated herself on the ground.

“Young lady, why are you behaving so impolitely?”

“Grandfather…… this is probably the most important ……. We can’t stay like this. I must inform my brother…..”.

“Zweit-sama is in the library. I will be responsible for Uruna-sama’s fluf…… no, I will take care of her, so you’d better go inform him quickly”.

“Please. The sooner the better!”

“W, Wait, Celestina-sama…… this person, she’s kind of scary…….”

When she saw that Celestina was running as fast as she could to the main library, Misuka gave a suspicious smile. The glint in her glasses made her scary.

“Wait, something’s …… scary here……”.

“Don’t worry, there is nothing to be afraid of? It’ll only take a second…… Fufufufufu”.

Not long after, there was a scream from the training hall.

Uruna’s black fluffy tail was being smooched to her heart’s content.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“・・・・・・ I think it’s time we concluded. I’ll get the materials, and Kreuz can fix his equipment. I’m sure it’s not too late”

“That’s the only option we have~. I just don’t know if it’s all right to leave the material with Kreuz”.

“My guess is, he’s probably just going to wear the equipment instead of trying to fix it. Because, you know, it’s Kreuz?”.

“It’s possible…..”

“I knew how the three of you were thinking about me. Absolutely….. There’s no way—- I would do that”.

“Liar, what was that pause?”

When it comes to monster material, Kreuz is likely to change the color of his eyes.

The materials that Zweit offered were from the monsters that live in Far-flung forest. He would certainly use it not only to repair his equipment but also to concoct potions.

When it comes to magic-related matters there is no limit to what Kreuz might do.

“You lack credibility. …… I have a reason too? You cannot do that when you are in a dire situation”.

“Are you sure? For example, I have the poisonous stinger of a chimera”.

“I’ll pay you. Sell it to me! Quickly, now!”

“”That was quick. I wonder where you get your common sense!!””

“I knew this would happen. Because it’s Kreuz…..”.

Kreuz’s greed knows no bounds.

“You, If you leave a poisonous needle in a room full of garbage and accidentally step on it, you’re seriously gonna die, okay?”

“If that’s how I die, then so be it! It’s a fitting way for a researcher to die. After all, it would confirm the effects of the chimera’s poison”.

“No. …… Kreuz is sick”.

He looks handsome on the outside, but he’s too …… disappointing on the inside.

“Big brother …… Ha…ha……”

As she ran as fast as she could, Celestina called out to Zweit breathlessly.

There was no need to panic, but she seemed to be more active when it came to her respected teacher.

“Celestina? What’s the matter, you’re out of breath”.

“”Se, sensei is…… coming…….”


“Sensei, he’s going to be part of the escorts for the field training”.

The atmosphere comes to a halt.

The teacher Celestina refers to is, in short, an old man, but no one knows who he is except for his two students. They’ve only heard stories about it, we only know him as a high-ranking mage.

“Sensei? He’s your mentor, right? He taught you how to decipher magic formulas and taught your sister magic…..”.

“Aa…. He’s a mage who sometimes fights with his fists”.

“What kind of mage is that……. It’s beyond the norm”.

“Ah……ah ……Celestina-san…… is this a dream?”

While one person had fallen in love, Kreuz and Makarov heard some things about the mage who trained Zweit and Celestina. That mage will be attending an activity at the academy.

“…..Is it Father who made the arrangements? Which means …… things will get ugly”.

“Why do you think so? He could have been struggling to make ends meet and come here to earn money through mercenary work”.

“Sensei has many ways to earn money. So much, that he didn’t have to bother with this shoddy work. Can you kill seven wyverns?”

“It’s impossible. It’s like going to your death”.

“Right? So, I guess the answer is obvious. Probably for my protection, right? Did those lineageists idiots make a move?”.

Unlike before, Zweit’s eyes become stern.

Samtroll who controlled about half of the Weasler faction was rumored to have connections with people in the underworld.

“Secretly, is it possible that they are coming to keep an eye on us?”

“That’s likely the case…… They have such strong dispositions”.

“Cough, cough! Zwe, Zweit, …….”


When Dio seemed to be acting strangely, Zweit guessed as to what he was hoping for.

Although it was a nuisance, he decided to introduce his friend to Celestina. Otherwise, he would be annoyed by the insistent prodding he would receive every day.

“Celestina, this here is my friend I told you about. The one with the crooked head is Kreuz’s friend”.

“Ah, excuse me. I heard about you from both of my brothers, I think their names are….. De~id-san and Ma~fik-san right”.

“She’s got the wrong name too!?”

The three siblings follow different paths, but they are similar in that they couldn’t remember the names of unimportant people.

She knew that at this point, Dio was perceived by her as someone unimportant.

They both thought their sister would be the only one better, but blood cannot be fought……

After that, Dio somehow managed to get his name remembered.

Even though it was just that, he said he was still pretty excited about it.

Zweit was dumbfounded by it…….

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Well, the bug finally got under Tina’s …… ku ku ku…”.

“How would you like to deal with it?”

“Fufufu…… Isn’t it obvious? Let’s get them nice and crispy. Yes, nicely…….”

“Huh…… please don’t drag me into this, okay? Please take responsibility for your own actions”.

“It’s all right as long as they don’t find out. Dandyce …… Yes, as long as they don’t find out……”.

Finally, the crazy old man began to make his preparations.

For some reason, the old goofball was diligently sharpening his knife on the whetstone.

And it’s with a vicious, amused smile on his face……

What Dio’s fate will be, no one knows yet.

Will he be able to survive?


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