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Ossan Chapter 47

Daily Life Without Ossan: Part 6

Translator: OssanTL

Proofreader: Enkiros

Celestina was running to the Great Library (commonly known as the Library) to learn magical theories, as she always has.

As usual, no one called out to her, which made her feel a little sad. She tried not to worry too much about it, since it was a usual thing. No, lately She’s been feeling a little frustrated with her lack of friends.

The reason why there is no one to talk to her is probably that the person whom even the academy instructors had given up on, the person whom they used to mock and despise has suddenly become very talented just after two months since they’ve last seen her.

Furthermore, the instructor posed her a question and argued bitterly, putting himself in an uncomfortable situation, and he cut off all communication with her because he couldn’t teach her any longer.

In short, “You’re in over your head, so you’re free to do your own research!” It’s like saying, “We can’t teach you!”

This is also the case with her brother, Zweit. Compared to him, who half-heartedly points out the problem, Celestina is still very quiet. Thanks to him, she can focus entirely on the research of the magic formula, but it is a little sad to think that the only person who will talk to her is Kreuz.

She wishes to have a friend she could talk to casually.


“And so, the young lady was left alone to work on her magical research today. It’s a rather depressing way of spending one’s youth.”

“Do you even know what’s popular… Misuka?”

“I am lovely and stunning because I am unbeatable and invincibly brazen, but I’ll leave at that for now.”

*(probably a pun or a reference, it’s supposed to rhyme in JP; クールに素敵、素敵に無敵、無敵に図々しいが私ですから。今更です)

“For now!? And why do you look so pleased with yourself?”

Misuka puffed out her chest, confidently pushed her glasses up with her fingertips, and looked smugly proud of herself for some reason.

She does appear to possess a strong personality.

“Young lady, you can’t just make friends by waiting, all right? Sometimes talking with one’s fists is an effective way to make friends. They’ll turn on us if we make a mistake.”

“What kind of friends do you want me to make? Do you wish for us to viciously beat each other on the beach at sunset?”

“My Lady ……, why do you have such an idea? It’s not something that a proud lady of the Dukes of Solisthea should be expected to have. It’s barbaric.”

“It was Misuka who told us to talk to each other with our fists. You were the one who first suggested this idea to me. ……

“…………..Oh, yes, I do recall that. It had been a long time ago. I’d completely forgotten.”

“It was a very long time ago, perhaps three days?”

Celestina usually stays in her room because she has no friends, and to put it bluntly, she has a lot of free time.

Although she divides her time between lectures and research on magic formulas, she still has plenty of free time and frequently borrows novels to read in her spare time.

Three days ago, Misuka gave her a book, which she described as a recommendation. The book was titled “Youth Runaway Straight Line: A Love Song Told with the Fist.” Celestina became enthralled by the perilous storyline that eventually led her to the rose-flipping garden. One could argue that she was on the verge of becoming a fujoshi.

“Fuh… I am not a woman who dwells on the past. I’m not the type to obsess over trivial details.”

“… I’m curious about your age, but … hi !?”

Celestina was suddenly grabbed by both shoulders and Misuka was looming in front of her with her glasses shining brightly up close, while emitting a dusky aura. Celestina has stepped on a landmine.

“Young lady ……, what did you just say to me? May I ask you again?”

“No, no ……, it’s just your imagination …… Misuka …….”

“I see. I hope so, but if I may be so bold, an unnecessary phrase can be fatal in these times. Please be careful of any careless words, young lady, okay? Fufufu…”

“huh, hyah!

Trembling with fear, Celestina turned and tried to make her way with jerky steps to the Great Library. She was so scared of Misuka that her legs and arms gave out at the same time.

Misuka has a really good personality, and she is so happy to see her.

Following the familiar path, Miska tilted her head when she saw some girls on the way.

It looks like several people are involved with one girl.

“Young lady, please look at that.”

“What is it?”

As she looked in the direction Miska indicated, Celestina noticed several girls entangled with one another. She wasn’t sure if they’re using magic or not, but she sensed a surge of magical energy, and the girl on the other side of the entanglement can’t move, as if she’s been restrained.

When she checked to see what kind of magic she was using, she noticed that it appeared to be some kind of low-grade restraining magic, with what appeared to be a magic circle floating around her feet, restraining the girl with an invisible force field.

Lower-level magic circles created with magic power are invisible to the naked eye, but when you gather enough magic power into your eyes, you can see the shape of the magic circle.

“That’s [Binding] magic.”

“Using magic without permission is against academy rules. We must stop this immediately.”

“Hold on a moment, Young Lady. I can’t tell which side is at fault at this stage. It would be prudent to wait and see before interfering in this instance.”

“…… Sure, then let’s hide and get closer. [Mirage Curtain]”

[Mirage Curtain] is a form of magic that hides your appearance by refracting light. It has the disadvantage of distorting the space as you move, but this is unlikely to be a problem for those who are distracted.

While the duration of the effect can be altered at will, the amount of magic power consumed increases proportionately, and there is a high chance of being detected by the [Magic Detection] skill. However, because such high-level skills are uncommon among academy students, she determined that they would most likely go undetected.

Celestina approached quietly and took a look.

“For someone who doesn’t have much magic power, you’re so arrogant!”

“Get the hell out of here, dropout! You’re in my way too much.”

“Staring at me isn’t going to do anything, you know. If you want, you can try using magic. Well, I don’t think you can.”

“Ugh! What is this …… thing?”

The one who had been cast with the binding spell was a beast girl.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing. The girl is trying to shake off the magic of [bind] with all her might.

However, if a beastman is in this academy, there is a high probability that he is of mixed blood. The girl is trying to shake off the magic of [bind] with all her might.

It is most likely the [Hound] tribe because of its black fur and dog-like ears, but if a beastman attends this academy, the likelihood of it being a mixed race is quite high. The girl is attempting with all her might to free herself from the magical [Bind].

“Beastmen like you have the cheek to try and learn magic!”

“You can’t do much anyway, so why don’t you just leave? It will be slightly cleaner, the animal smell will disappear.”

“I can’t stand the smell of dogs. Can you just get out of my way?”

It was the typical scene of insidious bullying.

From what they could see, the girls in the group were most likely merchants’ daughters, not nobles. If they were aristocrats, they would be wearing rings and other protective ornaments on their fingers, but these girls lacked them.

However, Celestina had other things on her mind.

‘Being a beastman means that you are not a mixed race, right? But it is said that rarely a child is born with high magical power, and the fact that she is in the academy means that her magical power has reached the appropriate level.

She’s heard that beastmen are not good at using magic, but her Teacher said that they improve their physical abilities by circulating magic power through their bodies instead. If it’s just a binding, it should be easy to shake it off. …… Is it possible, that she doesn’t know how to do it?’

Beastmen are more adept at strengthening their bodies and fighting in the vanguard rather than becoming rearguard mages. The dog-like race has increased mobility and attack power, and can sometimes smash magic itself with their fists.

Additionally, by circulating magic power throughout their bodies, their magic resistance doubles, making them natural enemies of mages. While their magic power was less than that of humans, they were a race with a relatively high level of control over their magic power.

“As I recall, my brother was being taught by Sensei …….”

It reminds me of a time in the Far-flung forest: ……

Zweit watched Zeros slaughter a monster with his fists and asked him if he could do it. It was at that time that the beastman tribe’s fighting style was used as an example.

Zweit also tried it when he heard that it would improve his physical abilities, but it was difficult to control the magic power inside his body, and he still spent all his time training. He must have wanted to master it at all costs.

He remembered the conversation they had at that time.

‘Okay, Zweit-kun. Don’t just stop the magic inside your body, but below your navel…… The trick is to stop when you feel the magic power gathering and kneading around your lower abdomen. When it begins to feel hot, flow it into every corner of your body with the image of circulating the magical power throughout your body.’

‘Hey, Sensei ……, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. I don’t know how the beastman do this.’

‘The beastman instinctively know how to control them. If you want to use this kind of body enhancement, it is quicker to boost it with magic. Well, that would make it easier for other mages to detect your magic power, but with this method, they can’t detect your magic power! After all, it circulates through the body just like blood.’

‘Why? They both use magic, don’t they?’

‘It’s [Magic Detection] or [Magic Search]. This is to detect and search the magic power released because when the magic power circulated in the body is not released, the enemy will not be able to detect it. It works because strengthening magic entails casting magic on the exterior of the body. So, even if the effect is the same, there is no concealment at all.~’

‘It means that beastmen are the bane of mages, isn’t it!?’

‘Right? They can be said to be an excellent species with a good sense of reason and instinct. They skillfully use the small amount of magic power they possess through instinct and reasoning, and they’ll come to finish off the mages as fast as they can. It’s best not to make enemies of them. In addition, the enemy mage will face the sharp five senses and the sixth sense that detects magic power, and will be beaten one-sidedly.’

Following that, Zweit was trained for approximately three hours in the magic circulation method, and while he was able to use it temporarily, he was tormented by muscle pain the following day.

Fortunately, the increase in level optimized his body, and this pain lasted only a single day.

‘So you’re saying that this girl doesn’t know how to use her magic? But doesn’t she know instinctively?’

While it is true that beastmen instinctively understand how to use magic, this knowledge is meaningless unless it can be passed down from parent to child. Beastmen children grow up watching their parents use magic and experimenting with it until they gain the ability to use it freely. From the beginning, they are in a place where people can spend a lifetime honing their fighting skills.

Well, that would make it more difficult for her to use magic, but it would also mean that this beastman girl was not raised in that environment, but rather by a human. However, Celestina did not know that.

“It’s totally …… useless if you just have magic and can’t use it.”

“A dropout is just like trash, okay? Do you understand?”

“The Academy would be better off without you trash. Why are you still here?”

Celestina was furious at the words of the girls who surrounded her.

She used to be told the same thing and lived with the humiliation. The sarcastic remark made indirectly was truly vicious and insidious. Celestina was enraged, but without the ability to use magic, she simply endured it.

She understood how the beastman girl in front of her felt. As a result, Celestina decided to act.

‘Gather the magic power below your belly button and knead it slowly as if you were kneading it.’

I whispered in the beastman girl’s ear, and the beast girl’s tail jumped up briefly as if surprised.

But Celestina continued to speak.

‘When the lower part of your abdomen becomes hot, it is time to let the magic flow into your body. First, go to your heart, and from there, let it flow into every part of your body…… slowly’

The girl didn’t know what was going on, but she could tell by the smell that someone was near her. When she realized that someone was trying to teach her something, she did as she was told, following the instructions and letting the magic spread to every part of her body.

She was surprised at how easy it was to do, but more than that, a different feeling enveloped her. A hot sensation like a blazing fire rushed through her body, and she felt as if she were full of power!

No, in fact, her power was improving. At the same time, it aroused her instincts, and the poor circulation of magic power gradually took shape.

It was a familiar sensation as if I had known it all along.

“Aren’t you going to say something back? Well, how can a beast that can’t break free of its bindings speak in human language ~♪”

“Of course, only a select and chosen few can use magic. Beasts are better off living in a hole.”

“If you’re so frustrated, why don’t you show them how it’s done. Well, I guess that’s impossible. That’s because it’s a beast. ~♪”

“All right?…….”


For the first time, the beastman girl shows a ferocious smile.

Even though they had previously seen her frustrated, they had never seen her with such a warlike smile.

The girls flinch for a moment, but then realize that she’s bound and restrained, and say something provocative while trying to look calm.

“Huh, go ahead and do it if you can! Only if you can break the Beast’s spell!”

“Okay, then, be my guest.”

— Pakiyn!!

With a high-pitched sound, the magic that had been restraining her shattered, and the beast girl was set free.

No, on the contrary, her fingernails grew sharply, and her arms gradually grew animal-like body hair. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as [Beast Transformation]. When this happens, the physical ability of the beastman jumps nearly three times, and mages who are weak in close combat cannot compete with them. However, fatigue will build up over time.

“I never knew binding was so easy to break. Why couldn’t I do it earlier?”

“Bi, bind break! Liar, how can you do such a thing!?”

“W, why… This, It’s never happened before…… Are you saying you’ve been holding back!?”

“Now, it’s okay to hit back, right? I think I can beat you guys pretty easily right now.”

She licked her mouth underneath her as if she were a predator, and glared at the girls who had been making fun of her all this time.

It is not that beastmen cannot use magic. It’s just that they have less magic than humans, and they are much better at using magic specifically for combat.

It was obvious that the unleashed beast would now attack the hunter.

The positions were already reversed. Just as the beast girl was about to jump at them, “Wait!” The voice of a third party sounded. However, the owner of the voice was nowhere to be seen.

“…… I’ m hoping you’ll show up soon. I know you’re in there somewhere?”

“Beastmen have excellent senses. Did you figure it out by smell?”

“Well, yeah.”

The empty area shook, and then a girl appeared on the spot.

“Ce, Celestina-sama….”

“No way, she’ s been watching us from the beginning!?”

“Not good! We gotta go……”

Celestina turned to the beastman girl and spoke to her, ignoring the flustered girls.

“What do you think? The Beastman ability to harness magical power. I’d never have thought that it could even be used for [Beast Transformation].”

“Yeah. It felt natural. I see… So this is how beastmen use their magic power.”

“You didn’t know? I thought that the beastmen instinctively knew how to use magic.”

“Well…… When my parents died, I was adopted and raised by my current parents, who are close friends of my parents……. They are a mage.”

“Ah! So that is why you were unable to use the magical ability unique to beastmen. I thought it was odd, because even if you were raised among humans, if your parents are beastmen, they know how to use their magic to fight, and if you don’t, then I can only assume you were raised by humans.”

Based on the conversation they just had, it turned out that Celestina is the one who taught this beast girl how to use her magic.

Moreover, the girl she was talking to was also the daughter of a duke’s house, and she was an extraordinary person who had gone from being a “dropout” to a ” talented woman” in one fell swoop. Furthermore, she was someone who would not tolerate this kind of insidious behavior.

Celestina, after all, had been a victim of severe harassment, just as this beastman girl had been. She intervened before they could tear her apart, even though she was not a friend.

“Now, about your actions, …… you know what you’ve done, don’t you?”

“Wa, hi….”

“If you use your power to oppress others, you have no grounds for complaint even if that same power ultimately destroys you. Do you think you’ve become so great that you can be conceited when your abilities appear to be lacking? Everyone starts out weak, but if you want to improve yourself, you can do it as much as you want. You can not complain if she despises you for what you’ve done and kills you a few years later when she is stronger. Isn’t that what you’ve done?”

She knows she sounds like a certain old man, but she’s only telling them what she’s learned from others and what she’s experienced. Celestina wondered, ‘What the hell am I talking about?’ However, it doesn’t really matter.

Celestina decided that her first priority now was to encourage the girls to reflect on their actions.

“The beastmen have a strong sense of camaraderie, and even though they grew up among humans, they would never abandon them. Above all, they are the natural enemy of mages, you know? What were you guys doing against such a race?”

“How can a beastman be our natural enemy? They’re a race that can’t even use magic!”

“Did you not realize? In fact, she just used it right in front of you, a magic called [Body Enhancement]…. When a beastman uses body enhancements, mages cannot detect magic power. In addition, they have excellent senses of sight and smell, so they are good at coming close to you before you know it and defeating their enemies in an instant. Do you think you can defeat such a race? Do you think you can defeat such a race when they are not going to fight you fair and square?”

The Beastman race will use any means at their disposal to protect their people.

If other Beastman found out about what was happening in the academy, it could lead to a war at worst. That’s how strong their sense of camaraderie is, and at the same time, how merciless they are towards their enemies.

From the point of view of the bullies, it was just a mild distraction, but when they realized that it could lead to war, their faces turned pale and their limbs couldn’t stop shaking.

If a war broke out and it was discovered that they were the cause of it, they would be executed along with their entire family. This was the worst danger behind their rash actions.

“The country is wide open to other races. It is a historical fact that this country has been able to develop because of this, but your actions will make it all go to waste, you know?”

“No, we’re not…..”

“We’re not the only ones! There are others out there who are doing the same thing!”

“Why should we be the only ones getting scorned! You were just incompetent until recently……”

“Simply because other people are doing bad things, does not make it okay for you to do the same thing, it makes you less decent than those who have done bad things before you! And …… sure, I was incompetent, but can you guys go to Far-flung to get stronger? With the abilities of these academy students, you’ll die in a day, won’t you?”


It is well known that Celestina underwent grueling combat training in preparation for her journey to the Great Dark Forest of Far-flung. The source of the information was her brother, Zweit, who said, ‘No, that thing was really hell ……. I don’t know how Celestina managed to keep it up, but she did! It’s a golem, but it regenerates itself over and over again, and there’s no end to it. If it was a real battle, I would’ve died many times……’, He told all his friends around him.

After a month of such training, they headed to a dangerous, deep forest and survived, which shocked everyone. Zweit and Celestina are no longer at the level of students.

The girls have nothing to say to her, who was helpless but overcame the situation with her efforts. In the past, when she couldn’t use magic, they could talk behind her back and taunt her, but now she’s outranked them, and even the instructors’ academy won’t be able to defeat her.

To say anything now is just the barking of a loser to an opponent who has made a reasonable effort to rise to the top. After all, these girls haven’t done anything to deserve it.

“To put it bluntly, most of the mages in this academy are useless on the battlefield. Over half of them prefer alchemy, and their ability to obtain employment depends on their faction connections. Even if they learn magic, most of them will end up working in some other field, so they won’t know the reason why they came to this school.”

Celestina relentlessly confronts reality.

Most of the students who studied as mages at the academy will disappear when they go out into the world, most of them without being able to play an active role as mages. It’s the same for those who have studied alchemy.

They can’t buy any kind of medicinal herbs, so they can’t create magic potions, and even if they go out to collect them themselves, they’re no better than amateurs at fighting. Even if they wanted to hire an escort, they would end up giving up due to lack of money.

The only people who can work as alchemists are some of those who have excelled in their factions, or merchants whose family has a good income. However, the potency of magic potions varies greatly from person to person, and in order to satisfy the demand from mercenaries and knights who fight for their lives, you need to have the appropriate skills and be able to live in poverty for a while.

Some of them are peculiar people who collect medicinal herbs while hunting and contribute to the development of the village, but such people are rare and most of them prioritize making money. However, too many people think the same way, and in the end, only a handful of people can find work as mages.

Fortunately, many of those who enroll in the academy to learn magic come from reasonably wealthy families, but since magic for general use has been sold in some territories, the value of mages will decline in the future.

The mages that people are looking for are not the ones with academic backgrounds, but the ones who are useful.

“In some cases, education was required to gain an advantage in marriage, but in the event of war, they would be sent to fight, and those without the skills would probably die in vain…..”

“Why are we at war, It’s the country’s problem!”

“Have you forgotten? The mages enrolled in the academy are part of the reserve forces who will be sent to the battlefield in case of war, you know? If war should break out, both men and women will be sent to the battlefield. Even if you’re an alchemist, if you can use offensive magic, you’ll be sent to the battlefield. And ……, discriminating against other races is a serious crime, okay?”

The students of the Istor Academy of Magic are required to serve in the military after graduation, and in case of emergency, they will be sent to the battlefield. This is a contract between the academy and their parents, who welcome them with special treatment. This is the reason why the students of the academy are given special treatment by the academy, but at the same time, they are forced to go to the battlefield.

Naturally, that force includes the beastmen, and if their actions cause unnecessary friction between them and the beastmen, that alone will lead to a significant drop in their military strength.

Therefore, such acts of disrespecting different races are treated as crimes, and even if it is just children abusing each other, they will be punished severely.

“We do not need the beastman race!”

“That’s right! I thought we had wide area destruction magic!”

“We can’t use that. In the first place, it is impossible to synchronize the magic of multiple mages, and even if it could be done, the required magic power would be too much. According to the most recent research, it is an obsolete prototype from the past.

Have you ever actually seen it work properly? Before that, you are …… from the Weissler faction, aren’t you?”


“Th, that’s…”


The lineageists who use the Weissler faction as a front include many people who have fallen from the aristocracy to being commoners, and there are quite a few of them who are eager to regain their former glory.

However, the foundation that connects them is the magic formula for [widespread destruction magic] and its experimental facilities. However, the magic itself has never been activated yet, and research has not progressed much.

In recent years, their funding has been getting tighter and tighter, and it is the Solisthea who are taking the initiative in destroying their funding sources. In other words, Celestina will be one of the families who will crush the ambitions of the lineageists.

Once their insidious bullying became known to their enemies, the Solisthea faction, they would almost certainly use it against them. It was the wrong person to have witnessed the scene.

“It would be meaningless to be proud of one’s lineage if one’s ability does not match it. I can’t help but wonder why they are so desperate. My brother …… also had a hard time. I had no idea…”

Zweit had been brainwashed halfway through, but ironically, he recovered due to love syndrome — puberty.

In order to relieve the grievances of a broken heart, he turned against the lineageists to the bitter end, resulting in a factional rift.

By the way, about the Weisslers, the family head was said to be delighted with the news. It was only a matter of time before Samtroll was disowned. From Zweit’s point of view, he’d say, ‘You should have taken care of it sooner!’

Only Samtroll and his followers were unaware of this.

“From what I’ve heard, the lineage faction will be crushed in the near future. Not that it’s any of my business.”

“This has nothing to do with you! It’s your family that’s in the way!”

“We are the superior ones! Why should we be disrespected!”

“You’re only strong because of your family’s talented genes!”

“No, it was an effort. And I have nothing to do with the affairs of the factions, you know? I think my grandfather and father are the ones who are behind it, aren’t they? I don’t even know what they’re doing.”

“[The Mage of Purgatory] and [The Silent Lion]!?”

When the deadliest father-son duo is in the action, it’s as good as over.

The lineage faction had gone too far when it came to the situation where these two men were forced to act. Both of them have been known to have their own disturbing anecdotes.

I’ll tell you the anecdote later, but both of them are famous for being merciless to their enemies.

In addition, they were cunning enough to use various means to hide their actions and never leave any evidence behind. The only time they would take the initiative was when they had solid evidence that would be effective and decisive against their opponent.

“Yo, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I’m out, these factions!”

“I will be leaving the academy too!! I don’t want to get killed!!”

“・・・・・・, that’s too much for a student.”

Celestina didn’t hear a word the girls said, and they ran away as fast as they could.

Celestina’s family members possessed countless feats that made their enemies flee in fear. They were so famous that most of the enemy forces in the country would flee if they knew that such a person was moving.

Although the stories of the confrontation with the underworld were not publicized, the rumors on the surface were effective enough. As a result, …….

“Amazing. You drove those guys away with just words……”

“I’m not that great……. More importantly, I wonder what my grandfather did……”

Celestina was unaware of any rumors about her family members.

She hadn’t had a chance to find out about the rumors about them, because she was desperate to learn how to use magic.

Of course, there is no way she would be gossiping about her father and grandfather in front of her relatives, but there is no doubt that they have done a lot of things.

Some say, “In the battle against bandits, they burned down their entire hideout and annihilated them,” while others say, “They financially ruined noblemen they didn’t like,” while still others say, “They financially ruined a greedy merchant through trickery, and in turn, took in the entire merchant business,” while still others say, “They ruined every potential suitor who approached the family with bad intention.” And so on.

And most of the rumors are true, which is terrifying. If necessary, Creston will go out on his own and burn down all of his opponents. DelSasis makes multiple moves from behind the scenes, and when they are in a hurry, he snatches them all up from the side. He seldom works from the front. Well, that’s only from the perspective of the public eye…….

“Anyway, thank you for your help. You also taught me the basics of how to properly use my beastmen skills, so I guess I should give you something in return.”

“It’s fine. I used to be in the same position, and it was nothing personal……”

“No, that would not make me feel better, would it?”

Except for a few, the beastman races are very loyal. It was a habit, or rather a characteristic of their races, to repay a favor with a favor.

In other words, you could say she has grown attached to me. Because her tail is wagging.

“Th, That’ s right. So, how about forming a party for a week of practical combat training?”

“Really? Celestina-sama will join us?”

“Of course I will join you, right? Um…… By the way, I don’t know your name. May I ask you what it is?”

“Oh, that’s right. My name is Uruna Raha* (ウルナ・ラハ)! I’m the adopted daughter of the mage Sergus Sefon* (サーガス・セフォン), and as you can see, I’m a beastman.”

(*I’m not sure how it will be said in English; if anyone has a better suggestion for the English name, please leave a comment below.)

“I think Sergus-sama was a classmate of my grandfather…… I’ve met him once.”

Sergus and Creston are classmates and graduates of the Istor Academy of Magic. They are friends who have studied together, and their abilities are very close to each other, but Sergus is a free-spirited individual who has no interest in power.

He is known as the [Daylight Lamp] because of his lack of active involvement in anything.

(* the term refers to lightbulbs that shine like daylight according to google sensei. no clue, probably because it’s the opposite of being shady or smt)

However, he is a highly respected mage with impressive abilities. He is an excellent mage, but he is also famous for being an extreme pain in the ass.

“Oh, that’s right! I guess we are connected in unexpected ways. It seems the world is a big place, but it’s a very narrow one.”

“That’s right. It was an unexpected connection.”

“Well, it seems you two have become friends somehow, hasn’t it?”

“U hi ~yaa~!?”

The two are surprised by Miska’s sudden appearance, wondering where she’s been all this time.

They were completely unaware of the presence, let alone the smell, so they were understandably surprised. It was an incredible level of stealth.

“The young lady is….. The B, bocchi…… The Bocchi Young Lady! Finally, you have a friend…. This Misuka, I’m so happy that I cried.”

(*as in hitori bocchi. Probably could be translated as “loner” but that’s not as slangy. It’d sound kinda lame)

“What do you mean by “Bochi”? What’s more, you’re not crying at all, you’re just saying it out loud!”

“I’m sure the Grand Master will be very pleased when he finds out about this. Under the canopy of the grass……”

“Please don’t kill my grandfather without permission! He is still alive and well!”

“I guess so. I don’t think he is going to pass away yet……. He’s going to live for another eighty years, and he’s pretty tenacious. That old man is …… tsk!”

“Misuka……do you my hate grandfather!? Do you hate him so much you want him to die!?”

“No, I love him with all my heart.”

“How can you say that with a fake smile on your face!? I have a hard time trusting you……”


The only thing Uruna could do was to give a twitchy smile to the strange cool maid who suddenly appeared and brought chaos.

Even with the strong senses of a beastman, she was unable to detect the presence of this maid, which means that she is probably someone like her grandfather or my father. It may well be that she is an existence that transcends the limits of the human race.

Regardless, it was nice to see that the botch Celestina had a second friend.

As a side note, the reason why no one has approached Celestina is not only because she has become stronger. In fact, a Fan Club has been formed behind the scenes to eliminate anyone who approaches her relentlessly.

The nickname given to her was the [Magic Angel].

She doesn’t even realize that she is called by such a nickname and that people around her are constantly watching her.

Anyone who is out of line will be dealt with.

“Hahaha …… Angel-san, you’re so kawaii today!”

“That maid, she’s doing a good job….. Did you record angel-sama’s appearance with the [photographic treasure artifact]?”

“Perfect! We’ll transcribe it and distribute it to our comrades later.”

“All right…I’ll continue to sta…… watch over our Angels!”

“O ~u!!”

This Academy may be ruined in so many ways…….


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